33 Most Adorable Dog Outfits You Can Buy Now

Your dog will be the most fashionable pup at the park.

33 Most Adorable Dog Outfits You Can Buy Now

Dogs are already pretty stinkin’ adorable. But if there’s one way to help them reach their maximal cuteness, it’s to put them in an outfit. Really, any type will do. Sweaters and T-shirts are great, of course, but why stop there? After all, there’s a whole world of doggie couture just waiting to be explored.

So without further ado, here are the most adorable dog outfits that you can score online right now—we’re sure that Sparky or Lassie will thank you later for this investment in their fashion wardrobe.

Unicorn dog costume adorable dog outfits

Unicorn Dog Costume

$28 to $37; buy now at etsy.com

Allow your doggie friend to channel their inner mythical creature by investing in this handmade unicorn dog costume by PetitDogApparel. Created using polar fleece and faux fur, your dog will be able to romp around in the most colorful, comfortable, and head-turning outfit in the dog park.

Dinosaur Onesie for Dog adorable dog outfits


Dinosaur Onesie

$15; buy now at maykool.com

Your dog will be the cutest prehistoric creature on the block outfitted in this dinosaur onesie from Maykool. Made using comfortable and breathable fabric, your pup can face any temperature in this delightful staple.

Adidog Dog hoodie adorable dog outfits

Adidog Dog Hoodie

$8; buy now at chewy.com

Ensure that your dog is the trendiest one in the dog park by giving them this incredibly soft Adidog hoodie that will keep them warm and athletically-inclined all year long.

French Artist adorable dog outfits

French Painter

$40 to $84; buy now at etsy.com

Now your pooch can channel their inner Picasso with this handmade jacket, beret, and scarf set from the puppydoggyclothes shop on Etsy. Paint set not included, although we’d love it if that were the case.

Celestte Dog Dress adorable dog outfits

Celestte Dog Dress

$10.08; buy now at amazon.com

For the princess pup in your life, the Celestte dog dress is a comfortable and adorable option. Any canine diva would love to rock this look. Alfie pet tuxedo adorable dog outfits

Alfie Dog Tuxedo

$19; buy now at chewy.com

Don’t have a date for your next wedding? No problem—just bring your dog! With this adorable tuxedo outfit by Alfie Pet, your dog will be chic enough to escort you to even the most highfalutin events.

Frisco Rubber Duckie Raincoat adorable dog outfits

Frisco Rubber Duckie Raincoat

$8 to $9.89; buy now at chewy.com

Protect your dog from the elements with this rubber duckie raincoat by Frisco, which is made with water-resistant material and equipped with secure belly straps to ensure that your canine friend can splash through puddles without a problem.


Rubie's Giraffe Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Rubie’s Giraffe Costume

$12; buy now at chewy.com

Halloween or not, your dog shouldn’t need an excuse to dress up as another adorable animal, which they can do with this giraffe costume by Rubie’s Costume Company.

Panda Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Panda Dog Costume

$20.95; buy now at express.google.com

Allow your dog to channel their inner zoo animal with this panda dog costume made by Toynk Toys. It comes complete with a headpiece and tunic.

Disney's Stitch Costume adorable dog outfits

Disney’s Stitch Costume

$14; buy now at amazon.com

For Disney lovers who enjoy dressing up their canine pal on occasion, this Stitch costume—designed to mimic the appearance of the iconic main character from the movie Lilo & Stitch—is one of the more adorable options available on Amazon.

Supreme Dog Hoodie adorable dog outfits

Supreme Dog Hoodie

$11; buy now at ebay.com

To instantly turn your pup into a street-style icon, invest in this Supreme hoodie. It’s basically a miniature version of the real thing!

Hula Girl Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Hula Girl Costume

$9.92; buy now at walmart.com

Just because your dog can’t come with you on your next tropical vacation doesn’t mean they can’t find their own oasis back at home with this hula girl costume from Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique.

Rubie's Walking Teddy Bear Costume adorable dog outfits

Rubie’s Walking Teddy Bear Costume

$19.40-25; buy now at shop.com

You already know that your dog is a walking teddy bear, but now you can finally allow them to reach their full plushie potential with this walking teddy bear costume by Rubie’s Costume Company. This step-in hoodie features padded arms and a bow at the neck, meaning it’s comfortable enough that your dog never has to take it off!

New York Yankees Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

New York Yankees Jersey

$14-17; buy now at chewy.com

Prepare yourself (and your pup) for the upcoming baseball season with a snug-fitting jersey that is durable enough for you both to celebrate your favorite team—whether you’re cheering in the stands or from the comfort of your couch.

Hunny Bunny Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Hunny Bunny Dog Costume

$19.97-21.97; buy now at costumediscounters.com

Make any outing a flirty, fun affair with this Zelda Hunny Bunny costume from Costume Discounters, available in a multitude of sizes. Even if Halloween is months away, your dog can turn heads on any day of the year with this costume.

Eeyore Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Eeyore Costume

$20-28; buy now at costumesupercenter.com

Your dog will look almost as precious as the beloved Winnie the Pooh character in this costume that includes an attached tail and headpiece for optimal cuteness.

Toothless Dragon Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Toothless Dragon Costume

$33; buy now at woofapparel.com

Dress up your canine pal to resemble Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon with this cute and warm coat from Woof Apparel, available in a variety of sizes and colors. Reviewers of this product only had one complaint: that their pooches never wanted to take the coat off after reveling in its comfort.

Winter Snowman Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Winter Snowman Costume

$17.12; buy now at ebay.com

As it turns out, Frosty the Snowman looks a lot like your dog when they slip on this Frosty-inspired winter costume that feels just adorable enough to wear all season long.

Rubie's Bride Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Rubie’s Bride Dog Costume

$6; buy now at blockbustercostumes.com

Hey, puppy love is no joke! Even your canine pal deserves a chance to celebrate their wedding—especially since their dress (which comes complete with a veil) won’t require you to max out your credit card.

Pikachu Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Pikachu Dog Costume

$28-37; buy now at etsy.com

Inspired by the character Pikachu from Pokemon, this pullover style sweater from PetitDogApparel is created using polar fleece, ensuring it’ll keep your pup warm and adorable for months to come.

Imperial Walker Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Rubie’s Imperial Walker Costume

$3; buy now at blockbustercostumes.com

Calling all Star Wars fans: you can now dress up your four-legged pal as an imperial walker from your favorite film—and with a price that seems too good to be true, you’ll want to keep this costume around for every important occasion in your pooch’s life.

Green Apple Jams adorable dog outfits

Green Apple Jams

$40; buy now at etsy.com

Especially in the cold winter months, your dog could use some comfortable loungewear in the form of these handmade Green Apple Jams by Duds4BudsToo. Sized specifically to fit Italian Greyhounds and small dogs, this onesie is made of ribbed-knit cotton and designed to be just as fashionable as it is functional.

Taco Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Rubie’s Taco Dog Costume

$13.29; buy now at chewy.com

Your pup will look so cute in this taco costume by Rubie’s Costume Company that you’ll want to gobble them up. This hilarious two-piece look is the perfect way to turn heads at the local dog park or celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Mommy's Boy Tee adorable dog outfits

Mommy’s Boy Tee

$12.95-14.95; buy now at chewy.com

Designed by Parisian Pet, this tee will communicate your dog’s affection for you without them ever uttering a single bark. Made using 100-percent cotton, this over-the-head tee is comfortable and durable enough for a number of playful romps through the neighborhood.

Robin Dog Costume adorable dog outfits

Rubie’s Robin Costume

$11.60-13.58; buy now at walmart.com

Everyone knows that dogs make the best sidekicks of them all. Which is why you need to get your pup this  Robin costume, complete with the iconic face mask.

I Work Out Tee adorable dog outfits

I Work Out Tee

$8.85; buy now at petland.com

Your dog will finally have the perfect accessory to show their athletic prowess with this self-explanatory tee, made by Parisian Pet. Not only that, but this comfortable cotton tank is suitable for every temperature, which means they won’t need new gym attire every season.

Sherpa Dog Pajamas adorable dog outfits

UGG Sherpa Pajamas

$10; buy now at bedbathandbeyond.com

Once you feel these sherpa pajamas, you’ll want a pair of your own. The luxury duds are comfy and cute enough to keep your dog snuggled in all winter long.

Blueberry Snowflake Dog Sweater adorable dog outfits

Blueberry Snowflake Sweater

$10.79-12.59; buy now at chewy.com

Make this winter the most darling one yet by purchasing this inexpensive and durable sweater that is smartly designed to accommodate a leash attachment. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, this sweater will allow any dog to rightfully celebrate the winter season.

Security Dog Tee adorable dog outfits

Security Tee

$12.95-17.95; buy now at chewy.com

There’s no better security detail than your faithful pup. Give your dog the recognition they deserve for keeping you safe by gifting them this adorable tee, made by Parisian Pet.

Ruffin It Dog Snow Suit adorable dog outfits

Ruffin It Dog Snow Suit Harness

$24.82; buy now at ecrater.com

There’s nothing your dog deserves more than the gift of a gleeful snow day with this Ruffin It Dog Snow Suit Harness by healthybowls. The pink puffer offers a water-resistant shell, an ultra-soft plush fleece lining, and a leash attachment.

Dog Jean Jacket adorable dog outfits

Jean Jacket

$13.75-15.75; buy now at amazon.com

Denim jackets are having a moment and there’s no reason your pup should feel left out. To get your them ready to hang with the most fashionable doggos on the block, outfit them in this one, made by SILD. The jacket features a retro design and protection from UV rays, meaning your dog will be both comfortable and on-trend in every season.

Sophisticated Sweater Vest adorable dog outfits


Sophisticated Sweater Vest

$3.89-4.19; buy now at chewy.com

Give your the dog the gift of sophistication with this sweater vest by Frisco, ensuring they stay warm and fancy all season long.

Hawaiian Dog Shirt


Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt

$7-8; buy now at chewy.com

Though the idea of summer may be hard to imagine at this point in time, your dog will at least carry the sentiments of the season with them by wearing this Hawaiian shirt, designed by Frisco.

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