20 Adorable Rescue Dogs' Before-and-After Photos That Will Warm Your Heart

These pictures of rescue dogs will make you want to adopt.

If there's one thing that all humans can agree on, it's that dogs are the best. All they want to do is spread love and joy wherever they go. But sadly, they don't always receive that love and joy in return—and it's especially heartbreaking to see abandoned pups waiting patiently for someone to care about them. On the flip side, however, few things are more heartwarming than seeing one of those dogs find the perfect forever home, rebound, and make a healthy recovery. Here are 20 rescue dogs' before-and-after photos that will restore your faith and melt your heart.

1. Rosie, who doesn't cry anymore

Sarah Jennings Sleime, a volunteer for the Greater Charlotte SPCA in North Carolina, posted what became a viral video of Rosie, a sullen pit bull. "She was very humanlike—slumped over and very solemn," Sleime told The Dodo of her encounter with Rosie at Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control. "So I bent over and started talking to her." That's when the dog began to cry. Sleime was so touched that she posted a video of Rosie online to help her find a forever home.

The pup was eventually adopted by Sleime's friend Meghan Shelton and is so happy in her new home. Rosie knocked over her new brothers and sisters with kisses as soon as she met them. It just doesn't get any sweeter than that. The before-and-after photos of this rescue dog really show that all it takes is kindness and care to turn a pup's life around.

2. Merlin, who grew into a big boy

Rosa was extremely shy and terrified of everything when she arrived at Barking Mad Dog Rescue, an organization that rescues shelter dogs in Romania and finds them forever homes in Germany and the U.K. She couldn't even sleep by herself without her best canine pal! But with the care and love of a new foster home, she confidently claimed the couch as her personal domain.

4. Wispa, who loves playing with her new rescue brother

Wispa was abandoned on the streets and found with mites and sores all over her body. With the help of Hope Rescue and eventually, her new family (including rescue brother Barney), she grew into a happy, friendly, healthy little dog.

5. Winnie, who went from abused to adored

When Winnie's adoptive parents found her, she was muddy and dirty and looked like she hadn't bathed in months. But now, as you can see in this rescue pup's before-and-after pictures, she's snow white again and happy as can be! And to see the benefits of adopting an older dog, check out the 20 Photos That Show Why Senior Dogs Are the Best.

6. Judy, who grew into a joyful ball of fluff

When her previous owner had to go into hospice care, little Judy was left in the care of Pawprints Dog Rescue, an organization in the U.K. that finds homes for shelter dogs at risk for being put down. The volunteers were initially told that Judy was unfriendly, but they quickly realized she was just scared, and eventually, they united her with a new human. Now in a loving home, Judy no longer has to be scared of anything. She spends her days keeping her new mom company and getting tons of belly rubs.

7. Cleo, a brave girl who overcame so much

Cleo, an Italian Greyhound, came to Hope Rescue frightened and famished. She was plagued with so many health issues, it took a year-and-a-half for her to be fully treated. Recently, she found her forever home—in good health, and even better spirits.

8. MadZ, who lived a full and happy life

Before MadZ met her human Karen, she was horribly mistreated by her owners. Karen found her laying on the ground, abandoned and tied to a post. So she took the pup in, and quickly brought her to the beach to show her how great life could be. MadZ has since passed away, but she was loved so much by her owner that she dedicated her Twitter handle to late dog.

9. Rockett, who can finally rest easy

When he first came into the care of Hope Rescue, Rockett was tiny and disheveled. But, after more than a decade, this adorable mutt scored the happy ending he always deserved.

10. Betty, who loves the great outdoors

Betty was very shy when her owner Emily met her in the shelter. (See how frightened she looks in the first frame?) Four years later, she's out and about, conquering the great outdoors with her new human. Betty is so loved, her new family posts regular updates about her on her dedicated Twitter account.

11. Willow, who can't get enough sun

Willow was a tiny puppy when she arrived at Hope Rescue. Now, she's grown into a well-fed adult dog who just can't get enough sunshine.

12. Beatrix, who grew back a bunch of lost fur

You can see just how much Beatrix the chihuahua loves her human in these pictures. When Hope Rescue first found her, she wasn't in great shape—she didn't even have fur on half of her left side! But thanks to a new home and an influx of donations, which helped with medical care, her fur started to grow back, and she now spends her days playing with other dogs and horses.

13. Violetica, who bounced back from malnourishment

The situation was dire for Violetica, who was so malnourished when rescuers found her that her ribs were showing. Thanks to the care of her new human, Gaby, and her new home, Violetica is now as happy and healthy as a pup can be. Just look at that smile!

14. Sam, who learned how to trust

Sam's new mom, Carrie Hoade, couldn't be prouder of this little guy, who went from being "completely unsocialized, 'unadoptable,' [and] semi-feral" to "happy, trusting, and loving." He's even a trick master these days. Go Sam!

15. Comet, who loosened up after just a day

One day, Comet was in a cage, frightened and meek. The next, after getting adopted by his dad, he was snoozing in the living room, completely and utterly at home in Indiana on Christmas Day. Our hearts are melting, too!

16. Skye, who tripled her weight in half a year

When Hayley Carle first met her dog Skye, she was emaciated, malnourished, and unhealthy. But six months later, she's left the pound and packed on the pounds. "She brightens up every day," says Carle. How could you say no to those belly rubs?!

17. Magnum, who survived infected injuries

Magnum was found with infected wounds on his head, neck, and ears, and it was clear someone had up and abandoned him. However, thanks to the good folks at Nowzad, a war zone animal rescue nonprofit in, his injuries have healed, and he now lives at the org, getting all the attention and affection he deserves.

18. Gucci and Frankie, who found a new home together

Gucci and Frankie came to Hope Rescue filthy, freezing, and frightened of everything. However, the volunteers didn't give up on them and, after awhile, they blossomed into two happy pups. Look at them leaving for their new home, with a new sibling in tow!

19. Beautiful Tempest, who grew into his own

Beautiful Tempest arrived at Hope Rescue as an extremely shy puppy. But after six months, he became a dog worthy of the name bestowed upon him.

20. Pancake, who beat the odds

Pancake was a stray dog in Murcia, Spain, before he was rescued by Galgos del Sol, an organization dedicated to saving stray Spanish greyhounds and Warren Hounds. In the care of this Spanish nonprofit, Pancake blossomed from a scared, sick, stray puppy into a healthy, happy, good boy. Sometimes, a little love is all it takes.

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