This Dog Owner's Hilarious Restaurant Order for Their Pet Will Make Your Day

Hold the onions!

Today's dog owners are increasingly treating their pets like fur babies, feeding them human food (when they're old enough), dressing them up in outfits, and taking them along everywhere they go. But that can present a problem when enjoying a fine dining experience, as one New York City dog owner recently demonstrated.

On Monday, The Cut writer Anna Silman tweeted a photo that her friend, a chef at an "extremely fancy NYC restaurant," sent to her. It was an image of an order ticket he received and it is very specific.

The tweet has received almost 10,000 retweets in just one day, and pet owners are surprisingly relating to it.

Some of us are even regulars at certain restaurants and fast food joints that know we want a certain item significantly altered for our pup.

Even cat lovers can understand.

And it increasingly makes sense that dog-friendly establishments are crafting menus explicitly for dogs who are living the good life.

So the short of it is:

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