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Twitter Can't Stop Cracking Jokes About These Turtleneck-Wearing Dogs

"We've been expecting you, Mr. Bond."

Every once in a while, a photo surfaces on the Internet that's absolutely begging for a series of hilarious captions, and this is definitely one of them.

The dogs in the now-viral photo are Hortaya Borzayas—an ancient Asian sighthound breed that's characterized by excellent hunting skills and a calm, noble demeanor. But the fact that they're standing on a snow-laden slope and wearing sleek, matching turtlenecks is really what make these already regal hounds look like they're telling one another that Aspen is really not what is used to be.

Their names are definitely Todd and Margo.

They haven't even ordered their coffee yet but they already know they're going to need to ask to speak to the manager.

They come to soccer matches just to judge the other moms.

They only drink Diet Coke and probably have matching white robes that say "Rosé All Day."

They knew that trust fund was going to go to waste on the third son.

And they're starring in a dog-only version of Big Little Lies.

Though, despite the amazing crop of one-liners, novelist and Entertainment Weekly writer Dana Schwartz may have nailed the caption contest when she identified them as "the villains in a movie where a golden retriever wins a snowboarding tournament" because they're basically the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network.

They would also not be at all out of place in a Bond movie.

If you haven't already, please note the dog in the background who looks like he is their dog.

"Gerard, get back here. Honestly, I'm not sure that obedience boarding school in Switzerland did him any good."

And if you're starting to feel bad about making fun of them, don't worry. Schwartz received an email from the dogs, whose real names are Adiza and Bani and who live in Norway, saying they are "proud but cool about their instant fame."

I mean, it's only natural that everyone would be obsessed with them. Their butler agrees.

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