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Your Luckiest Month of 2023, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Looking to turn your luck around this year? Pay attention to these key dates, an astrologer says.

Each year brings new energy and with it the chance for a fresh start. Whether you're looking to take the next step in your career or make things official with a special someone, it doesn't hurt to have luck on your side. Whatever you hope 2023 will bring, knowing your personal power month can help align the stars in your favor. That's why we asked NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust to share everyone's most auspicious time of the year. Will you find fortune during the hot summer months or will you hit your stride in the cold of winter? Grab your calendar and get ready to mark down these key dates as we explore the luckiest month for each zodiac sign.

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Aries: April

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This year is all about self-revelations and self-love for you, Aries. You've been giving a lot of yourself lately, and it's time to embrace your own ambition again. Finding the right balance between aspirations and obligations will be a major theme for you in 2023, especially with Jupiter—the planet of luck and expansion—spending the first half of the year in your sign.

Expect some major life changes in the spring, when a solar eclipse in your sign on April 20 ushers in some new opportunities and leaves you feeling more independent and confident in your abilities.

"There's a lot of uplifting and positive energy for you around this time as Venus and Jupiter will both link up with the Aries sun," Stardust explains. "A lovely vibe for this sign all around, so it would be wise for you to take action and embrace this positive chance at change."

Taurus: May

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If you feel like the last few years have sent your head spinning, you'll be relieved to hear that 2023 will finally start looking up. The eclipses that have activated your zodiac sign for the last 18 months will be coming to an end this year, with one final lunation giving you the closure you need to move forward.

The stars are looking bright for you in May, thanks to some help from Jupiter dipping into your sign for a few months. So, if you're ready to take a risk on a big dream, new opportunity, or fresh start, this could be your chance to go for it.

"Money-related desires will be fulfilled this month for you as Jupiter, the sign of luck and expansion, zips through your sign," says Stardust. "If you've been looking to explore a new venture or opportunity, now's the time to [update] your resume."

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Gemini: June

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Ready for the spotlight, Gemini? All eyes will be on you this year as you navigate some changes to your ambitions. The first few months will see Mars in your sign, causing confusion around your desires and goals. You've been trying to make serious moves, but motivation has been spotty, to say the least.

Luckily, the warmth of June will have you feeling inspired to stake your claim and put your plans into action.

"It's a great time to release baggage and move forward," Stardust explains. "Love isn't really the focus for Gemini this year; you should focus on rapid career growth instead. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will light a fire in you that will finally push you to take risks and seek out new adventures."

Cancer: August

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You're hitting your stride this year, Cancer. The last few months have been a time of deep introspection, and it's time to put what you've learned to the test. The first half of 2023 will also be a great time to make some strategic changes to your daily routine and habits in order to align more closely with your ideal lifestyle.

You'll be creating a lot of amazing opportunities for financial success this year, especially during the month of August.

"The New Moon in Leo will give you the boost of confidence and inspiration you need to take the next step in your career," says Stardust. "Take what you've learned about your leadership skills and showcase it the world."

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Leo: September

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Love, family, and relationships are the big focus for you this year, Leo. You've been going through some major personal changes that have altered the way you see yourself. There's a chance you've been closing yourself off from those closest to you in order to protect these new and vulnerable feelings.

While the summer months might have a few explosions in store for you, thanks to a Venus retrograde in your sign, things will take a turn for the better once September rolls around.

"This will be a time that is really enlightening for their love lives and give you the perspective to see their true worth," notes Stardust. "Relationships will also feel closer, lighter, and more connected than they have in months."

Virgo: February

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This year is going to be relatively quiet for you, Virgo, but make no mistake, there's still a chance for personal growth. In 2023, you'll have a major focus on tying up loose ends. A Mercury retrograde in your sign in the middle of the summer will have you rethinking your romantic relationships and boundaries, leading to more fulfilling connections. You'll develop a better understanding of your needs and learn how to decide who and what deserves your energy and attention.

"The luckiest month for Virgo will be in the beginning of the year during February. This will be a great time for you to decompress and think big," Stardust explains. "The New Moon in Pisces will allow you to tap into your creative side and follow your dreams without fear."

This year might feel a bit slow for you, but it will be crucial for laying the groundwork for a very lucky and fast-moving 2o24.

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Libra: July

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This year is all about finding balance, Libra. There will be a lot of action in your social life, career, and personal relationships. While it looks to be a relatively slow start, things will pick up in the summer, especially around your money and career prospects.

During July, your ruling planet Venus will retrograde in Leo in your eleventh house of community and support. You'll feel inspired to pay your success forward and give back to those who supported your efforts.

All around, this is a summer of prosperity, friendship, and fun for you! And, as Stardust explains, there will also be "great work opportunities during this time."

Scorpio: October

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This year is going to have major ups and downs for you, Scorpio, as some dramatics in your life finally come to a close. The eclipses that have been wreaking havoc on your zodiac sign for the last 18 months will have their final show this year before finally taking the pressure off you.

With two of these four eclipses happening in October, you can expect a cathartic end to whatever has been weighing you down the last couple of years. Luckily, these emotional revelations are just what you need to move forward on a new path toward self-fulfillment and joy.

"You can expect an influx of swagger and conviction when Mercury enters Scorpio near the end of the month, giving you a much-needed boost just in time to wrap the year out strong," says Stardust.

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Sagittarius: December

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Growth, exploration, and new possibilities are your 2023 theme, Sagittarius. The start of this year will be great for sorting through the mess and clearing out the clutter from your life. There's a chance for toxic relationships to end and bad bosses to get kicked to the curb—but all doors closing lead to new ones opening.

The summer months might feel like a drag, which is why you can look forward to a very upbeat and lucky holiday season.

"Sagittarius will feel more open up to new philosophies and experiences at this time," says Stardust. "This year is a slow burn, so you'd be wise to conserve your energy in the first half of the year and wait for opportunity to come knocking."

Capricorn: November

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This year can feel a bit touch and go, Capricorn, but it's nothing you can't handle. Dual Mercury retrogrades in your sign will both start and end the year for you, causing a period of reflection and pause. Overall, this year is about moving things around behind the scenes and fine-tuning your approach to stability and success.

There may be a few conflicts and romantic power struggles in the first half of the year, but these conversations will lead to deeper connections and fairer compromises for everyone involved, culminating in a positive November.

"Family and finances are on the mind for you this year, and all of your hard work and sacrifice will pay off this month," explains Stardust. "Expect communication to flow more smoothly as your planetary ruler Saturn finally moves direct after months of sitting retrograde. Get ready to relax as your efforts are rewarded!"

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Aquarius: January

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This year starts off with a bang for you, Aquarius! January will usher in major abundance as a result of all your hard work last year. You did a lot of reflecting and re-strategizing in 2022 as life threw you for one loop after another. And now that you've got your sights set on your next achievement, there's nothing that can stop you from getting everything you want.

Hard work pays off for you this year, but especially during the early weeks of January when the stars align in your favor.

"When Venus enters your sign at the beginning of the year, this will be a good time to manifest some new possibilities to come your way this month," adds Stardust.

Pisces: March

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Last but not least, Pisces is probably going to have the biggest year of all the signs. For starters, your best and worst month will be one and the same, thanks to a highly anticipated cosmic shift that will push you to be your best self.

The month of March will kick off a year of transformation for sweet and sensitive Pisces. Expect to feel a lighter energy in your relationships and more confidence in expressing your point of view during this time. To prepare for this astrological coming-of-age event, you'll want to clear out any baggage that's been holding you back to make room for expansion and growth in 2023.

"The Full Moon in Virgo will illuminate the path forward for you, right ahead of Saturn taking its first dip into a three-year stretch in your sign at the beginning of the month," says Stardust. "It's time to step into your maturity and bring your unique perspective to the forefront of the conversation."

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