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The Christmas Ornament You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Here's how to decorate your Christmas tree with the help of astrology.

It's the most wonderful time of the year again. And as you're putting up the Christmas tree and nestling gifts underneath, there's no better way to show your holiday spirit than with your favorite decorations. For a little festive fun, we spoke with NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust to find out which Christmas ornament best represents your personality. Are you something sentimental like a snow globe or silly and modern like the Grinch? Keep reading to find out.

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Aries: Elf Ornament

An elf ornament on a Christmas tree.
Dean Clarke/Shutterstock

Aries are passionate about everything in life, and the holidays are no different. As the leader of the zodiac, you're usually the first to start preparing for the season, and you tend to go a bit over the top with decorations. That's why your ideal Christmas ornament is playful, fun, and just a little bit naughty.

"High-energy and determined, Aries would do well with an Elf on a Shelf to celebrate the season," explains Stardust. "And much like elves, Aries love spreading kindness and joy, while cooking up new ways to get into mischief."

Taurus: Jingle Bell Ornament

Jingle bell hanging from christmas tree

Taurus loves to celebrate the holidays with the classics. From baking your Grandma's cookie recipe to watching the same holiday film every year, there's nothing that gets you in the spirit like your old favorites. The perfect ornament for you needs to be sentimental and match your carefully curated aesthetic.

"Tenacious Taurus needs a strong and reliable ornament, and jingle bells are just the choice for ringing in the holiday season," says Stardust. "Not to mention, the sweet and cheerful tune these jingle bells make will set just the right mood for a holiday get-together."

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Gemini: Grinch Ornament

A Grinch Christmas ornament sitting next to a sleigh and ornaments.
Dagmar Breu / Shutterstock

Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac, so you love catching up with everyone during the holidays. But in addition to your warm personality, you also have a mischievous and competitive side that comes out during the annual family gift exchange.

"Despite his mischief, the Grinch has one of the biggest hearts during the holidays," explains Stardust. "And because Geminis are impulsive, intellectual, and quick-witted, they'd admire the Grinch for his similar witty humor and cunning abilities."

Cancer: Family Photo Ornament

Photos of children against Christmas lights background
Sunny studio / Shutterstock

Cancers have a reputation for being the sappy and sentimental ones of the zodiac. And while you often try to fight this stereotype, you fully embrace it during the holidays. Nothing makes your heart feel fuller than having all your loved ones gathered together for Christmas.

"A framed family photo is the perfect ornament for sentimental Cancers who tend to be emotional and nostalgic," Stardust says. "And if you're looking to really tug at their heartstrings, choose a special frame with a year on it each Christmas to celebrate."

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Leo: Santa Claus Ornament

A wood Christmas tree and Santa ornament handing against a wood background.
Stefan Tomic / iStock

When it comes to over-the-top decorations, nobody does it like you do, Leo. You spare no time or expense to ensure your family and friends get to enjoy all the attention, affection, and gifts of the holidays. So, the ornament you choose should match your loving side.

"Confident and loyal, these generous folks are probably the only people who could rival Santa's gift-giving skills," Stardust explains. "So, Leo could only be none other than Santa Claus."

Virgo: Mrs. Claus Ornament

Vintage Mrs. Claus ornament
Kristin Chiasson / Shutterstock

Virgo's well-known perfectionism is exactly what it takes to pull off the holidays without a hitch. Sure, Santa might get all the credit for delivering the presents, but we all know Mrs. Claus is right behind him checking his list a third time—just to be safe.

"Virgos are kind, sympathetic, and practical. They are a warm hug in any situation, which is why they're the best pick to embody the Mrs. Claus holiday cheer," says Stardust. "Not to mention, they know exactly what each of their guests needs to have a memorable and cheerful time."

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Libra: Dreidel Ornament

A blue sparkly dreidel sitting on a table surrounded by gold coins and gold lights.
Nodar Chernishev / Shutterstock

Sociable and extroverted, Libras love to embrace the holidays by spreading goodwill and cheer to all. There's a good chance you'll be hosting at your house this year, which means not only will you go a little overboard with decorations, but you'll want to make sure everyone in your life is represented.

"Well-balanced and creative, Libra stands out from the clutter of the holiday tinsel with the classic dreidel, a favorite children's game of the festive season," explains Stardust.

Scorpio: Icicle Ornament

Close up of a Christmas tree decorated in icicle ornaments and white owl ornaments.
Tatyana Bakul/Shutterstock

Scorpios have a very tight inner circle, which means your gatherings tend to be small, intimate affairs. For this emotional and mysterious sign, the holidays are a time for reflecting and reminiscing, as you're very tuned into your feelings and take a lot of pride in your personal growth.

The perfect ornament for you pays homage to your water sign ways, as well as your tough-as-nails reputation. "Icicles are cold, sharp, and pull attention, just like the resilient and often demanding Scorpio. However, show them a little heat and passion, [and] they'll melt," says Stardust.

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Sagittarius: Rudolph Ornament

Close up of a crocheted Rudolph Christmas ornament.
Maya Shustov / Shutterstock

Sagittarians love celebrating. As the fun-loving goofball of the zodiac, you're most likely to be found at the kids' table sharing stories of your worldly adventures. That's why Stardust recommends a nostalgic ornament that embraces your whimsical side and brings out your inner child.

"Sagittarius isn't afraid to challenge the status quo; in fact, you pride yourself on being open-minded and flexible," Stardust explains. "Rudolph has long put a smile on the face of kids with his shiny nose and optimistic personality. Spontaneous Sagittarius is the perfect person for this ornament."

Capricorn: Christmas Wreath Ornament

Close up of a florist making a beautiful Christmas wreath with berries at a wooden table
New Africa/Shutterstock

This sign takes an incredibly practical approach to the holidays. It takes a lot of hard work and planning to pull off the perfect seasonal soirée, and nobody is better prepared than meticulous and mindful Capricorn.

"Capricorns are the most dependable of friends. They are your rock in any situation. The wreath is a stable and trusted representation of the holiday season," says Stardust. Not to mention, this classic design has long been a favorite to decorate during the holidays, so it will always match your timeless aesthetic and style.

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Aquarius: Snowman Ornament

Unrecognizable woman decorating a Christmas tree at home, close up of the hands hanging a snowman ornament on a branch.
Carolina Jaramillo/Shutterstock

Aquarius loves to keep people guessing, and the holidays are your favorite time of year for surprises. You have a larger-than-life approach to Christmas and love bringing people together. For you, the best memories aren't made with fancy gifts or decor; they're made by celebrating what makes everyone unique and special.

"Free-spirited Aquarius loves a little magic in the holiday season," notes Stardust, and, "nothing says Winter Wonderland like the Snowman." This festive character shares your same warmth and kindness while reminding others that it's OK to be different.

Pisces: Snow Globe Ornament

A snow globe ornament against a snowy background.
OleStudio / Shutterstock

If there's anyone who gets carried away by the spirit of the season, it's Pisces. From watching the sappiest Christmas movies to driving around looking at Christmas lights, you love everything about this time of year. So, your special ornament will remind you of all the things you've done this year and everywhere you're headed next.

"Pisces are the curious daydreamers of the zodiac, so a snow globe from their last exotic trip or favorite place is the perfect way to escape back into their favorite memories," Stardust says. "It's also a wonderful chance to gather around the tree creating new memories by talking about the old ones."

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