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21 Adorable Photos of Puppies Vanquishing Very Evil Foes

Enemies beware.

As humans, we think we're safer when we're surrounded by inanimate objects. But puppies know better. These descendants of the mighty wolf know that something as seemingly innocent as a doorstop or a very large zucchini is actually an evil presence lurking among us, cleverly disguised as an everyday object.

Luckily, our canine companions always manage to protect us, and they don't even expect any thanks in return. That's just what they're here for. So read on to see puppies take on their greatest enemies yet, from ice cubes to cherries.

This corgi vs. a pumpkin

corgi vs pumpkin
Pyrenean Mastiff/YouTube

This evil pumpkin is no match for a clever corgi like Maya. She's viciously using her teeth to squash this evil orange enemy.

This good boy vs. bubbles

dog versus bubbles

As noted by his owner, this dog "either really loves or really hates bubbles." Hard to tell. But if the bubbles are evil, he's definitely saving us from them.

This golden retriever vs. cherries

dog versus cherries

These tiny red balls of evil have nothing on this tough guy.

This hound vs. her bed

dog versus dog beds
Bill Reyno/Twitter

OK, so maybe there wasn't a hidden camera inside the dog bed, but Jolene's owner knows she'd rather be safe than sorry!

This dog vs. a trash can

dog versus trash can

This pup's owner says there were bones from homemade buffalo wings in there so obviously, no regrets.

This guy vs. an elf on the shelf

dog versus elf on the shelf

We all know that this popular Christmas decoration is actually evil, right? After all, as this dog's uncle tweeted, "My brother's dog is here to remind you that snitches get stitches."

This dog vs. a GoPro

dog versus go pro

One dog tried to save his owner from tech addiction by stealing his GoPro in 2018, resulting in a viral video that's nothing short of comic genius.

This golden retriever vs. a wind-up frog

golden retriever versus wind up toy

"Don't worry, human, I've got you covered," Noor the golden retriever seems to be saying.

This bulldog vs. an ice cube

bulldog versus ice cube video

What is this cold, hard thing… and why is it so slippery?!

This dog vs. everything in the cupboard

dog making a mess viral tweet

The dog's posture clearly says, "You're welcome, Audrey."

This corgi vs. a Swiffer

corgi puppy mops the floor
The Dodo/YouTube

With a sploot like this, do you even need cleaning products?

This Cavalier King Charles vs. a watermelon

dog vs watermelon video
Herky The Cavalier/YouTube

Herky isn't fooled by the rotund majesty of this summer fruit. Never trust something so green with envy.

These corgis vs. an enormous zucchini

corgis afraid of giant zucchini

They're not vanquishing this giant zucchini yet, but they're definitely thinking about it—at least the corgi on the right is.

This Bernese mountain pup vs. a lemon

puppy vs lemon video

The lemon is the enemy of the eye, as Cavanaugh the Bernie knows.

This lab vs. a head massager

dog vs head massager

Loki is definitely registering this as a Do Not Want. (Hot tip for his owner: Dogs prefer the manual kind.)

This puppy vs. a doorstop


In 2016, this video of a golden retriever named Leia absolutely demolishing a Very Bad Door Stop went viral.

And this German Shepherd vs. a doorstop

german shepherd vs doorstep

Nova the German Shepherd can relate. She has this doorstop right where she wants it.

This puppy vs. a brick

dog versus brick

They may have started off as enemies, but they ended up being best friends. Friendship is complicated.

This Bernadoodle vs. some octopus

dog hates octopus

It has tentacles. It lives in the deep blue sea. Walter the Bernadoodle knows better.

This corgi vs. the newspaper

sherlock the corgi versus the newspaper
Diana Bruk

When Sherlock isn't getting the attention he wants, he knows how to take down the distraction.

And one more corgi vs. a pumpkin

corgi vs pumpkin video

In this viral video from 2015, the corgi first monitors his enemy closely, then launches a brutal attack. Because if we've learned anything today, it's that pumpkins and corgis do not mix. And for more precious pups, here are The 30 Cutest Hybrid Dogs in the World.

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