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The Most Popular Cruise Lines in the U.S., New Data Shows

Which cruise company will fulfill your vacation needs?

If you're looking for an all-inclusive vacation, a cruise is one of your best options. All of your food, lodging, and entertainment are taken care of. For this reason, cruises have become increasingly popular and there are more options than ever—which is why Jenni Fielding, cruise expert at Cruise Mummy, rounded up America's most popular cruise lines. Using a list of 503 search terms, including 67 cruise lines, she employed Google Keyword Planner to arrive at her findings. She also examined which cruises offer inclusive drink packages, WiFi options, and family-friendly entertainment. Read on to discover the five most popular cruise lines in the U.S.

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Princess Cruises

Princes Cruise Ship

Average monthly searches: 177.01

Princess Cruises ranked in the fifth spot with 177 monthly searches per 100,000 people. The cruise line is smaller than most but has 15 different ships that go anywhere from Alaska to Japan.

According to the report from Cruise Mummy, "Princess Cruises have a wide variety of activities on board including enrichment shows due to their partnership with Discovery."

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Norwegian Cruise Line

norwegian cruise liner

Average monthly searches: 240.43

Next up is Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) which has a significant jump in monthly searches. Norwegian has four more ships than Princess and some can even hold more than 4,000 people.

"NCL has a selection of destinations, including Africa, Asia, and Europe, and offers additional onboard activities, including go-karting and laser tag," according to Cruise Mummy.

The cruise line also offers various deals including on-board dining credits, alcoholic beverages, special WiFi packages, and discounts on excursions.

"Cruising is still seen as more luxurious than flying to a hotel, and depending on factors like the cruise line, itinerary, and cabin, it's cheaper than most package holidays," says Fielding.

Disney Cruises

Disney cruise ship

Average monthly searches: 301.18

It's not surprising that Disney Cruises takes third place, as it's a popular option for those traveling with young children.

As Cruise Mummy notes, Disney Cruises has ports in popular locations like Hawaii and Texas and offers trips from four to six days (a good amount of time for kids). While Disney only has six smaller ships, the onboard experience is sure to be a magical one, with plenty of kid-friendly entertainment.

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Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruise Ship in the Ocean

Average monthly searches: 669.77

With their transatlantic and transpacific offerings and a good mix of adult-only and kid-friendly entertainment, Carnival Cruises takes second place.

"It wasn't until the 1960s that cruise lines started to put an emphasis on the entertainment aspect and today a cruise ship is a hotel, cinema, theater, and holiday resort all in one," explains Fielding.

And if entertainment isn't enough, Carnival's beverage packages are priced at $59.95 per person per day, with a reasonable service charge added to the total, according to Cruise Mummy.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Ship

Average monthly searches: 868.77

Topping the list with 868.77 average monthly searches is Royal Caribbean. Not only is the brand the largest cruise line by revenue, according to Cruise Mummy, but it also utilizes Coco Cay, its private island located in the Bahamas, as a popular destination.

"Companies are now looking to make cruising more environmentally friendly and accessible to more passengers," adds Fielding. "Ships are getting bigger and though some ports are restricting access, cruises are still a popular choice for those who want a luxury experience."

Royal Caribbean has some of the biggest ships out there, and they're still growing. In addition to their Caribbean hotspots, they also have ports across North America and Europe.

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