The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Divorce, According to an Astrologer

Astrologer Lauren Ash reveals which sign is most likely to split with their partner.

Marriage takes work, and not everyone can handle the pressure. There are many reasons a couple will decide to call it quits; from infidelity and arguing about money to simply falling out of love, no marriage is guaranteed to last. Among the many factors at play: your zodiac sign. Yes, the stars can tell you a lot about the likelihood of your union surviving. And some signs are just not meant to be with one person forever. Read on to discover which six zodiac signs are the most likely to get divorced, from mulling it over to already out the door.

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Leos place an enormous amount of value on loyalty, and that includes marriage. Meaning? They expect their partner to display the same level of commitment as they do. When a Leo feels as though they're the center of your world, everything is sunshine and roses. However, these prideful fire signs are the most likely to initiate a messy divorce over cheating or infidelity. Disloyalty is non-negotiable for them.


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Aries is the biggest show-off in the zodiac. They enjoy grand displays of affection and over-the-top romance. Even better? They're never boring. Aries looks for a deep emotional and physical connection with their partner, and any situation that can cause a bruised ego can get in this prideful fire sign's way. If they feel as though their partner doesn't appreciate all the romantic things they do for them, it may lead to a wandering eye. And, ultimately, Aries isn't afraid to file for divorce should they not be getting what they need or want from their partner.

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Friendly and sociable, it's easy to see why this air sign has an effortless time meeting new people. As the chameleon of the zodiac, Geminis can make friends with anyone. This means it's especially important for them to feel like their partner is their best friend and lover. A Gemini will only ever feel compelled toward divorce if they feel like they've lost that connection with their partner or if communication in the marriage breaks down. And it won't be hard for this sign to find a new soulmate connection if things don't work out.


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Pisces is undoubtedly one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. They understand that vulnerability and communication are key to a successful partnership, and this dreamy water sign is the most loyal partner when they feel emotionally understood by their partner. Whenever Pisces feels their partner is not giving them unconditional love and support, however, they can become bitter and distant. And if they think that their partner is not putting forth the same effort in the marriage, they have no problems calling it quits.

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Life's one big adventure and Sagittarius is along for the ride. These bold fire signs have a natural flirtation and charm, making them very popular on the dating scene. However, their perpetual wanderlust can make it hard for them to stay settled in one spot. In a marriage, it's important for Sagittarius to feel as though they still have their independence. And although they're very passionate lovers and partners, Sagittarians aren't afraid to divorce partners who make them feel unappreciated or held back.


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As the rebel of the zodiac, there's nothing an Aquarius hates more than feeling tied down. Their free-spirited nature makes Aquarius the least likely to get hitched in the first place. These adventurous air signs prefer relationships without any strings attached: Traditional marriage and monogamy are the least suited for an Aquarius' unconventional lifestyle. Instead, they prefer to live their lives with as few attachments as possible, meaning they're the most likely to call it quits on a marriage that makes them feel suffocated.

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