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The 30 Funniest Pieces of Celebrity Parenting Advice

These hilarious celebrities are laughing through the pain of parenthood.

Celebrities, they're just like us! Well, these celebrity parents are, at least. If there's anything in this world that can keep a person grounded despite being rich, famous, and adored worldwide by fawning fans, it's dealing with the grueling realities of raising children.

These A-list parents have shared their hard-earned and hilarious wisdom on social media, proving to us everyday moms and dads that we aren't the only ones in need of a little humor to survive those toddler meltdowns and breastfeeding bloopers. The next time you find yourself wishing that there was a manual for good parenting, these celebrity parenting advice tweets have got you covered—if for nothing other than a good laugh. And when you want a reason to laugh through those tantrum-induced tears, the 40 Facts So Funny They're Hard to Believe should fit the bill.

Lin Manuel Miranda Tweet

How to Raise a Fashion Critic

Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda gives fair warning about the possible side effects of reading Go, Dog, Go to your children, and it's the PSA we've all been missing. Think that's hilarious? You'll love the 20 Things Everyone Secretly Finds Funny.

How to Speed Things Up

Ana Gasteyer Funniest Parenting Tweets

Saturday Night Live star Ana Gasteyer isn't above torturing her kids to get them out of the house faster. Do try this at home. For more sophomoric humor, check out the 50 Pick Up Lines So Bad They Just Might Work!

How to Build Team Players

Andy Richter Funniest Parenting Tweets

Andy Richter has some chuckle-worthy advice for when your at-home yelling has peaked in effectiveness. If that made you laugh, you'll be in stitches when you see the 50 Puns So Bad They're Actually Funny.

How to Make Pregnancy Easier

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Parenting Tweets

New fathers-to-be have taken to asking Ryan Reynolds for his words of wisdom, to the dismay of extremely-pregnant-women-who-just-want-to-give-birth-already everywhere. Want to crack up some more? The 75 Jokes That Are So Bad They're Actually Funny should do the trick.

How to Make Your Makeup Flawless

Catherine Giudici Lowe Funniest Parenting Tweets

The winner of The Bachelor's Season 17, Catherine Giudici Lowe, has a message for moms everywhere: if your baby spits up on you, just keep blending. Want to take some inspiration from your favorite celeb? Start with the 30 Best Celebrity Baby Names.

How to Stay Positive

Chrissy Teigen Funniest Parenting Tweets

Model Chrissy Teigen reminds us to appreciate the little things about parenting, like all of the random junk our kids turn into sculptures and leave around the house.

How to Floss

Christina Applegate Funniest Parenting Tweets

Bad Moms star Christina Applegate leans into character for this tweet, and it might just make you feel a little bit better about some of your own parenting shortcuts.

Conan O'Brien Funniest Parenting Tweets

How to Teach Responsibility

Conan O'Brien shares some of the darker merits of getting your kids that goldfish. He's not wrong. And for some more great quotes, check out these 50 Relationship Quotes to Reignite Your Love.

How to Fix a Mess

Kristen Bell Funniest Parenting Tweets

Kristen Bell tackles one of the more practical issues in parenting with this MacGyver-like mom hack. You can thank her later.

How to Handle a Big Family

Jim Gaffigan Funniest Parenting Tweets

Father of four Jim Gaffigan warns us all to swim in the deep end of parenting at our own risk.

How to Help During Birth

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Parenting Tweets

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is indeed the hero of deadpan—and riotously funny—parenting tweets. Someone get this guy more gummy bears and a "Best Dad Ever" mug. And speaking of Ryan Reynolds: He's definitely a great model for the 15 Hairstyles That Will Make Men Look Instantly Younger. 

How to Multitask

Ken Jennings Funniest Parenting Tweets

Famous Jeopardy contestant, podcast host and author Ken Jennings shares his pro-tip for getting that elusive minute to yourself. There's a reason he won so many Jeopardy episodes in a row.

Jim Gaffigan Funny Parenting Tweet

How to Teach Them Songs

It's hard to tell whether comedian Jim Gaffigan's advice is for kids or parents, but it's safe to say that all dads can get behind it.

How to Distract Them

Kelly Oxford Funniest Parenting Tweets

Author, screenwriter, and social media influencer Kelly Oxford lets us all in on how she gets a moment of peace, and a good laugh at the same time.

How to Get Alone Time

Ken Jennings funny tweet

If you're reading this from your phone while your child tugs at your shirt for attention, don't feel too bad… Ken Jennings is doing a lazier job and feels just fine.

How to Keep the House Clean

Kristen Bell funny parenting twitter

The Good Place star Kristen Bell sets a new precedent for what constitutes "cleaning up" after her kids, and hungry and exhausted moms everywhere salute her for it.

How to Be a Good Partner

Andy Richter funny parent tweet

Andy Richter has advice for dads everywhere, but it's the moms that are giving this tweet a standing ovation.

Lin Manuel Miranda Hoverboard funny tweet

How to Invest in Their Future

Considering that Hamilton rakes in 100 million dollars in profits every year, we'd recommend listening to all of Lin-Manuel Miranda's investment advice. Even if that advice involves children's hoverboards. Oh, and speaking of hoverboards: They're definitely one of the 50 Things No Man Over 40 Should Own.

Nicole Richie Funniest Parenting Tweets

How to Convince People You're a Nice Mom

Nicole Richie shares a side-splitting fashion hack for anyone looking to survive their "sanctimommy" social circle: apparently, loose braids equal virtue, with none of the effort!

How to Keep Them From Becoming Parents

Olivia Wilde Funniest Parenting Tweets

Olivia Wilde has a fool-proof tip for parents that want their teens to choose abstinence: seat them near toddlers on airplanes. Particularly her own.

How to Keep Kids in Line

Rob Delaney Funniest Parenting Tweets

Catastrophe star Rob Delaney isn't afraid to go a bit dark with his parenting advice. The message? Scare those kiddos into submission.

How to Get Some Peace and Quiet

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Parenting Tweets

OK, 14 years may be extreme, but who among us hasn't wanted to take an extended "time out" from parenting? Ryan Reynolds is just saying what we're all thinking.

How to Deal With Kid Smell

Busy Phillips Funniest Parenting Tweets

Actress Busy Phillips has come to accept her car permanently smelling like rotting apples now that she has children, and so can you. There are definitely worse smells in parenting.

How to Get Them to Do Your Work For You

Ryan Reynolds funny tweet

Ryan Reynolds has a tip for parents that are out in the dating world ‒ put your kids to work! His wife, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, must have particularly appreciated this one.

How to Make Their Birthdays Special

Kristen Bell Funniest Parenting Tweets

Kristen Bell famously played Anna in Disney's Frozen, but that doesn't stop her daughter from demanding that they both dress as a different character from the same film for Halloween. If parenting teaches one lesson, it's humility.

How to Keep Them Expensively Appeased

Adam Scott Funniest Parenting Tweets

Parks and Recreations star Adam Scott has a wry take on modern-day parenting: apparently it's all about spending outrageous amounts of money on toys you could make yourself.

How to Handle Sleepless Nights

Kelly Clarkson Funniest Parenting Tweets

According to Kelly Clarkson, cuteness helps a lot when your kids won't sleep.

How to Avoid a Scene

Hilary Duff Funniest Parenting Tweets

Singer and actress Hilary Duff shares a cautionary tale about a familiar situation for all parents that have dared to leave the house during the Christmas season.

How to Avoid Certain Death

Rachel Dratch Funniest Parenting Tweets

While we all focus on the dangers of scattered Lego pieces on the carpet, Saturday Night Live star Rachel Dratch is here to remind us of our other common enemy as parents: Hungry Hungry Hippos marbles.

How to Maintain the Romance With Your Partner

Ana Gasteyer Funniest Parenting Tweets

Sage words from Ana Gasteyer, who understands that the key to parenting is nurturing a fulfilling relationship with your partner.

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