This Paralyzed Dog's Endless Positivity and Ability to Run Will Inspire You

A little technology and a lot of love can go a long way.

It's always heartbreaking to see a dog who's paralyzed. But, as one recent tweet that's going viral shows, a little technology and a lot of love can go a long way in giving a pup a long and happy life.

On Monday, Nick Johnson, 22, of Burbank, California, shared a video of his French bulldog named Cudi playing fetch, using only his front two legs to quickly chase a football.

The video of Cudi joyfully playing in spite of the fact that he is disabled received more than 37,000 retweets in just one day. And people want to know more about this heroic, happy pup.

Two months ago, Johnson got the phone call every pawrent dreads. His roommate called and said, "Hey, Cudi is not looking so good. He looks like he is in pain or something," Johnson recalled when reached by phone.

"Then 20 minutes later, another call, saying, 'Hey, you need to come home right now, he can't move his legs,'" Johnson said. "Then 20 minutes later, another call, 'His legs are completely unusable.'"

Johnson took Cudi to the vet and was told, tragically, that his back legs were now paralyzed due an accident that can sometimes happen with his breed. "They said he jumped off the couch and… the disc in his back just burst," Johnson recalled. "He is not feeling his legs and has nerve damage."

As a result, Cudi has a wheelchair, which Johnson said he's "doing great with."

"He is just the friendliest, most loving soul I have ever met in my life," Johnson added. "He has been such a rock for me through all things in my life. He is just my little boy."

Seeing Cudi playing on Twitter inspired other dog owners to share their own images and videos of dogs with disabilities who manage to stay positive through it all.

Like Sullivan, who just needs a nice bath and a dry towel to be happy.

Or Emma, who just wants to smile all day.

Or this little pup, who only needs one paw to play fetch.

Taking care of a dog with a disability may take more work, but with a loving and dedicated owner, miracles can and do happen!

And no one knows that better than Johnson. Even though he was told that Cudi, who turns two this summer, will never walk again, Johnson still believes in him.

"I just see progress and his legs are twitching," he said. "I see them move every once in a while so I don't believe that he is never going to walk again." And for another inspiring pet story, check out Why the Story of This Blind Pit Bull Is Melting Hearts Everywhere.

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