This Viral Video Proves Dogs Have the Same Reaction to This One Food

It's their biggest weakness.

If you own a dog, you know one thing for certain: Not one of them can resist the siren song of a chip bag being opened. Whereas the mighty wolf may have responded to a howling at the moon, their domesticated descendants will leap at the crinkle that indicates a savory snack is near.

Now, a video posted by Twitter user @aussiesdointhgs is going viral for showing a dog's hilarious reaction to the sound. All it takes is one plastic crunch, and the sweet pup immediately swoops up from underneath the bed with a maniacal facial expression that says, "Is that for me?"

The clip has been retweeted more than 85,000 times since it was posted last week, and fellow dog owners can really relate.

Some dogs are so in awe of the chip bag, all they can do is gaze in wonder at its presence.

Some are more strategic in their attempt to reach the object of their desire, going for the ol' puppy dogs eyes.

And others are simply paralyzed by their obsession.

As funny as it all is, it is also worth noting that experts advise dog owners to exercise caution and not leave empty bags of chips around the house, as dogs have been known to suffocate by sticking their faces into them. And it's also worth remembering that, as much as we like to spoil our pups, pet obesity does lead to health issues later on in life, so snack in moderation!

And for more on the lengths that some dogs will go to for tasty human food, check out this hilarious viral story of a Genius Dog Who Poses As a Stray at McDonald's to Get Free Burgers.

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