Why the Story of This Blind Pit Bull Is Melting Hearts Everywhere—Video

Such a good boy!

Meet Bear. He's a 3-year-old pit bull that loves naps, cuddles, and, well, just about everything really.

But then Sarah, one of the hospital workers, told her daughter, Katie, about the injured pup, and they "decided to open our hearts and home to the poor soul." Now, he's "the happiest sweetest pup" ever because he's found the only thing that truly matters: a forever home.

Having a dog with special needs isn't always easy. "At first his blindness caused issues," Katie wrote. "For example, he wouldn't walk unless he was between someone's legs, he was terrified of cars, and new environments were hard for him." But "with patience and understanding those obstacles were overcome and he runs through life with glowing confidence."

And Bear is nothing if not grateful for his owner's love. "Whenever I'm feeling down or more panicked than usual he will sit on top of me, lick my face, and do anything in his power to lighten my world," she wrote. "It can be so hard when you have a dog with issues, but I swear it gets so much better and it is always worth it."

Recently, Insider posted a video that summarized Bear's incredible story.

And, needless to say, it made everyone's face look like this:

Like so many dogs, Bear reminds us that no matter what happens, you can always find reasons to be happy and enjoy life.

To quote the caption on his Facebook page, "Light can never be drowned out of a dog's world. Dogs can be put through horrible things, but they still can bounce back and live a happy life. It's that ability to leave the past in the past that make dogs so amazing."

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