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33 Photos That Prove That Dogs Are Such Delightful Weirdos

Pups are peculiar and we have the pictures to prove it!

Just like people, dogs have a plethora of strange quirks that make them totally unique, from their bizarre sleeping positions to the faces they make when they have a delicious snack. But unlike people, those quirks also involve scooting their backsides on the carpet and sticking their faces in very strange spots.

Every once in a while, us humans are able to catch dogs' puzzling personalities on camera, creating amusing pictures that are too good not to share. So, without further ado—and thanks to the Reddit community of What's Wrong With Your Dog—here are 33 photos of dogs being the lovable weirdos they are.

1. This silly fella who's playing statue

"Can you see me?"

2. This doggo who loves some peek-a-boo

If you ever feel like you're being watched… this might be why.

3. This pooch who has found an enemy in flowers

Wanted: The Golden Flower Killer. Sighted in at least 10 local gardens, munching away on the flower beds.

4. This pup who epitomizes the saying, "If it fits, I sits"

The other dog in the pictures doesn't really seem to mind that much either.

5. This little cutie in tennis ball heaven

We don't get it, but we're happy for him.

6. This big guy who forgot the basics

😂 When you forget how to sit down from r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog

Haven't you ever just wanted to rest your head for a spell?

7. And this one who's having a rough moment

We feel ya, buddy.

8. This pup who enjoys an unconventional sleeping pose

Hey—if it's comfortable, why not?

9. This dog who wants to emulate their favorite human

He's pretty happy with his decision.

10. And this one who found a very odd resting alternative

Guess he likes his pillows extra, extra, extra firm.

11.  This fella who's not really sure how he feels about bath time

But how'd he close the shower door?!?

12. This guy who found a novel way to scratch that itch

Dogs really know how to improvise on the spot.

13. This happy boy who inadvertently became a Pez dispenser

"But where are the candies, dad?"

14. This guy who is far too excited to just "sit"

"Is this what you mean by 'sit'?"

15. This adorable tail-chasing fail

You're almost there, boy!

16. This pooch who proves that dogs aren't designed to be graceful

For canines, there's no such thing as "beauty sleep."

17. And this guy who must've said something wrong

Because he had to put his foot in his mouth!

18. This pup who's elated to receive a treat

He absolutely cannot wait to catch that biscuit.

19. This dog who struck an adorable pose mid-air

Okay, now you're just showing off.

20. This little pup who found an acrobatic way to use the restroom

Actually, this routine might make for cleaner sidewalks.

21. This guy who will do anything for a belly rub

This is what it looks like when those tummy scratches truly hit the spot.

22. This mutt model posing upside down

Ah, a smile only a mother could love.

23. This curious gal who's unsure about fetch

Suddenly, in mid-air, this pooch realized that she wasn't prepared to play ball—at all.

24. And his guy who will do anything for his ball

Sometimes a display of pearly whites is all that you need to get what you want.

25. This pooch who wants to embody their feline friends

The hardest part of this endeavor is figuring out how to get down from the table.

26. This pup who has seen a ghost

Either this pooch has seen a ghost, or they've just been told that Santa Paws isn't real.

27. And this canine who might be other worldly herself

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to this eerie sight.

28. This pup whose window hunt proved to be exhausting

Do you know what's harder than chasing cats outside? Chasing them from behind a window.

29. This little lady who can't stop smiling

Perhaps she dislikes the outfits her human is putting her in?

30. This pup who is way more adorable than an alarm clock

What's a better wake-up call: an alarm, or your dog waiting patiently beside you to deliver his best smile?

31. This guy who has the pouty lip down

At least this pooch is polite about his requests.

32. This dog who puts her safety first

Better safe than sorry!

33. And this pooch who found true happiness at the dog park

The face of a truly overjoyed pup will warm even the coldest of hearts. And for more puppy pics, check out these 25 Photos Proving Dogs Are the Best Co-Workers.

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