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13 "Ugly" Dogs Who Are Really Just Adorably Unique

These unconventional-looking pups have personality to spare.

Not every dog can have soft ears, a lustrous coat, and straight teeth. Some pups are just…different, whether that's by virtue of their breed, what life has thrown at them, or just their own irreplaceable uniqueness. Even so-called "ugly" dogs are still cute, which is why the World's Ugliest Dog contest happens every year in Petaluma, California. A winner may be crowned annually, but there are many unconventionally cute dogs on social media who don't need a title to prove it. To brighten your day, we've rounded up 13 "ugly" dogs who are beautiful in their own ways.

1. This beard-faced fellow.

As the caption says, "what makes you different makes you beautiful." This smiley, speckled pup certainly knows that to be true.

2. This water-logged Boston Griffon.

A day of play is definitely worth some muddy feet and even the eventual bath. As a bonus, this Griffon mix looks even more like a Star Wars alien when wet.

3. This dog, who manages to be smooth and fuzzy at the same time.

Mr. Burns' bio says that he's "the most beautifully-ugly and adorable dog in the universe." And with that bleppy tongue, who are we to argue?

4. This cross between a dog and a Troll doll.

Hairless Chinese Crested dogs are hairless except for their feet, tails, and—obviously—heads. According to Petfinder, this breed dates back to at least the 13th century, and "Chinese seafarers are said to have kept the dogs on ship as curios and to trade them with local merchants wherever they called."

5. This dog browsing an outdoor market.

Another mostly hairless four-legged friend enjoying a day in the sun.

6. This dog with unique and beautiful coloring.

This striking dog has a mission with his Instagram: "Inspire and empower individuals with vitiligo and other external uniqueness to become more comfortable in their own skin." Vitiligo, per the Mayo Clinic, "is a condition in which the skin loses its pigment cells [which] can result in discolored patches in different areas of the body, including the skin, hair and mucous membranes."

7. This one-eyed pup, who still knows his best angles.

Dogs with differences can have trouble finding homes. But this one-eyed Chinese Crested is prime best-buddy material, and so are lots of other special pups in your local shelter.

8. This grumpy guy, who wishes it were still the weekend.

This white pug doesn't always look like a #gargoyle—just on Mondays.

9. This hairball.

This self-described "scruffy mutt" isn't worried about taming fly-aways.

10. This unexpected mix.

Dyna is half Shih Tzu/half Chihuahua, and she's got a rather fetching underbite.

11. This bug-eyed little dude.

This tiny prince's tongue is perpetually out, whether he's asleep or awake.

12. This hairless dog with a rockstar name.

Ziggy's name—and look—was inspired by the late David Bowie. How can anyone call you "ugly" when you're that friggin' cool?

13. This senior dog, who's a helpful coworker.

Senior dogs can be overlooked, but they still have tons of love to give. Mr. Peabody was already 12 when he found a new home, and he's loving life—as you can tell from that smile.

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