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15 Work-From-Anywhere Jobs That Pay Well

If you dream of flexibility and freedom, these careers could be right for you.

Imagine: Your morning begins with a sunrise yoga session on a beach in Bali, followed by a productive morning spent working from a cozy cafe with views of the ocean. Yes, there's work to do, but you're more productive thanks to a healthier work-life balance. The daily grind is a distant memory, and the change only enhances your performance. Such a life could be possible if you choose the right role—especially if it's one that pays well. That's where work-from-anywhere jobs come in.

We spoke to a range of career experts to find out which positions promise to free workers from the limitations of a single city—and what they need to know beforehand. Caitlin Wehniainen, a staffing and recruitment expert for On Cue Hire, says you'll need to do just a bit of housekeeping to ensure your flexible new role is considered above board, especially if you're a freelancer.

"Keep in mind that even though these are work-from-anywhere positions, as a W2 employee, you have to tell your employer where you will be primarily working from location-wise so that they can withhold taxes and unemployment insurance for the state where you work," she tells Best Life. "If you are an independent contractor with a 1099, you have more flexibility to come and go as you please."

That said, Wehniainen notes that there are plenty of great opportunities for remote work, many of which can give you "both financial stability and the flexibility to maintain an awesome quality of life." Wondering where to begin your job search? Career experts say these are the 15 best work-from-anywhere jobs that pay well.

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Software Engineer

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Software engineering lends itself to remote work because people in this role tend to work on many projects independently, and require few tools besides a computer to do their job.

"Software engineers are in high demand across various industries, making this role a top pick for remote work," says Wehniainen. "They get to design, develop, and maintain software applications, ensuring everything runs smoothly. These roles typically offer competitive salaries and you can really work from your favorite spot with a reliable internet connection."

According to Glassdoor, software engineers typically make six figure salaries, ranging from $126,000 to $205,000 on average.

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Customer Success Manager

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Next, Wehniainen recommends looking into Customer Success Manager (CSM) roles, which bridge the gap between customers and a company and help build an engaged and loyal customer base.

"These are the go-to folks for helping clients get the most out of a company's products or services. They provide support, build strong relationships, and keep customers happy. This role offers great pay, a fulfilling sense of accomplishment, and the flexibility to work from wherever you are," she says.

According to Glassdoor, annual salaries for Customer Service Managers can range from $89,000 to 139,000.

Account Manager

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Account Managers have similar responsibilities to Customer Success Managers, but instead of working with customers, they work with clients and company collaborators.

"Account Managers are all about managing client relationships, understanding their needs, and keeping them satisfied with the company's offerings. Acting as the bridge between clients and various departments, this role often comes with a solid base salary plus commission. And the best part? You can do it all from your home office or any cozy cafe," says Wehniainen.

Glassdoor says that Account Managers can make between $126,000 and $217,000 annually.

Data Engineer

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The job of a Data Engineer is to design, maintain, and optimize the systems that allow companies to collect and manage data. This is a fast-growing field since businesses are increasingly data-driven in today's digital world.

"Data Engineers are the backbone of any data-driven company, building and maintaining the architecture for data generation and usage," explains Wehniainen. "With the rise of big data, this role offers high pay, a balanced work life, and the freedom to work from almost anywhere."

Glassdoor notes that the average Data Engineer receives $103,758 in annual salary.

Digital Marketing Manager

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Digital marketing is another in-demand field with plenty of opportunities available for remote workers.

"Digital Marketing Managers get to oversee online marketing strategies, including social media, email campaigns, SEO, and content marketing," says Wehniainen. "If you're a creative soul who loves dynamic work environments, this role is for you. It offers competitive salaries, diverse projects, and total remote flexibility."

Glassdoor says that the average salary for Digital Marketers is $74,600.

Web Developer

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Web development is another great option if you want to work from home—or anywhere else. The experts say it can be a lucrative career path for those with tech-oriented skills.

Of course, "web" development doesn't just mean building websites. It more accurately refers to any application or interface that relies on the internet to operate. Marketing automation, machine learning, framework building, quoting platforms, and database management are just a few of the common skills that fall under the umbrella. Web-based software developers use HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, and many other computer "languages" to work their magic.

"While some coding experience is needed, there are tons of online resources to learn. Tech skills are in high demand, so you can expect good pay and the flexibility to work from anywhere," says Kimberley Tyler-Smith, vice president of strategy and growth at Resume Worded.

Since a large portion of web developer work is project-based, freelancers thrive in this space, with wages ranging from $30 to $100/hour.

Mobile App Developer

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A close cousin to web development is mobile app development. To do this job, you'll need to be well-versed in a number of computer "languages" and familiar with the different operating systems available for smartphone users (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.).

To break into the field, you might also consider specializing in UX or UI design, Wehniainen suggests: "UX and UI Designers focus on creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces for websites and apps. They conduct user research, design wireframes, and test usability. With attractive pay and the joy of seeing your designs come to life, this role lets you work from any location that inspires you."

While the scope of development projects vary, mobile app development freelancers can earn as much as $150/hour.


Freelance writer working outside closeup

Writing is perhaps one of the best ways to earn money on the side, with low startup costs and high earning potential. Thousands of websites around the world rely on freelance writers for their website content. These sites range from blogs to news publications to e-commerce sites.

"Strong writing and communication are key, but the freedom to work on various projects from anywhere is a major perk," notes Tyler-Smith.

The earnings vary from site to site. Some pay per word, others per article, and others still by the hour.

There are plenty of services connecting writers to those looking to hire, but you can usually get started in a number of other ways. Look for a "Write for us" link on your favorite websites!


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The news and media industry is changing faster than ever. In response, many large publications and outlets are forgoing in-house employees for less-expensive remote workers. Though hybrid jobs are common in this field, even some top editors never leave the comforts of their own homes.

However, news and publications aren't the only places where editors serve an important purpose. Academic resources such as employ editors' services to help college graduates, post-graduates, and other academics vamp up their work.


He can work from anywhere. Shot of a young businessman working in a cafe.

Job recruiters often work remotely, connecting job seekers with hiring managers using digital tools and remote interviewing.

"Recruiters are the key players in finding and attracting top talent for companies. From sourcing candidates to onboarding new hires, they handle it all. This role offers competitive salaries, performance-based bonuses, and the ability to connect with candidates globally—all from the comfort of your remote workspace," says Wehniainen.

Recruiters can earn anywhere from $60,000 to $80,000 a year, Glassdoor says.

Remote Travel Agent

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One perk of working in the travel world is that being fully remote can actually enhance your job skills and knowledge of the field.

"For me personally, working as a freelance travel agent allowed me to grow and flourish," says Maya Kapoor-Miller, a remote travel manager at Dreamport. "It also gives me consistent income without having to leave the house and spend time commuting," she notes, adding that selling flight tickets and travel packages means not only making money but also fulfilling her dreams of entrepreneurship.

Wages can vary widely since they're often commission-based. You can expect to earn a five to 10 percent commission on each deal you make.

Educational Tutor

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Tutors often enjoy a flexible schedule, deciding their own hours and providing their services remotely over video calls.

Though holding a teaching degree can increase your ability to land new clients, it's not necessarily a deal breaker if you don't. Whether you become an employee or independent contractor for one of the many tutoring services or start your own business, tutors can generally make anywhere from $10 to $75 per hour.

Medical Coder

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Do you have difficulty reading your doctor's handwriting on your prescription? As it turns out, so do insurance companies regarding your doctor's notes.

Medical coding was implemented to streamline the way health insurance providers run their billing. Every procedure that a doctor carries out, from using a stethoscope, feeling your throat glands, taking your vitals, getting a throat swab, to performing open heart surgery, has a nationally established code sequence assigned to it. Doctors' offices, clinics, and hospitals must translate each procedure from the physicians' notes to these code sequences, which are then submitted to the insurance companies for billing.

With different codes for each procedure and for each professional performing the procedure, the process gets so complex that people make their careers transposing physician records. Many hospitals and clinics find it most cost effective to outsource their medical coding. Companies like Aviacode serve thousands of physicians across the country, with medical coders who work primarily from home.

You can expect a salary of roughly $50,000 a year for this job, according to Glassdoor.

Medical Billing Agent

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From the initial charge to collections, medical bills go through a number of hands before the patient even sees them. Medical Billing Agents are tasked with submitting bills to insurance agents and streamlining the payment process. This field is similar to medical coding, presenting many of the same benefits and demanding many of the same skills.

According to Glassdoor, average yearly salaries for Medical Billing Agents are around $50,000.

Content Creator

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If you don't mind living in a glass house, becoming an influencer can be a great way to earn money. The only issue is that the earnings vary greatly. Some full-time content creators earn million-dollar annual salaries. If you're truly dedicated and have a sharp, meaningful message, it's one of the work-from-home jobs that can really pay off.

However, it's important to note that for most people creating their own content, realistic average estimates are significantly lower. Glassdoor says that the average full-time content creator can expect to earn $56,203. Of course, depending on where you are, that may be plenty.

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