45 Photos of Lovable Mutts That Are Too Adorable for Words

Do you think you can handle all this cuteness?

45 Photos of Lovable Mutts That Are Too Adorable for Words

All dogs are wonderful, magical creatures—but there's something extra special about mutts. For one, many are rescue dogs, which means you're saving a life at the same time you're making a friend. And second, because you're never exactly sure what you're getting with a mutt, there's a certain element of surprise that comes along with adopting one—and often, those quirky traits are precisely what makes them so lovable.

To prove just how adorable mutts are, we've rounded up photos of the cutest ones out there. Whether you share your home with a pitbull-labrador-shepherd or a terrier-spaniel-who-knows-what, we guarantee you'll fall in love with these precious pups.

This snuggly pit mix

Shepherd Pitt Shutterstock

Who wouldn't love cuddling up with this little guy?

This cuddly poodle mix

fluffly poodle mix Unsplash/Wai Siez

You'll need to pay the belly rub tax if you want to sit on the couch!

This high-fivin' shepherd mix

Sheprador Shutterstock

This doggo deserves a hand for being such a good boy!

This cozy beagle mix

Beagle and a Dachshund Shutterstock

All you need for the perfect day is a good book, a hot cup of tea, and this adorable pupper to keep you company!

This intrepid husky mix

Irish Wolfsky Shutterstock

We might not know exactly what breed this is, but we do know it's seriously adorable!

This tiny rottweiler mix

Shepweiler Shutterstock

Is this or is this not the cutest pup in the entire world?

This senior lab mix

Mastiff Lab Shutterstock

This gentle giant's fur might be fading, but his love for you definitely won't!

This golden pit mix

Bullador Shutterstock

How pitadorable is this golden boy?!

This determined dalmatian mix

Bullmatian Shutterstock

This little cutie is ready to take on the world!

This spotted corgi mix

Dorgi Shutterstock

She's ready to play all day!

This sweet schnauzer mix

Snorkie Shutterstock

This little love is ready for so many snuggles!

And this sweaty schnauzer mix

Schnollie Shutterstock

This guy looks like he just finished a serious game of fetch.

This happy poodle mix


Is this a dog, or a real live teddy bear?!

And this perplexed poodle mix

Schnoodle Shutterstock

Whatchya lookin' at?!

This comfy terrier mix

terrier mix Shutterstock

It's her chair now.

This curious Great Dane mix

Labradane Shutterstock

Who could say no to that lovable head tilt?!

This goofy terrier mix

silly terrier mix Shutterstock

This doggo has a smile that could light up a room!

This adventurous Shih Tzu mix

Malshi Shutterstock

Someone wipe off those messy paws and give this pup a hug!

This cheerful lab mix

Corgi Labrador Mix Mixed Breed Dogs Shutterstock

One look at those dreamy eyes and we're in love!

This marshmallowy Maltese mix

Maltipoo Shutterstock

She's just the perfect amount of floof!

This majestic malemute mix

Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, and German Shepherd. Shutterstock

This photogenic doggo is just waiting to participate in all your winter snowtoshoots!

This playful poodle mix

Chipoo Shutterstock

The only way to make poodles even more adorable is to mix them with something else!

This adorable cocker spaniel mix

Cavapoo Shutterstock

The cuteness speaks for itself.

This supermodel chihuahua mix

Shichi Shutterstock

The ears! Just look at the ears!

This adorable pit mix

Pittbull Mastiff Shutterstock

This little fella (alright, he's big) is ready for some serious love.

This bashful terrier mix

Dorkie Shutterstock

This pup looks like the perfect snuggle buddy!

This fluffy Shih Tzu mix

Shih Poo Shutterstock

This little girl is also ready to curl up for a nap!

This muddy retriever mix

retriever mix Shutterstock

There's nothing we'd rather do than give this sweet pup a bath!

This playful chihuahua mix

Yorkie/Chihuahua Shutterstock

This little lady looks like she's ready to stir up some trouble!

This precious pom mix

Shih-Tzu, Pomeranian and Poodle Shutterstock

Did someone say snuggles?!

This lovable lab mix

Border Collie/Labrador Retriever Shutterstock

Anyone would be lucky to share a home with this smiling doggo!

This wide-eyed poodle mix

Bernese/Poodle Shutterstock

Who could say no to those eyes?!

This charming chihuahua mix

Dachshund/Chihuahua Shutterstock

This tiny pup is the world's cutest walking accessory!

This multi-colored terrier mix

Borkie Shutterstock

Who could resist those precious paws?

This pint-sized poodle mix

Labrador/Poodle Shutterstock

That head tilt! Those eyes! We're absolutely smitten.

This beautiful Basenji mix

German Shepenji Shutterstock

This guy looks ready for an adventure!

This hugable pug mixl

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and pug Shutterstock

You're not the only one who's dying to squeeze this pup's wrinkly, yet insanely cute face!

This smiling lab mix

lab mix mutt dog Shutterstock

We bet this lab mix is the world's greatest companion!

This colorful shepherd mix

Terrier Shepherd Shutterstock

Did someone say it's time for a walk?!

This wiry wolfhound mix

wolfhound dog Shutterstock

This doggo is just looking for a little love!

This fluffy terrier mix

terrier mix white dog Shutterstock

With a bit of a trim and a whole lot of love, this pup would make the perfect companion!

This smiling collie mix

collie mix Shutterstock

"Say cheese"!

This curly-haired Havasu mix

Havanese Shih Tzu Shutterstock

Just one look at that face could turn any frown upside down!

This curious shepherd mix

german shepherd mix dog Shutterstock

We just know this pup would be the perfect pet.

This beagle mix

beagle mix Shutterstock

All this little one needs is a warm bed and a human to love! And for more awesome animals, read these 17 Funny Pet Stories That Will Brighten Your Day.

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