50 Hilarious Jokes to Send Your Dad This Father's Day

They're called "dad jokes" for a reason!

50 Hilarious Jokes to Send Your Dad This Father's Day

Looking for the perfect gift for dear old dad this Father's Day? Easy: Tell him a joke! Sure, that may not sound all that generous, but trust us, he's going to love it more than another tie or bottle of cologne. A well-crafted joke—one that you know will make him bust a gut with laughter—isn't just a fleeting distraction from the day. Giving pops a serious case of the giggles is actually good for him!

According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter can stimulate circulation, decrease blood pressure, and actually boost the immune system. So sharing a joke is just another way of saying, "I love you, dad. And I want you to live a long, long time."

To that end, here are 50 jokes, perfect for Father's Day, guaranteed to get a chuckle out of your dad. He'll also be grateful you didn't buy him another striped sweater he didn't even want in the first place.

I can't take my dog to the pond anymore—the ducks keep attacking him.

dog at the pond, dad jokes Shutterstock

I guess that's what I get for buying a pure-bread dog.

Not to brag, but I made six figures last year.

Check Shutterstock

I was also named "worst employee" at the toy factory.

My wife and I have decided not to have kids.

Family Arguing in Car Worst Things to Say to Kids Shutterstock

The kids are taking it pretty badly.

If prisoners could take their own mug shots…

prison bars and hands Shutterstock

They'd be called cell-fies!

I used to run a dating service for chickens.


But I was struggling to make hens meet.

Today my son asked me, "Can I have a book mark?"

Self Help Books Shutterstock

It broke my heart. He still doesn't know that my name is Mike!

My daughter just asked me, "Daaaaaad, you haven't listened to a word I've said, have you!?"


What an odd way to begin a conversation.

My wife left a note on the fridge that said, "This isn't working."

man opening fridge door with note on it Shutterstock

I'm not sure what she's talking about. I opened the fridge door and it's working fine!

I'd like to be a millionaire just like my dad.

60s slang no one uses Shutterstock

He always wanted to be a millionaire too.

My dad was bragging about his new hearing aid.

hearing aid for man, dad jokes Shutterstock

"It's state of the art," he said. "It cost me a fortune."

"Awesome. What type is it?" I asked.

"2:30," he said.

Which days are the strongest?

calendar page flipping sheet close up background Shutterstock

Saturday and Sunday. The rest are weakdays!

I wonder what my parents did to fight boredom before the internet.


I asked my 18 siblings, but they didn't have any clue either.

Did you know that the first French fries weren't cooked in France?

french fries ways we're unhealthy Shutterstock

They were cooked in Greece!

My wife and I were up all night arguing about laundry.

laundry room, joanna gaines tips Shutterstock

At 2:00 a.m., I folded.

I asked my date to meet me at the gym, but she never showed up.

weight loss motivation Shutterstock

I guess the two of us aren't going to work out

What word starts with an "e," ends with an "e," and has only one letter in it?

never say this at work {priorities after 50} Shutterstock


What's the difference between a well-dressed man on a unicycle and a poorly-dressed man on a bicycle?

man riding unicycle, dad jokes Shutterstock


After an unsuccessful harvest, why did the farmer decide to try a career in music?

Farmer on farm 2018 predictions Shutterstock

Because he had a ton of sick beets!

Summer is finally here.

man trimming plants in a garden help the earth Shutterstock

I got so excited I wet my plants!

What do you call a beehive without an exit?

Beekeeper Making Honey With Bees Shutterstock


Where do criminal rainbows go?

lunar rainbow over victoria falls in zambia Shutterstock


A slice of apple pie is $2.50 in Jamaica and $3.00 in the Bahamas.

apple pie Shutterstock

These are the Pie-rates of the Caribbean.

I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon.

woman holding an amazon prime box - amazon black friday deals Shutterstock

I'll let you know.

I just found out I'm colorblind.

vision test at the eye doctor for a woman, health questions after 50 Shutterstock

The news came out of the purple!

"How do I look?" the mom asked, showing off her new outfit.

Couple Fighting single over 30 Shutterstock

"With your eyes," the dad responded.

My dad taught me to make the little things count.

a bunch of numbers, number on the table, most common street names Shutterstock

So now I'm teaching math to mice!

I had a difficult, emotional talk with my 9-year-old this morning.

father dad son Shutterstock

There was a lot of crying and "nobody wants me on their team" and "I haven't got any friends."

Anyway, he was very nice and gave me some good tips on how to be more sociable.

My wife got mad at me for kicking all the dropped ice cubes under the refrigerator.

ice cubes under the fridge, dad jokes Shutterstock

But now it's all water under the fridge.

Do you know the three unwritten rules of life?





The guy who stole my diary just died.

A closeup of flowers atop a funeral casket outdoors Shutterstock

My thoughts are with his family.

I'm reading a horror story in braille.

kid inventions Shutterstock

Something bad is going to happen, I can just feel it.

If I ever find the doctor who screwed up my limb replacement surgery…

hospital hallway supplement industry Shutterstock

I'll kill him with my bear hands.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, my wife will shout out things like "Hobbit," "Mordor," or "Gandalf!"

Gold ring coolest summer camps Shutterstock

Always Tolkien in her sleep…

A kid decides to burn his house down.

firefighter putting out a house fire Shutterstock

His dad watches, tears in his eyes, and puts his arm around the mom and says, "That's ar-son."

What do you call a French man wearing sandals?

how to ask for a raise Shutterstock

Philippe Flop.

I told my son I was named after Thomas Jefferson…

thomas jefferson, amazing coincidences Shutterstock

"But Dad," he said, "your name is Frank."

"I know," I told him. "But I was named after Thomas Jefferson."

What did the buffalo say to his son when he dropped him off at school?

Buffalo Animal Jokes Shutterstock


I hate it when people say age is only a number.

Confused man on dating phrases Shutterstock

"Age" is clearly a word.

Why did the Invisible Man turn down a job offer?

man holding pen to sign contract, dad jokes Shutterstock

He just couldn't see himself doing it!

What time did the man go to the dentist?

Older Man at the Dentist Getting His Gums Checked, look better after 40 Shutterstock

Tooth hurt-y.

My dad always said, "Find a girl with an embarrassing tattoo and convince her to marry you."

a woman getting first-time tattoos Shutterstock

"She knows how to make bad decisions and is prepared to stick with them."

What's the best part about living in Switzerland?


I don't know, but the flag is a big plus.

This morning I saw my neighbor talking to her cat; it was obvious the poor woman thought the cat understood her.

Cat by bathtub funny pet stories Shutterstock

When I got home, I told my dog. We laughed and laughed.

What's an optimistic vampire's favorite drink?

people sitting at a bar in halloween costumes things to throw away Shutterstock


I think my wife is putting glue on my antique gun collection.

crafting glue Shutterstock

She denies it, but I'm sticking to my guns.

Just got back from a job interview where I was asked if I could perform under pressure.

Co-Founder, business partners Shutterstock

I said I wasn't too sure about that… But I could do a wicked "Bohemian Rhapsody!"

As I get older and remember all the people I lost along the way, I think to myself…

Pensive Man Thinking {priorities after 50} Shutterstock

Maybe a career as a tour guide was not the right choice.

What do you call a sad cup of coffee?

coffee cup with a lid Shutterstock


One day I changed a lightbulb, crossed the road, and walked into a bar.

lightbulbs against a yellow background Shutterstock

That's when I realized my whole life is joke.

My boss texts me: "Send me one of those funny Father's Day jokes."

news app millennials Shutterstock

Me: "I can't. I'm busy working."

Boss: "That's hilarious! Send me another one!"

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