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Alaskan Dog Sled Racer Reveals How Her Dogs Improved Her Body Image

Each of them is beautiful in their own way, just like you!

Earlier in 2019, Alaskan sled dog racer Blair Braverman posted a Twitter thread that went viral in which she beautifully captured each of the unique personalities of all 19 of her sled dogs. Later in the spring, they became internet sensations once more after completing the Iditarod. Now, Braverman is once more reminding people of how wonderful dogs truly are with a viral thread on the positive impact her sled dogs have had on her body image.

Like most of us, Braverman grew up learning that "all bodies are different." And, like most of us, she had a tough time really understanding that idea. After all, it often seems like this notion is just something that people say, rather than truly believe.

But then she started caring for sled dogs, getting to know them inside out, and, suddenly, the meaning of that saying became clear.

"All bodies are different," she wrote. "But I don't mean this in some flip way. I mean it in a bone-deep, beautiful, complicated way. All of the dogs' bodies are so different."

Some of them can "eat literally three times as much food as everyone else" and still stay slim.

Others gain weight after a tiny serving of kibble and there's no shame in that.

Some of them are naturally very athletic.

Some of them need to start strength training slowly and develop their progress.

Some of them have the stamina and endurance to run for miles.

Whereas others prefer to do a little sprint and then slow it down a bit.

Some of them have disabilities. And if you've seen this adorable video of a Frenchie whose back legs are paralyzed, you know that won't stop them from playing fetch.

And "some of them were born with bodies that make everything harder for them."

"The differences aren't good or bad. They just are," Braverman said of the dogs' differences. And whatever body they have, it doesn't make us love them any less.

If we can make that realization about dogs, surely we can extend it to ourselves. "My body is like that too. It has its own set points, its own levels. So does yours."

And while we don't choose the bodies we are born in, we can choose to accept them.

We can choose to appreciate their beauty, just like Braverman does with her dogs.

Braverman posted the Twitter thread on Saturday, and it quickly went viral and inspired others to share their own recurring body image issues.

After all, we all have our insecurities. But if we could only see ourselves the way that the people who love us do, we'd know that every body really is beautiful. And for another inspiring story about man's best friend, check out This Marine Vet's Dog Rescue Story Is Going Viral and It Will Make Your Day.

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