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Your Complete Guide to Fall's Hottest Hair Colors and Cuts

Find your best look for the cool months ahead.

As we begin to say our most heartfelt goodbyes to shorts, summer Fridays, and those long, lazy days spent on the beach, it's natural to crave some change as we enter the cooler months ahead. And what better way to satisfy that craving than trying a trendy new hairstyle? With that in mind, we rounded up the hottest cuts and hair colors for fall so you can fully invigorate your life with a stunning new look. And for more great fashion coverage, don't forget to purge your closet of the 40 things no woman over 40 should own.

Color #1

hair cuts bronde

Everything gets a little earthier and warmer during the fall months, so it's no surprise that bronde is a popular fall trend. It's about "warming up blondes to a natural-looking shade of blonde that has brassy undertones," explains Lumination Salon owner Adam Bogucki. Not to mention, it's a great low-maintenance option for those whose fall schedule is jam-packed. Whose isn't? And to prevent that busy schedule from weighing you down, learn the 30 easiest ways to avoid getting stressed out.

Color #2
Sophisticated Ombré

ombre hair cuts and colors

Trends are constantly going in and out of style, ombrés included. This celebrity-favorite hair color was seriously buzzy a few years ago and now it's back with a little upgrade. Instead of harsh, dramatic color transitions, this season's ombré will be "cooler, more fluid, and sophisticated," explains hair colorist Jan-Marie Arteca. Think ends that are only a little bit lighter than the top half, as if the transition is all natural.

Color #3
Icy Blonde

icy blond hair cuts and colors

There's another blonde color-trend that lends itself to a totally different overall look. This not-so-natural shade is a great options for those who willing to take a risk and be a bit daring. "This hybrid calls for icy strands that are so white that it's almost gray," explains Bogucki. This cool shade is not necessarily blonde, white, or gray, but a perfect balance that best emits a sort of silver. Keep it this ideal tone with a purple shampoo and conditioner like dpHUE Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner ($24 each).

Color #4
Deep Brown

deep brown hair cuts and colors

Done right, dark hair is no longer one dimensional and dull. Take this brunette for instance—it's on a whole level thanks to its deep, rich, and almost black toning. For a seriously striking color, maintain shine with a hair serum like Sachajaun's Shine Hair Serum, $33. "The richer tone is sophisticated and sexy," says Arteca. "And who doesn't love full on shine?" Answer: no one.

Color #5
Rich Red


hair cuts and colors rich red

This checks all the same boxes as deep brown—rich, shiny, and dark. As Bogucki puts it, "It resembles dark cherries or warm cinnamon tones." This bombshell hue isn't for everyone, but if you think you can pull it off, now's the time to give it a try. Also: check out the 10 healthiest carbs you should be eating.

Cut #1
Wispy Layers


Layering is always a hit for the fall, and this year's layering is wispy and imperfect. "This haircut has only a sliver of a layer at the crown which adds texture and prevents a completely flat hairstyle," explains Salon SCK stylist Devin Toth. "The layer is by no means perfect or flowy, it's just barely there." To really show off this cut, style your hair in loose, carefree waves. And for your man, be sure he gets the one haircut that will shave a decade off his look.

Cut #2
Short-to-Long Bob

hair cuts and colors bob

This fall marks the return of the angled bob. (You know, the one that's short in the back and gets longer in front.) You can make the angle as dramatic or slight as you want. No matter what length you decide though, this style is typically best kept sleek and chic or with loose wavy texture.

Cut #3
Classic Lob

hair colors and cuts lob

There's a reason the lob rarely goes out of style. "This cut is the perfect balance between short and long," explains Bogucki. "And it looks great straight or with added texture." It doesn't get more versatile. It's the perfect cut for women that want to safely go shorter. Not to mention the options on how you can wear it are endless—straight, wavy, curly, half up, messy… the list goes on and on.

Cut #4
Close Crop

From Cara Delevingne to Kristen Stewart to Katy Perry, it seems like all the celebs are getting in on this trendy cut. The cropped chop is an empowering, sexy style that's generally no-fuss. For those who want to give it a little extra oomph, a pomade like Ouai Matte Pomade, $24 will help you shape it the way you want. For more on Delevingne, be sure to check out the 15 supermodels who actually made it as A-list actresses.

Cut #5
Full-on Fringe

fringe hair colors and cuts

Bangs are going to be making a major appearance this fall. Blunt, textured, long, short—all of the fringe will be in. This style is a great way to change your look without having to change your overall length. Keep your hair long and add a side-swept bang if you want to dip your toe in water. Or turn heads with a short bob and blunt bangs. To really achieve on-trend fringe, keep the bangs curly and textured.

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