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The 5 Worst Things About Scorpios, Astrologer Warns

This sultry water sign has more negative traits than you might realize.

Everybody loves a little excitement in their life. And when it comes to being the rebel of the zodiac, there's no one that fits the bill better than Scorpios. This sultry water sign is known for their sweet-talking abilities, cool under pressure personalities, and obsessive loyalty in relationships. But before you go looking to tie the knot with your Scorpio sweetheart, there are a few things to know about what's lurking under the surface of their alluring (but sometimes complicated) demeanor. Read on to discover the five worst Scorpio traits.

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Scorpios are prideful.

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Though they're not as boastful or cocky as the other fixed signs, Scorpios tend to have an ego. That sense of self-assuredness can be admirable at times, but it can also make it nearly impossible to convince them they're wrong or at fault in situations. So, if you're waiting on an apology from a Scorpio, don't hold your breath.

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Scorpios keep secrets.


Scorpios have many layers to their personalities and lives. They tend to play their emotions and motivations close to the chest so they can observe what others do before acting themselves. This sign will often withhold information or lie by omission under the guise of objectivity. Just because they're staying silent on a topic doesn't mean they aren't holding back.

Scorpios play hard to get.

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Scorpios have an air of mystery about them that makes them irresistible. But that guarded attitude can make it hard to get to know a Scorpio one-on-one. It can take them months or even years before they open up with someone new about how they're really feeling. That can leave some people wondering if they ever really knew the real them at all. One way to encourage more open communication is not to pressure a Scorpio to share before they're ready to get deep.

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Scorpios are cunning.

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Influenced by the warrior energy of Mars, Scorpios don't have the same forgive and forget attitude other water signs have. They may smile sweetly and tell you all is forgiven to your face when in reality they're waiting for the right time to strike. And much like the scorpion they're associated with, they're not afraid to play offensively and lash out first if they think you've been disloyal.

Scorpios are incredibly moody.

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Scorpio is a fixed sign which means they're incredibly set in their ways. This makes them very reliable as partners but can lead to frequent shifts in their mood. Unlike other signs that make their feelings known, Scorpios tend to retreat into themselves when things get tough. And while Scorpios have a great dark sense of humor, they're also known for being more pessimistic. This means you'll frequently be navigating their shifting emotions and need for alone time.

Dating or being friends with a Scorpio is not for the faint of heart; it can take a toll on your emotions. But more often than not, it's worth the effort. If you can get past their initial distrust and skepticism, you'll be rewarded with a deep emotional connection built on loyalty and mutual respect.

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