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25 Hilarious Dogs Who Look So Much Like Their Owners It's Scary

Sometimes, you love your dog so much that you actually become them.

It's actually scientifically proven that dogs and their owners look similar. One 2004 study published in the journal Psychological Science found that people were able to match photos of dogs and their owners, based solely on physical similarities. And a 2015 study published in the journal Anthrozoös revealed that it's similar eyes in particular that give the pairings away. Now, whether or not people seek out pups who look like them on purpose is still up for debate. But one thing is clear: Dogs who look like their owners is a common sight. And we have the proof. Check out these 25 identical canine-human duos and prepare to be amazed! And for more adorable dogs, check out 25 Photos Proving Dogs Are the Best Co-Workers.

These long faces

man who looks like his dog dogs who look like their owners
Image via Reddit

This basset hound and its owner were captured by Reddit user alicethompsoo walking through Boston. Not only do their brown, white, and black looks match, but their long faces and the way they carry themselves are similar too.

This sleek set

Blonde woman with straight hair matches hair of brown dog, dog and owner twins
Channel 4 / Twitter

This dog's perfect blonde hair could be anyone's photo inspiration for their next trip to the salon. And seemingly, his owner couldn't agree more. The U.K.'s Channel 4 shared this photo on Twitter to announce their dog and owner look-alike contest. We think they found their winner.

These curly cuties

woman and cockapoo dogs who look like their owners
Image via Twitter/@JulietteWoolf

Juliette Woolf entered herself and her pup, Rosso the cockapoo, into the U.K. contest on Twitter. It's not hard to see why!

These perfect pouts

man and pug strike the same pose dogs who look like their owners
Image via Twitter

When this pug struck a wide-eyed frowning pose, its owner hilariously matched the pup's look. It's no wonder they got tons of likes on Twitter.

These fluffy friends

woman with same hairstyle as dog dogs who look like their owners
Image via Imgur

It's quite possible that this Imgur user and her dog have the same exact haircare routine. And we are totally here for it.

These piercing pals

man and husky look the same dogs who look like their owners
Image via Twitter

When Liam Rice posted about his husky, Luna, on Twitter, people couldn't get enough of their hilarious photo series. In each picture, the pair proves just how in sync they are—from their stunning blue-grey eyes to the model-like expressions on their faces.

These striking smiles

woman and dog smiling dogs who look like their owners
Image via Reddit

This owner and her dog, who were posted on Reddit by Reddible, certainly aren't afraid to smile with their teeth (quite a bit of teeth, to be honest).

This two-toned twosome

Woman has one blue and one brown eye and so does dog, dog and owner twins
Image via Imgur

Heterochromia iridium (AKA having two different color eyes) is very rare. So it's truly mind-boggling that in this photo (which user @AnthonyNapkins shared on Imgur), this woman and her dog both each have one brown eye and one blue eye… and on the same sides!

This wispy duo

man looks just like his dog dogs who look like their owners
Image via Twitter

This scruffy pair is definitely related. Dog owner Duncan shared on Twitter that as his hair grew out, he started to resemble his dog.

These graceful agers

jimmy the dog and judith dogs who look like their owners
Image via Twitter

Based on this tweet, Judith and her dog Jimmie have enjoyed a long life of fun together—and they have the matching curly gray hair to prove it.

These hazel-eyed hunks

Man with hazel eyes and brown hair looks just like puppy with similar eyes and coat
Topher Brody / Instagram

Social media star Topher Brody has made a living off of just how much he and his similarly-colored Ausiedoodle, Rosenberg, look alike. This is one of their earlier pictures, but there are tons more on Brody's Instagram.

These strawberry blonde beauts

a girl and her dog look similar dogs who look like their owners
Image via Twitter

Caroline wasn't afraid to admit on Twitter that she rocks the same locks as her dog Joey.

These mop tops

man and dog have similar hairstyle dogs who look like their owners

It looks like these human-canine pals spent a summer day sweating it out at a water park, based on their matching damp hairstyles and relaxed dispositions.

This black-and-white bond

woman with the same hairstyle as her dog dogs who look like their owners
Image via Twitter

Comedian Joel McHale posted a photo of this twinning moment on Twitter five years ago. But we still can't get over how much these two look alike.


This pig-tailed pair

man looks just like his spaniel dogs who look like their owners
Image via Twitter/@MuddyFingersPot

While waiting for the Springer Rescue owner and dog look-alike contest in the U.K., Marv shared this picture of him with his spaniel Sally on Twitter. We can only assume they scared the competition away with their uncanny resemblance.

These mouth breathers

woman and dog make same facial expression dogs who look like their owners
Image via Twitter

On Twitter, Maddie Edwards posted a photo of her look-alike moment with her dog. And even though she was the only one awake for the picture, they nailed it.

These sleeping beauties

woman and her dog sleeping dogs who look like their owners
Image via Twitter

Twitter user @JAMSXD shared photos of herself and her dog wearing matching outfits and sporting the same expressions as they settled down for a nap together. They are quite the pair!

These happy guys

man and corgi look alike dogs who look like their owners
Image via Reddit

As you can tell from this Reddit photo, corgi Chip and his owner are incredibly happy together—and their smiles are nearly identical, to boot!

These ladies in white

old woman with curly white hair matches fluffy dog, dog and owner twins
John Paul Hunter / Instagram

Londoner John Paul Hunter saw this woman on the streets of England with a coif that perfectly matched that of her dog. He couldn't help but share the dogglegangers on Instagram with the hashtag #whiteperm.

These similar sleepers

sleeping black lab and owner dogs who look like their owners
Image via Reddit

In this precious moment, captured by Reddit user electricianerer250, a man and his dog strike the same pose while trying to get some shut-eye.

These blue jean babies

blue eyed woman has same exact eyes as dog, dog and owner twins
Image via Imgur

What's cooler than being cool? Having matching ice cold blue eyes with your dog, of course!

On Imgur, user @cakewar shared a series of adorable photos of her and her rescue pitbull named The Stig. In her post, she wrote, "I didn't realize it until I started getting comments from friends and on the street about how much our eyes match." She added that she and The Stig are "soul mates." Aww!

These in-sync styles

woman and her dog sporting the same hairstyle dogs who look like their owners
Image via Imgur

"Myself and my dog Lexi have the same hairstylist," this woman noted on Imgur. "I might need to find a new one." We appreciate the coordination commitment.

This grandma whose matching knows no bounds

White haired grandma holds white Maltese dog, dog and owner twins

Grandmas are known to match their dresses with their shoes and purses. But this grandma takes it to a whole new level. Former Penn State student Amanda M. Mitchell posted this photo of her grandmother with her Maltese, Maggie, a few years back. Mitchell marveled, "Maggie and Grandma are dressed for my parents wedding, and they look like identical twins." What a wedding date!

These big grins

woman smiles like her dog dogs who look like their owners
Image via Imgur

It often seems like, no matter how hard you try, you can never get your dog to sit still for a photo. But this owner's post on Imgur is proof that the perfect side-by-side puppy selfie is possible.

This rainbow connection

man and dog who see the same hairstylist
Image via Twitter

Why should humans be the only ones to explore different colors in their looks? In this photo that Twitter user @BrutusWatts posted, this dog owner decided to bring his playful pooch in on the hair-dying action. They are quite the sight! And for more of the most adorable dogs of the internet, check out these 50 Dogs So Ugly They're Actually Cute.

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