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This Haircut Will Shave 10 Years Off Your Age

Just tell your barber, "Give me the 'Michael Fassbender.'"

There are many tried-and-true methods for culling years off your look: You could change up your wardrobe, work anti-aging exercises into your routine, take extra care of your skin, or start munching on youth-granting foods. Or you could just take a trip to your nearest barber.

"It's a really youthful thing to have short hair," says Boswell Scot, owner of New York City's nascent, luxe (the shop's barbers drape your face with heated citrus-and-eucalyptus-scented towels after the cut) Best Barber. "The mistake that a lot of guys make is that, as they get older, they want to look younger, so they grow [their hair] out long. This rarely has the desired effect."

Instead, Scot suggests getting what he calls the "Michael Fassbender haircut."

"Basically, it's a sophisticated crew cut," explains Scot. It elongates the face and emphasizes your features, but doesn't give off the militaristically strict mien associated with a standard crew cut. It's neat yet flirty, fun but orderly. Best of all, it's easy to order.

Most barbers—especially the pros at such places that hand out scented towels—will know exactly what you mean by "the Michael Fassbender haircut." But, if your barber isn't in-touch with the latest in celebrity hairstyles, don't worry, there's no need to find a new guy: just ask him for a 2 on the sides with a short and textured scissor-cut on top. (You could also simply ask for a "grown-in crew cut.")

"By cutting your hair short, it has this sophisticated, realistic approach," says Scot. "You're saying, 'I'm owning what I have and keeping it strong and not trying to disguise it.' It's more honest and masculine." And topping the list of honest masculinity—as far as haircuts go, that is—keeping things natural should be your number one priority. If you're going grey, don't dye it—that just "tends to have a newscaster effect," says Scot. Instead, just let the silver shine.

"It's pretty much unanimous that grey hair on a man is attractive," says Scot. With that, we couldn't agree more.

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