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55 Corgi Facts That Make Them The Best Pets

Just look at those butts!

Fun fact: The name corgi literally means "dwarf dog" in Welsh. It's a fitting title for these compact pups, who are famous for their miniature legs and tiny tails. But there's so much more to corgis than their short stature. Corgis, which were originally bred to herd cattle, sheep, and horses, are great with kids, are extremely loyal, and are known to be eager to please. Ideally, you'll always want to try to adopt your corgi, and you can find plenty of fluffy balls of happiness by searching for the breed in So read these 55 facts about corgis from a corgi owner and go get yourself a corgi (or, even cuter, a corgi puppy!). We guarantee you'll be glad you did.

1. Corgi Means "Dwarf Dog"

corgi mom teaches puppy to sit

The word "corgi" translates to "dwarf dog" in Welsh, which is basically what they are. Most corgis stand between 10 and 12 inches tall and weight between 23 and 28 pounds. And if you've ever spent any time around a corgi, you'll know their short statures are part of what makes them so incredibly endearing.

2. There Are Two Separate Types of Corgi Dogs

pembroke corgi running in snow

Yes, corgis evolved into two distinct breeds, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, which weren't recognized as separate breeds until the 1930s. The Pembroke tends to be the more popular corgi breed. Queen Elizabeth II's corgis are of the Pembroke variety.

3. Corgi Dogs Have a Fascinating History

royal corgisPembroke Welsh corgis go back as far as the 10th century, and it's believed that the Vikings and Flemish weavers brought them home from Wales to use as herding dogs. According to Welsh legend, fairies used them to pull their coaches or ride them into battle, and if you look closely, you can still find fairy markings on their backs. So they are actually magical.

4. Both Corgi Breeds Have Tails

cardigan welsh corgi

Some Pembroke Welsh Corgis are born with super-short tails, and the ones that don't generally have them docked between two and five days old due to historical tradition (though, in many countries, docking has become illegal). The Cardigan Welsh Corgis, on the other hand, have lush, long tails that make them look even more like foxes. They also tend to be more reserved. A common joke among corgi handlers is that if there were a party, Cardigans would be the ones opening the door and Pembrokes would be the ones having a pool party out in the back.

5. Corgis Have a Lifespan of 12 to 15 years

corgi sitting in the grass

On average, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. They are relatively healthy dogs, and many of the issues the breed has a history of developing are non-life threatening.

6. Corgis Are Smart

royal corgis

Corgis have great logistical and trouble-shooting skills, since it takes a fair amount of analytical work to herd sheep. The challenge this presents is that they always need something to work on or some sort of task to accomplish, otherwise they're liable to get bored and act out. Luckily, there are plenty of dog puzzles out there to occupy brilliant canines. And it's a lot of fun having a smart dog!

I taught mine how to play the shell game (in which you hide a little ball under three identical cups that are face-down and then shuffle them around and make so the player has to remember which one the ball is hiding under), and he wins two out of every three times. I'm pretty sure I could teach him chess if I really wanted to.

7. Corgis Are Not Hypoallergenic

red and brown corgi

Corgis are not hypoallergenic. They are double-coated and they shed a lot. With shedding comes more dander, a common allergen found in dogs and cats. So if you've got allergies, it's best to get a different type of animals (or head to your allergist, so you can still have a corgi).

8. Do Corgis Shed?

Loki the corgi wears wig of his shedded fur.

Yes, one of the only two flaws of the corgi is that they shed so much you can make another corgi out of one. These dogs have a double coat that consists of an inner layer of short fur and an outer layer of longer fur. A corgi will shed their undercoat once a year, usually in the spring. Every time I sweep up my apartment it looks like Father Time blazed through the living room. But the upside is that they are oh-so-fluffy!

9. Do Corgis Have Health Problems?

corgi puppy looking over a fence

Corgis are generally healthy dogs, although they are somewhat predisposed to degenerative myelopathy (gradual progressive paralysis of limbs), cataracts (an eye condition), hip dysplasia (due to their poorly developed hip joints), senility, cancer, and general obesity. Take your corgi to the vet on a regular basis to keep him or her healthy.

10. How Big Do Corgis Get?

corgi with its tongue out

Adult Pembroke Welsh corgis are about 10 to 12 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 23 to 28 pounds. They reach their full size at about a year of age, although some keep filling out until age two or three.

11. Are Corgis Cuddly?


Corgis are also notoriously cuddly. All dogs are different, and their personalities often match that of their owners, so the fact that my corgi is a cuddle fiend is probably due to the fact that I'm intensely affectionate as well. When I wake up in the morning, mine (shown above) does a little army crawl up to my pillow, curls up beside me, and then wiggles until there is not a centimeter between our bodies. It provides an oxytocin rush that lasts me the entire day.

12. Are Corgis Easy to Train?

corgi does superman

Yes, corgis are smart, obedient, and they aim to please, which is super for training. It took mine 10 minutes to learn "Sit" and another 15 to get "Shake." And he loved every moment of it.

13. Are Corgis Good With Other Pets?

corgis are friendly and love other dogs

Corgis are very sociable and they're good with other animals, but they especially love other dogs. There are corgi meetups happening every month all across the country, where corgi owners bring their dogs together for an elegant gathering of hundreds of corgis, who greet one another by gently booping noses as though to say, "How do you do, sir?" Even when a fight breaks out it's kind of funny because they look like two teddy bears trying to wrestle on their hind legs, and they always inspire tons of "This is Sparta" memes.

14. Are Corgis Good With Kids?

sherlock the corgi plays with kids

It's a known trait of the breed, so long as everyone in the family still gives them plenty of attention. But kids love to play, and so do corgis, so it's a match made in heaven.

15. What Is a Corgi's Personality?

topi the corgi valentines day video

Corgis have big personalities. They are by no means wallflowers. Because they are smart and love attention, they are the life of the party. Each one has its own equally unique and equally loud personality. Some people find this exhausting, but it makes them seem even more like humans. Mine is so human-like that I often find myself thinking I should text him to let him know I'll be home late. And several of them have such big personalities that they even have massively popular video channels in which they go to work or surf Tinder, like Topi the Corgi. Seriously, someone give this dog an Oscar!

16. The Queen Has Owned More Than 30 Royal Corgis Since 1945


If corgis weren't the absolute best, why would Queen Elizabeth have famously had more than 30 of them in her lifetime? The Queen loves this breed so much that it's believed Meghan Markle's warm welcome into the royal family was a direct result of the fact that they immediately took to her when they first met. For more of the royal scoop on her enduring love affair with this breed, check out 15 Fascinating Facts About the Royal Corgis.

17. Corgis Are Famous For Their Herding Skills

corgi driving car photo

They are fearless and independent. There are a lot of videos of them in their natural element, and it's pretty impressive to watch. But even if you don't have a flock of sheep to tend to, their excellent herding abilities means they have a great sense of direction, and they always know where home is.

18. There Is a Such Thing as Corgis Beach Day

newport beach california, fastest shrinking cities

Started in Orange Country back in 2012 as a meet-up event of 15 corgis and their owners, Corgi Beach Day has taken off as a series of organized events across the country. The world record for this incredible event took place at Huntington Dog Beach in Huntington, California, and had more than 1,200 corgis in attendance.

19. A Corgi's Temperament Makes You Seem Refined

Royal Family Corgi Willow

The Queen's obsession with the breed is well-known all over the world, so having a corgi immediately establishes an association in people's minds between a corgi owner and Her Royal Majesty. But it also helps that corgis have a royal air about them as well. When you do or say something they don't like, they flash you an indignant look, then whip their faces to the side as if to say, "Good day, sir." It's why they are so perfectly suited to names that are generally given to British lords, like Winston, Sherlock (my corgi's name), and Benedict Cumberbatch.

20. The Corgi Sploot Is the Best Thing Ever

corgi sploots with broom viral video

A sploot is a type of special stretch when corgis splay their little paws out and their butts look like two chicken wings that you have the unbearable urge to squeeze. Sploot is the trademark move of the corgi. If you haven't seen this video of a corgi so dedicated to his sploot that his owner uses him to mop the floors, you absolutely must.

21. Corgi Butts Look Like The Cutest Loaf of Bread

sneakers the corgi shows off his butt.

Corgi butt or loaf of bread? Here's an example just so you are not mistaken. So fat, so fluffy, so loaf-like. How can something be so endlessly squishable? This one comes to you courtesy of sneakersthecorgi.

22. Corgis Are Vigilant Watchdogs

watson the corgi

One of the major downsides of corgis is that this breed tends to bark a lot. On the upside, however, that along with the fact that they are very attentive and protective and never leave your side means they make the best bodyguards. And no thief will dare enter your house as the corgi will hear him coming and scare him off with his ferocious big-dog bark.

23. Corgis Do Waddle and Wiggle Walks

corgis have an adorable walk

Corgis swing their big booties left and right like they are in a perpetual rap music video, and it's too cute to bear. They are the very definition of "thicc."

24. Corgi Can Twerk

corgi twerking to bubble butt video

I first fell in love with corgis when I saw this unbelievable video of a corgi legit twerking to the "Bubble-Butt" song by Major Lazer. Miley Cyrus has nothing on these babies!

25. Corgi Puppies Are Packed With Personality. They're Absolute Goofballs

goofy corgi

As seriously as they take themselves, corgis can also often be exceptionally silly. They do this funny little tapdance when they want a treat, they flop around when you give them a pork rind, and when they are so happy they can't even contain themselves they run back and forth with a goofy grin with their tongues hanging from the sides of their mouths.

26. Corgis Are Afraid of Large Zucchini

viral photo of corgis afraid of zucchini.

OK, it's not all corgis, just these two that went viral last year. But how cute and smooshy are their unnecessarily frightened faces?!

27. They're Also Afraid of Pumpkins

baby corgi barks at pumpkin in viral video.

This viral video of a corgi puppy barking at an evil tiny pumpkin is too much for a human heart to handle.

28. They Have Chubby Little Paws

corgi paws

So chubby, so soft. When they give you their paw for "shake" you never want to let them go.

29. A Corgi's Happiness And Love of Life Can Boost Your Mental Health

corgis happily running through field

To some extent, this is true of all dogs, but some are more prone to melancholy than others. Corgis, on the other hand, are a cheerful bunch, and they are so excited about everything happening around them. They are like little buddhas constantly reminding you to live in the moment. So often, I'll be upset about something stupid, like an email at work or a text from a boy, and I look at my corgi and he is just SO PUMPED about the fact that there's grass all around him. And I think, "You know what, you're right. Grass is incredible. I take grass for granted." For a corgi, every day is the best day ever, except for yesterday and tomorrow.

30. Corgis Are Loyal Dogs That Will Never Leave Your Side

Loki the corgi loves his owner.

Dogs are loyal in general, but some of them to run are liable to run off if they see an animal they want to hunt, or prefer to lounge on the couch and let you do your own thing. Corgis were bred to herd sheep and cattle, which means they literally never leave your side. They follow you all over the house, and when you go into the bathroom, they wait outside until you're done. When they're little baby corgi puppies, it can be a little annoying because they also tend to gently nip at your heels, which is an instinct they have because that's how corgis get animals to get back in line when they wander off. But once you train the nipping out of them, the fact that they hang around your ankles all the time feels like true love. And every time they look up at you, it's with a degree of adoration that you never knew was possible.

31. They Look Great In Outfits

corgi in suit

Since mine is called Sherlock, I like to dress him up as Sherlock Holmes. But they look unspeakably adorable in a variety of outfits, including but not limited to a. a banana, b. a lobster, and c. a hot dog. And the looks on their faces that clearly say, "This is beneath my dignity" makes it that much cuter.

32. They Love to Boop

A "boop" is when corgi gets close to your face and suddenly smacks their little snouts against your nose in a slobbery, trademark corgi display of affection. It can also refer to the practice of "booping" them by repeatedly touching their snouts, which they never seem to mind.

33. Corgis Usually Get Along With Cats And Other Animals

Loki the corgi with his hamster, Ham.

My corgi is personally opposed to cats, but several websites say that the breed generally mixes well with felines. And there's a lot of proof on the Internet that corgis embrace all of the earth's creatures, like this photo of Internet-famous Loki (RIP) with his special hamster friend, Ham.

34. They Have Big Ears


They're like little satellites that can pick up sound from miles away. And the fact that they are basically the length of their entire head and always stand upright is oh-so-cute.

35. The Way Corgis Look When They're Feeling Guilty Will Cool You Off

corgi guilt

When corgis are feeling guilty, they drop their giant ears and look up at you with those pools of big brown eyes in a way that makes you want to instantly forgive whatever crime they've committed. To make it even harder to stay mad at them, they often roll over in ultimate supplication and turns their faces away in shame, as little sweetie pie in this viral video does after digging up the yard.

36. They're Surprisingly Fast Runners

corgis race

Don't let those little legs fool you. Corgis are surprisingly fast, since they have to be able to run twice as fast as the sheep or cattle in order to herd them. There are plenty of corgi racing events every year, and even a corgi racing society that keeps track of them. Corgi racing videos always go viral on the Internet, because it's just too funny to watch their little sausage bodies go zoom. It's also so much fun to race with one yourself in the park, even though the doggo will beat your every time.

37. They Are Very Expressive

Loki the corgi

Whether they're happy, sad, or surprised, you always know how your corgi feels based on his or her exaggerated facial expressions. And however they're feeling, their cartoonish faces are always laugh-out-loud funny.

38. They Really Focus On Their Tasks

corgi tries to hop fenceThis video of an overweight corgi trying and failing to jump over a fence is a testament to just how persistent they have decided to complete a task. After all, it takes a certain amount of dedication to herd sheep in any weather. When I watch my dog spend four hours licking up every tiny bit of peanut butter at the bottom of a jar, it never fails to inspire me and remind me to persevere in the face of any obstacle. Side note: as cute as fat dogs may be, obesity is a big problem among dogs and leads to loads of health issues down the line.

39. Corgis Love Attention

Loki celebrates his birthday.

All dogs live for pats on the head, but corgis literally never get sick of your attention. They never want "alone time," and there's no such thing as too many belly rubs. For some people, this comes off as needy and exhausting, but if you're a corgi-lover, it's amazing to have a constant outlet for your boundless affection.

40. Corgi Dogs Are Very Energetic

corgi run

Corgis have what many consider to be the optimal energy levels for dogs. They are very active and you can easily take them out for the entire day without worrying about them getting tired, but they aren't hyperactive and don't need to be walked as long as some other breeds.

41. But Also Surprisingly Zen

corgi in leaves

As much as they love to run around, they can also be truly present and in harmony with the universe, like this corgi basking in a pile of fallen leaves.

42. Sleeping Positions of Corgis Are Too Much

corgi sleep

A lot of corgis like to sleep on their backs, so that they end up looking like stuffed toys. Mine adopts a variety of adorable sleeping positions on his back, ranging from The Ballerina (in which one leg is artfully extended as in a dramatic scene), to The Lazy Bicycle (in which he keeps his legs up in the air but turns his upper body to the side, like someone who fell asleep in the middle of doing side crunches).

43. Ditto For the Way They Swim

corgi flop water

Because of the way their bodies are shaped, it's pretty adorable to watch corgi paddle furiously while keeping their heads above the water, and this viral video proves, it looks equally hilarious when viewed from the bottom. The way they belly flop into the water, as in this viral video, is also unbearably cute.

44. They Sound Like Wookies

sherlock corgi wookie

Some liken the corgi's unique guttural growl to Wookies, even though size-wise they are closer to Ewoks. Either way, they definitely remind people of Star Wars characters. If you're a fan, you're not alone, as our list of the 11 Biggest Celebrity Star Wars "Geeks" clearly shows. Backstory to the photo above: my father came home from Target, elated to have found Sherlock a great new winter coat. It was a Wookie costume. At least he didn't bring home the wrong dog, as did one clueless dad from Petsmart.

45. They Have the Funniest Look of Disapproval

corgi disapproval

There is an entire Facebook group called Disapproving Corgis where owners share the way their corgi looks at them when expressing judgment.

46. Corgis Come In Several Colors

pudge the tricolor corgi

Most of the corgis in this list are "red and white," as that is the predominant coat. It goes very well with a dark brown and beige ensembles and yes I do match my outfits to my dog when we go out. But corgis also come in "tri-color," AKA black, white, and tan, like Pudge the Corgi.

47. They Look Great in Outerwear

sherlock the corgi in raincoat

Not that they need it with their gleaming, shiny coats, but as fashionable-looking corgis they are very fun to dress up in winter wear.

48. And Tuxes Or Bowties

corgi tuxedo

It's the dignified clothing they deserve. This is Sherlock beaming at his six-month birthday celebration, shortly before he got the whole thing covered in mud.

49. They Have an Innate Sense of Adventure

sherlock the corgi on a hike with Diana Bruk

As a sociable breed that loves the great outdoors, they make ideal companions for epic adventures.

50. Corgis Make the Cutest Puppies

corgi puppy

OK, all puppies are adorable, but corgi puppies look like little floofballs or stumpy baby bears.

51. They Make Great Mermaids

mermaid corgi

Ever since this video of a corgi dressed up like a mermaid frolicking in the sea made the rounds on the Internet, everyone wants to attain the blissful sense of one-ness with the ocean achieved by this very good pup.

52. Their Bodies Look Like Little Sausages

corgi stairs

When they hop down the stairs they literally look like slinkies.

53. Corgis Look Like Cartoon Characters

still from "the queens corgi"

With their goofy grins, expressive eyes, and wildly ungraceful movements, there's very little to separate a corgi from a cartoon. Fun fact: an animated film called The Queen's Corgi, which follows the adventures of the Queen's favorite canine, Rex, is currently in post-production and due to hit theaters next year.

54. Corgi Dogs Are Adorable When Mixed With Any Breed

corgi golden retriever mix

Corgis are especially cute as mixed breeds, because they just look like a corgi disguised as another breed. Like this corgi golden retriever, who looks like a corgi that put on a golden retriever costume twice her size.

55. Did We Mention Their Butts?


It warrants repeating.

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