Curious Otters Photobomb Couple's Engagement Photo, Go Viral

Blessed is the union endorsed by an endangered species.

When Jordan Doyle decided to propose to his girlfriend, Mary Lister, he knew he needed the help of otters to execute the perfect proposal. The British couple is currently traveling around the world, and stopped in Singapore this week explicitly to check out the Bishan, a family of ten smooth-coated otters who live in Marina Bay and have become somewhat of an international attraction since they were first spotted in 2014.

Doyle, 28, had contacted a local wildlife photographer named Bernard Seah to ask if he could help them go otter-watching and snap some photos of the process. On Tuesday, the couple arrived in Marina Bay, and Doyle knew that the moment had come.

"I'd had the ring with me for a while and Mary is a huge fan of otters, so I thought to myself, right, this is the time to propose," he told the BBC.

Perhaps sensing an opportunity to enhance the romance, the otters really came through, and gathered around the couple for the photo.

"When I asked them to pose for a photo, the otters came out of the water and approached the couple," Seah said. ""I was like 'Oh my god, I cannot believe this.'"

Unfortunately, Seah didn't capture the actual moment that Doyle proposed, but the re-enactment photo is certainly frame-worthy.

"We didn't manage to capture the moment so I asked him to [kneel down and] propose again… Next thing I knew the otters appeared," he said.

Seah regularly photographs this popular, endangered species, and he said that the fact that they hung around the couple for so long was highly unusual.

"I have seen otters approach humans but its never usually for a few minutes… it's never been this long…I didn't plan it and it turned out completely special."

Seah posted the photo on his Facebook page, and it quickly went viral, with over 2,000 likes and 544 shares in just under a day.

It's also received a lot of love on Twitter, where social media users are referring to the moment as an "Otter blessing."

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