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The Most Superstitious Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

See a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck... or so these signs think.

Don't step on the sidewalk cracks. Only set the microwave to even numbers. Wear those blue socks on game day. If someone you know has habits like this, it could be the date they were born that made them so superstitious. According to professional astrologers, certain horoscopes are more likely to believe in the power of their thoughts or actions to alter their luck than others. Keep reading to find out what the six most superstitious zodiac signs are, from a little quirky to irrationally fearful. And don't worry, it's not bad luck to look at this list.

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You may think that Virgo's type-A personality makes them too practical to be superstitious, but as author and astrologer Lisa Barretta explains, their perfectionism is actually the source of their superstitions. "They may not leave the house until they fluff their pillows or check that they turned off every light. Unless everything is in some type of order, Virgo feels that they are opening the door for some mayhem to creep into their life."

A color-coded underwear drawer and a dishwasher-loading strategy are comforts for this sign.


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Aquarius is considered the most eccentric zodiac sign. "They are incredibly unique and view life through a wholly abstract lens, carrying the energy of the broad-thinking air element with them on their day-to-day," explains Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense.

Whereas "more grounded and logical signs" will see the world at face value, Clare says Aquarians "appreciate that there is so much more out there than we are led to believe." Therefore, spirituality and superstitions are a natural part of their life.

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Libras are symbolized by the scales of justice. As such, "this deep-thinking air sign looks for equity and harmony in all areas of life," says Clare. "This leads them to look for meanings and patterns in their day-to-day, following specific routines to avoid disaster striking."

But unlike Virgos, Libras are more concerned with their actions related to others. They might start to feel wary if they skipped saying good morning to their coworker. And when their scales get out of balance, "they apply way too much focus on one side or aspect of a story," notes Danelle Ferreira, astrology content editor at Svana Design. "They easily believe conspiracies and superstitions, as they will choose to avoid or ignore the truth."


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"Scorpios love all things dark, scary, and mysterious, and superstitions are right up their alley," notes Ferreira. Indeed, this intense and secretive sign is "ruled by the shadowy and elusive planet Pluto," adds Clare. Therefore, superstitions and a belief in the supernatural are more a way of protecting themselves than anything else.

Scorpio is also incredibly intuitive, notes Barretta. She says they can pick up on subtle nuances that others may not notice, and they "have strong minds that can actually manipulate energy." If they're going through something they feel emotional about, "do not put it past a Scorpio to be wearing a hematite bracelet or carrying an energetically charged crystal," Barretta adds.

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This sensitive and emotional water sign is ruled by the Moon, so they feel the "energies and vibrations of the universe" more strongly than others, explains Clare. "Not only this, but Cancers are highly malleable by others, meaning they can sometimes be too receptive to the opinions or belief systems of others."

All of this nervous energy means that Cancers can use certain rituals as a way to control their anxiety. "They seek comfort and reassurance in life and find that following superstitions can help them with this," says Clare. For example, Barretta explains that they "will not even pick up a penny unless it is 'heads up' because they feel doing so will bring them financial loss."


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Astrologers agree that Pisces people are mystical by nature. "Deemed the most spiritual of all zodiac signs, this esoteric water sign places the utmost value in all things occult," says Clare. "They believe in the power of the universe and are therefore particularly heightened to folklore and superstitions."

Barretta agrees, adding that Pisces will be the first sign "to consult tarot cards, astrologers, and other forms of divination in order to get a glimpse into the 'what next.'" They're also likely to have crystals, herbs, sage sticks, and "their personal psychic on speed dial." Oftentimes, they'll use their creative pursuits as an outlet for this energy, so you can assume that there's a deeper meaning behind much of their artwork.

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