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30 Animal Photos So Cute You'll Literally Melt

Dog and cat lovers alike will swoon over these purr-fect pics.

Dog lovers and cat lovers don't have much in common—but if there's one thing they can agree on, it's that nothing beats cute animal photos. In fact, even the scientific community sees merit in the adorable internet phenomenon: According to one study published in Psychological Science, simply looking at cute animal photos could be enough to improve a romantic relationship. So, whether you're looking to strengthen your bond with your significant other or just really like adorable animal pictures, we've rounded up some of the best snoot shots that the internet has to offer.

Sherlock the Corgi

sherlock the corgi love

Sherlock the Corgi, fur son of Best Life editor Diana Bruk, lives the good life. When he's not sleeping (and loudly snoring) comfortably by her side, you can find him licking his way through jars of peanut butter or receiving belly rubs from many a stranger.

Walter the Bernedoodle

walter doodle eating ice cream dog

Walter White the Bernedoodle is a very good boy. (And I'm not just saying that because he's my dog.) In addition to loving vanilla ice cream, this floof enjoys romping around in the dog park, taking up too much space in bed, and watching reality television with his momma.

Jupiter the British Shorthair

cute cat wearing a bow tie
Image via Instagram/@Jupiter_the_brit_cat

According to his official website—yes, this cat has an official website—Jupiter got his name "because of my golden shaded coat and emerald eyes." His personal interests, as listed online, include bow ties, modeling, and, of course, catnip.

Thunder and Bolt the Therapy Pigs

cute pigs licking lollipop
Image via Instagram/@thunderboltpigs

Thunder and Bolt are two therapy pigs who make people squeal with happiness wherever they go. Currently, these porky pets reside in the sunny city of Tampa, Florida. And, as you can see, they're like kids in a candy store when it comes to their sweet snacks.

Rhio the Labrador Retriever

dog with a giant stick
Image via Instagram/@mary.puppins.the.corgi

Marry Puppins the Corgi and her brother Rhio love making mischief in Texas together. As you can see from the picture above, both siblings are particularly fond of finding the biggest stick around and carrying it with them on their walk.

Silky the Golden Retriever

dog lying on baby
Image via Instagram/@silkythegolden

Silky the Golden Retriever, a big boy living in Cairns, Australia, takes his big brother duties very seriously. So far, there hasn't been a nap or feeding time that the golden retriever has missed!

Olive the Corgi

Olive the corgi dog

Some dogs are more averse to the idea of dressing up, but not Olive. Rather, this California corgi knows that she looks great in a wig and mermaid's tail—and she's not afraid to flaunt it for all the world to see.

Bronson the Cat

bronson the thicc cat
Image via Instagram/@iambronsoncat

Bronson the cat has been through a lot in his short life. When his parents found him at the Humane Society of West Michigan, he weighed in at an unhealthy 33 pounds and was at a serious risk for everything from diabetes to heart disease. Luckily, though, this fat cat is currently on a wonderful weight loss journey—and all 122,000 of his Instagram followers are rooting for his success!

Skipper the Monkey

Skipper the Pet Monkey
Image via Instagram/@napoleon_es

Skipper and his owner Sławomir do everything together, from shopping the aisles of Ikea to consuming cones of gelato. What a lucky (and adorable) monkey!

Otis the Sheepadoodle

Otis the sheepadoodle dog
Image via Instagram/@otis_unleashed

Otis the Sheepadoodle—a cross between a poodle and an Old English sheepdog—is a D.C. dog with lots of love to give to his 144,000 followers. Peruse through his Instagram, and you'll find adorable photos and videos of him kissing his mom, hogging the bed, and playing in the park with his fellow dog friends.

Maya the Dalmatian

dog nibbling on a shoe
Image via Instagram/@dalm_maya

At just 11 months old, Maya the Dalmatian might be new to this whole "being cute" thing, but that doesn't mean that she isn't nailing it. Rather, with those puppy eyes and spotted ears, it's easy to argue that this good girl is a natural at taking adorable photos.

Mylow the Maine Coon

cats giving each other licks
Image via Instagram/@mylowthecat

Over in Berlin, Mylow the Maine Coon loves cuddling with and giving licks to her brother Columbo—and we love watching them in all their kitty cuteness.

Apple the Golden Retriever

dog smiling
Image via Instagram/@appley.ever.after

Did someone say smile for the camera? Apple is happy to oblige! This good golden retriever—who lives in Bellingham, Washington—loves to be in front of the camera. And, as you can see, her bad side simply does not exist.

Asher the Flying Fox

cute baby bat
Image via Instagram/@batsqld

People think of bats and immediately picture vicious, bloodsucking monsters, but most of the mammals are actually pretty cuddly creatures just looking for some TLC. Just ask BATS QLD: They're a rescue organization in Australia that rehabilitates adorable baby bats and nurses them back to health. (And lucky for us, they are constantly posting pictures of their tiny patients.)

Nora the Golden Retriever

dog and cow are friends
Image via Instagram/@nora_thedutchgolden

If there's one thing that Nora the golden retriever is good at, it's making friends. Scroll through her social media accounts, and you'll see the fluffy gal exchanging sniffs with everyone from a beagle to a cow.

Gustave the Micropig

pig under a blanket

Gustave the micropig is just like your average dog. In his hometown of Montreal, he enjoys wearing sweaters, sleeping under blankets, and walking on a leash (yes, like a dog would) with his favorite human.

Walter the French Bulldog

frenchie wearing lil socks
Image via Instagram/@waltergoodboy

Walter the French Bulldog loves romping around New York City—but when it gets cold, his owners make sure that his little paws are protected with little socks.

Lon the Red Fox

fox giving cuddles
Image via Instagram/@lonthefox

Lon the fox was an orphan without a family until his human mom came to the rescue. Today, the red fox is living his best life, with cuddles, bandanas, and toys galore.

Jill the Squirrel

pet squirrel
Image via Instagram/@this_girl_is_a_squirrel

Jill the squirrel was rescued by her owners during Hurricane Isaac, and she's been living in the lap of luxury (and giving us quality cute content) ever since.

Hobart the Samoyed

dog doing a blep
Image via Instagram/@samoyed_hobart

Five-month-old pupper Hobart claims to be a dog, but it's hard to believe that this fluffy Australian boy isn't a miniature polar bear in disguise.

Robert the Hedgehog

Image via Instagram/@thehedgehog.robertbert

Robert the hedgehog is the perfect pocket-sized pet. And thanks to his small stature, Robert is able to take pictures in tissue boxes, in Starbucks cups, and even in the palm of his owner's hand.

Loowi the Bernese Mountain Dog

puppy in a swing
Image via Instagram/@loowitheberner

Babies of all shapes and species enjoy going to the park, where they can enjoy the open air and run around freely. For evidence of this, look no further than Loowi, a Bernese Mountain Dog living in the Pacific Northwest who enjoys being pushed on the swings while she can still fit in them.

Jabba the English Bulldog]

dog hates the bath
Image via Instagram/@jabba.da.pup

Jabba the Bulldog enjoys many things, including napping, eating, and destroying shoes. One thing he doesn't like? Bath time.

Coby the Cat

cat with a rose
Image via Instagram/@cobythecat

There's a reason that Coby the cat has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. Between his baby blue eyes and adorable model shots, it's hard not to hit the follow button for this fabulous feline.

Mumma and Cocoa the Cows

cows on a farm
Image via Instagram/@farmhousegardenanimalhome

Cows are just like dogs: They enjoy eating snacks, receiving cuddles, and giving lots of licks!

Rooney the Terrier Mix

dog with bow
Image via Instagram/@therooneybin

Every present under the Christmas tree this year better look something like Rooney, a Los Angeles-based terrier mix who loves to play with tennis balls.

Sally the Golden Retriever

puppy on a boat
Image via Instagram/@sallythe_golden

Sally, a Charleston-based golden retriever, might still be a puppy with lots left to learn, but she sure is ready to get out there and make some waves.

Apollo the Husky Mix

husky smiling
Image via Instagram/@floofypaco

Apollo the Husky mix is one silly boy. Quite frankly, you'll be hard-pressed to find a photo of the Oklahoma City native without his tongue out and his face contorted into a big, goofy smile.

Romeo the Exotic Shorthair Tabby

cat with a toy
Image via Instagram/@exotic_romeo

Romeo is not amused by his owner's attempt at humor (or maybe that's just his face—it's hard to tell). But one thing this Hong Kong native cat is amused by? Dumplings.

Darren and Phillip the Pit Bulls

dogs in pajamas
Image via Instagram/@the_blueboys

As Darren and Phillip the pit bull brothers (who have their own fashion line) can attest to, some comfortable pajamas and your best friend are all you need for a good night's sleep.

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