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This Zodiac Sign Has the Worst Luck, Astrologers Say

These people probably won't win the lottery anytime soon.

If you've ever thought that some people were born lucky, while others have to work a bit harder to get ahead in life, it very well might not be your imagination. It could be that luck is determined by the stars and the planets. Professional astrologer KJ Atlas shares that each planet has a sign or two that it doesn't exactly love to spend time in. "Since Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, the signs where Jupiter doesn't work at its best are less likely to rely on luck and be lucky overall," she explains. Keep reading to hear more from Atlas and other astrologers about which zodiac signs have the worst luck, from a little unfortunate to followed by a black cloud.

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Aries' intense energy often lands them in leadership roles, but this has more to do with their confidence and independence since they're not lucky by any means. In fact, they're known to be a bit impulsive and reckless at times. This fire sign is ruled by Mars and seeks action more than anything else, so they do not coast through life's twists and turns easily.

"If the sign that is most likely to get into a chaotic emergency situation comes out with only a broken arm, are they lucky because it could have been worse, or are they unlucky to break their arm in the first place?" Atlas puts it.


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Libras are associated with fairness and justice. While these air signs don't necessarily feel like they're overcome by bad luck in their personal lives, they do feel an unlucky kind of energy with injustices happening in the world.

"Until everyone lives in equality, the Libra will struggle to accept how luck plays a part in people's life experiences," according to celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. The peaceful society they hope to achieve someday can't be done with luck alone, but that doesn't make their feelings any less exhausting.

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These water signs take every little gesture to heart and constantly feel slighted or disrespected, almost as if they've been given a bad fortune. "It's usually their over-sensitivity which takes ordinary situations and interprets them as unlucky," Honigman says.

Scorpios are typically strong and have come through a lot of tough times where luck hasn't played a role. However, in many cases, this leaves them very distrusting of others, always expecting the worst in people.


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Capricorns are hardworking, amazingly ambitious, and fully dedicated to anything they want to accomplish. They also know their limits in various situations, whether consciously or subconsciously.

"While they might want to manifest and achieve big things, they're getting there of their own volition, no luck about it," Atlas tells Best Life. These earth signs are ruled by Saturn, so they value wisdom above anything else. If they're winning something, it's because they worked for it, not because luck is involved.

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Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which falls on the complete opposite side of the lucky planets. "Luck and fortune don't flow freely to the Mercury-ruled signs," Atlas says. But Geminis will do everything in their power to keep themselves from being down on their luck.

This sign is more analytical and won't dive into anything without proper research and information. If a plan is in place, Geminis shouldn't have any issue reaching their goals, with or without luck.


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The sign with the worst luck turns out to be Pisces. These people are pretty sensitive, but they also love living their life as if it were a romantic comedy. This water sign needs a balance of drama with a good cry every so often, and being down on their luck is more likely than not.

"Pisces feel as if the world is against them, even though it really isn't, but their anxiety causes their luck to appear poor," explains Honigman. Keep them away from a game of horseshoes; it's likely they won't win!

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