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Why Twitter Is Obsessed with This Adorable Pack of Sled Dogs

Which one is your spirit animal?

Recently an Alaskan sled dog racer named Blair Braverman posted a thread to introduce the world to the BraverMountain Varsity Team—a few extremely good boys and girls who are training to compete in annual long-distance sled dog race called the Iditarod. Her hilarious and vivid descriptions of their unique personalities immediately went viral, as Twitter users started sharing which ones they most relate to, because chances are you resemble at least one of these precious pups.

Naturally, first up is Pepe, the leader of the pack. "Pepe is smarter than all of us. She will run forever and keep running. She is basically everyone's mother."

Pepe is a beacon of boundless energy. "Immediately after leading (and placing 5th) in the 440-mile Kobuk race last spring, she refused a ride back to our host family's house and insisted on running the whole way."

If you don't drink coffee and still astound people with your enthusiasm, Pepe is probably also your spirit animal.

This is Flame. The five-year-old is an excellent sled dog, but she's also "desperately co-dependent" and needs to be in physical contact with the human she loves at all times. If you love to cuddle, you are totally Flame.

Flame is also "terrified of human babies but loves baby animals." Like the dog who went viral for taking in a flock of ducklings, Flame generously stepped in as a surrogate aunty to some chickens she "accidentally" adopted.

In spite of his name, Grinch "has a heart of gold and a brain like a box of rocks. He is extremely strong, maybe our strongest dog, but is easily confused. He loves attention. He loves giving hugs. He has a significant overbite and his limbs are fitted together like off-brand LEGOs." Same.

Colbert, age 5, is "a big hunk of burning enthusiasm. At checkpoints, when it's time to start running again, he's always the first dog on his feet and he barks and jumps until the other dogs stand up. He usually runs in wheel, the position right in front of the sled." If you're an early riser and you are the Mom of your friend group, you are Colbert.

Also, he's afraid of heights.

Kenai had a difficult puppyhood, so she has some trust issues when it comes to people, but loves dogs. "She doesn't like to run fast, but she likes to run forever." We all know a Kenai.

Lucy is "a delicate thoughtful creature who looks awkward in pretty much every photo," so Lucy is pretty much every teenage girl who loves to read. She also "really likes it when you kiss her snoot."

Lucy also has a boyfriend named Boo, who is their "tiniest and most expressive dog."

Wickson is still a puppy so he "doesn't know how to handle his energy yet," but boy does he love belly rubs. He can also be soothed with lullabies and cuddles. If you are Wickson, you are probably an actual baby.

This is Spike. He has a very large head and he owns it.

He's also been an advocate for social justice since the day he was born.

Anya, age 2, is a petite, picky eater who gets nervous of "weird surroundings." Luckily, she's besties with the natural-born leader that is her brother Clem, so the little wallflower has someone to introduce her to people at parties.

Jeff Sharlet, age 2, is a "big-headed boy who likes to 'talk' by moaning and trilling" and "doesn't like seeing anyone else get attention."

Braverman very accurately, therefore, describes him as a journalist.

Talese is also a journalist, but he's the least neurotic of the bunch, and enjoys "the good things in life, like massages and attention, and is chill in almost all situations."

He probably writes for a luxury lifestyle magazine.

And, finally, there's Hunter, who has "has no qualms about pushing around much bigger boys," like a true modern-day woman.

We wish them all the best during their race! And if you love dogs more than anything, you'll love these hilarious tweets about these two very refined dogs in ski sweaters.

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