35 Funny Photos of Pets Who Seriously Hate Bath Time

Splish splash, I wish I wasn't takin' a bath.

If there's one thing dogs and cats can agree on, it's the absurdity of the bath. Seriously, what is there to like about water, soap, and being trapped in the bathroom with nowhere to run or hide?! No pet owner wants to torture their precious fur baby, but they have to get them clean. And even as they claw at you and try to jump out of the tub every chance they get, the faces your pet makes while doing so are truly priceless. Need proof? Check out the 35 best photos of pets who hate bath time. And for more enjoyable animal pictures, here are 30 Animal Photos So Cute You'll Literally Melt.

1. This grumpy guy with a shower cap

This poor dog couldn't look any cuter as he protects his ears… and loathes his life.

2. This suspicious sweet angel

"Plz never do that again mama," reads the caption for this hilarious photo of golden retriever Bumble Bee after bath time.

3. This funny fellow with a mean side eye

Dogs might not be able to talk, but their side eye during bath time says it all.

4. This big boy with an irresistible sad face

If that muddy bath water is any indication, then this bernedoodle's bath was an absolute necessity. Sorry, big guy!

5. This crying corgi with the cutest eyes ever

Sorry, Qwerty—even putting on your best pouty face isn't going to get you out of bath time.

6. This cat who did NOT ask for this

Hello darkness, my old friend…

7. This puppy who's only just learning how bad bath time is

Fergus doesn't look like he's feeling so fabulous.

8. This big boy who wants out

"Mummy said I was smelly and had to have a bath… I like being smelly!" reads the caption for this too-cute photo of Dougie, a nine-year-old lab/retriever mix. You might like being stinky, Dougie, but everyone else much prefers when you smell nice and clean.

9. This frightened Frenchie

Poor Zara looks like she's seen a ghost!

10. This pooch who's had just about enough

Suffice it to say that Willow isn't gonna be rolling around in the mud anytime soon.

11. This angry girl who's sick of being soaked

What's worse than bath time? According to this American cocker spaniel, it's the hair drying afterwards.

12. This precious pup whose life is flashing before her eyes

This dog agrees.

13. This furious feline

This cat's owner should probably sleep with one eye open.

14. This guy who was perfectly fine being stinky

"This is the disappointed face of a dog who no longer smells like a petting zoo," reads the caption of this hilarious photo. Poor guy!

15. This kitty who was caught by surprise


16. This sad schnauzer

"Oh, come on. Again? We just did this last week!"

17. This fearful Frenchie with a soap beard

Desperation has never looked so adorable.

18. This sphynx who isn't afraid to get physical

Bath time is no match for this ferocious feline. Okay, fine, maybe it is.

19. These friends who are suffering together

There is strength in numbers, right?

20. This helpless husky who just wants to know where he went wrong

"Was it something I ate?!"

21. This scaredy cat

"I promise I'll stop clawing the furniture—just please don't make me go in there!"

22. This pug who has lost all hope

This little guy who has yet to succumb to his fate.

23. This mad mutt

"It's all fun and games until you get home from a great weekend [and go] directly to the bathtub," reads the caption of this hilarious bath time shot. We feel for you, Matilda.

24. This screaming cat who'd rather be anywhere but in the bath

"Why do humans do this every single day?!"

25. This failed escape artist

Sorry, bud, but that's not the way out.

26. This angry guy who has a bone to pick with his hoomans

Luckily dogs are quite forgiving creatures; a treat or two should do the trick.

27. This perplexed poodle

A shower cap? A loofah? Really?!

28. This growling gal

The silver lining? According to this photo's caption, white boxer Ellie is a big fan of "the brushing and fur-drying" that comes after bath time!

29. This sad little lady in the sink

"I was lurking around the kitchen for food, not for a bath!"

30. This confused kitty

This is not what Little Hobbes thought his humans meant when they said they were giving "the baby" a bath.

31. This forlorn fellow

Better luck next time, Clive.

32. This soapy snoot

Something tells us Marley Moo did not agree to this.

33. This literal grumpy cat

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's bath time.

34. This traumatized pup

The bath may be over, but this guy definitely still isn't over the trauma!

35. This cozy creature who can't see

Double snoots! And for more animal content, don't miss these 20 Unlikely Animal Friendships That Will Warm Your Heart.

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