These Photos of Dogs Posing on Santa's Lap Will Brighten Your Day

Happy Pawlidays!

dogs meeting santa

The most wonderful time of the year is here, and you know what that means: time to meet Santa!

Last weekend, PetSmart hosted photo events with the Big Guy himself at all of its stores nationwide. (If you missed it, the national chain will be doing it again from 12pm to 4pm this weekend!) Naturally, this resulted in some truly frame-worthy shots.

This dog simply could not believe her luck.

This Very Good Girl got all dressed up for the occasion.

And this little guy just couldn't contain his excitement.

All this goldendoodle wants is kissies for Christmas.


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@petsmart I saw a Goldendoodle kissing Santa Claus!🎅 #petsmartparties

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Cats got in on the merriment as well, but they were… significantly less enthused.

Dennis does not understand why he was wrenched from a perfectly good nap to be held by a total stranger.


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"SANTA!!! OMG!!" – Dennis

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Proud pet owners brought some of their other furbabies as well, like this duck named Munchkin.

This hamster dressed up as a reindeer.

Nina the pig.

And this snake.


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Frisk with Santa #petsmartparties

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