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Tom Hanks' Latest Social Media Gag Is the Definition of a Dad Joke

We need to talk about Tom Hanks' three-years worth of car photos on Twitter.

Given that A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is only days away from its debut, it's no surprise that the internet has recently erupted with stories of Tom Hanks' many acts of kindness. All it takes is one quick glance at his Twitter account to see that he is the World's Best Dad for the entire planet, which is why his casting as Fred Rogers couldn't be more perfect.

In 2015, Hanks used his Twitter account to help a college student find her lost ID.

Which then spiraled into a heartwarming running gag of posting photos of shoes, socks, scarves, and gloves that had been separated form their owners, until his entire account became a lost and found.

There's a wholesome sweetness to these posts—a storybook feel that makes it seem like the worst thing that can happen in the world is a lost mitten.

As time went on, the captions also became increasingly filled with dad joke humor, and not only because he signs each one of them with "Hanx."

But for the past three years, he's been embarking on a running joke that's even more dad-like. It consists, quite simply, of Hanks—sorry, "Hanx"—taking a photo next to a random car and writing a caption along the lines of "I love my new car," but struggling to open it.

Usually, the vehicle in question in pretty beat-up.

OK, really beat-up.

And, in true dad form, the photo quality is conspicuously blurry.

He's always in the same stance, pretending to pull on the handle. (Cue "oh dad" eye roll here.)

Sometimes, he expands to trucks.

But it's mostly, shall we say, older cars.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to this ongoing joke, other than it's the kind of thing any dad would do on a family road trip as his kids groaned.

But, of course, that in itself is the beauty of the dad joke.

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