30 Funny Cat Videos to Make You Love Cats Even More

No cats were harmed in the making of this list.

No matter how much you love cats, you've got to admit they do some pretty silly things. From knocking random items off of random surfaces to getting so distracted by their belly rubs that they fall off the couch, cats have some pretty embarrassing moments. But no matter how often your cat acts like a goof, it's incredibly difficult to catch their best (er, worst) moments on film.

Thankfully, these ambitious cat parents did—which means we were able to round up the internet's best funny cat videos. From cats who are afraid of their own reflections to cats who are absolute jerks, these are the funny cat videos guaranteed to make you love your kitty even more.


Spring Cleaning

Everyone knows how hard it can be to get back to cleaning once you're distracted.


Gone Fishin'

Unfortunately, this cat is probably never going to catch this fish.


Swing Time

We can only imagine that if this cat wasn't enjoying himself, he'd climb off this swing.



Somehow, this cat has managed to get a grip on a solid brick wall.


Best Friends

This little hedgehog didn't want to play.


Climbing Fail

Add this to the don't-climb list.


Bath Time

This is the most relaxed cat bath we've ever seen.


Cat & Mouse

Who couldn't love a tiny kitten making friends with an even tinier mouse?


Hitting the Wall

Yep, there's a wall there.


A Sticky Situation

Welp, this didn't go as planned.



My, what big teeth you've got!


Not a Toy

So that's where the keys have been going.



He's going for the windblown look.


Cat in a Box

This enormous cat will fit into this tiny box.


Hung Out to Dry

If this isn't a traumatizing laundry day experience, we don't know what is.



Seriously, what is happening here?!


Take a Seat

This looks like it requires some serious abs.


The Ultimate Match

Kitten vs. toes is the perfect recipe for funny cat videos.


Play Time

This kitten was playing with her toy until she got distracted by her toes.


On the Prowl

This cat is on the hunt for his own tail.


Snow Cat

Chubby cats = amazing funny cat videos.



We're inspired by this high-wire act.


Duck Commute

Just another day shuttling the ducklings back and forth.


Counter Cat Fail



Bye, Mr. Frog!

See ya! As you probably know, cats knocking things over are some of the best funny cat videos.


Bye, BB-8!



Bye, Tray of Rocks!

Yep, this one's loud.



This cat jumps out of the frame!


Gymnastics Cat

Backflips, but for cats.


Ignore the Drool

He's a heavy sleeper.


Mirror, Mirror

Who's that kitty in the mirror?!

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