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Career Expert Reveals the Top-Paying Remote Jobs for 2024

Land the job of your dreams without leaving the house.

Just a few years back, the prospect of landing a top-paying position from the comfort of your own home seemed like a pipe dream. Yet in a post-pandemic world—and one ruled by tech—high-earning remote positions are easier to find than ever. Michael Nazari, a career advisor and content creator, says there are a handful of roles that are especially lucrative if you plan to work remotely—you just need to know what to look for. He's sharing the top four remote jobs to apply for in 2024 if your resolutions include earning more this year.

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Cloud engineer


IT professionals looking to earn top dollar at home may find success working as a cloud engineer, says Nazari. Cloud engineers are experts in cloud computing, a field that can include cloud architecture and design, infrastructure management, maintenance, and support. You'll most likely need a bachelor's degree in computer engineering or a related subject to enter this field.

That said, qualified professionals may find it easy to land a job, thanks to the high volume of open positions, Nazari suggests in a recent TikTok video. "Everything is in the cloud now, so this is in high demand. Amazon actually offers a new bootcamp for this," he notes.

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Data analyst

Specialist Working on Desktop Computer at Home Living Room while Sitting at a Table. Freelance Female is Doing Market Analysis and Creates Report with Charts for Clients and Employer.

These days, data drives just about everything around us—which is exactly what makes the role of data analyst so lucrative. These tech professionals gather, organize, and study data sets to help solve problems for companies and other organizations, ensuring that they're operating with the most coherent, cohesive, and up-to-date information available.

"Companies are obsessed with data," says Nazari, adding that this role will always be in high demand.

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Product manager

Man holding his son and working with laptop at home

A product manager (PM) is tasked with developing the vision and strategy for new products, with an eye for the customers' needs.

"Beyond shipping new features on a regular cadence and keeping the peace between engineering and the design team, the best PMs create products with strong user adoption that have exponential revenue growth and perhaps even disrupt an industry," Julia Austin, a senior lecturer on product management at Harvard Business School recently wrote for the Harvard Business Review. 

Though Austin notes that relationship management is a major part of the job, Nazari says that many companies offer the role remotely. "Product managers are huge—you can't have AI do it, so all companies need product managers," he says.

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Customer champion

If you need us, call. Shot of a woman wearing a headset while working in a call centre.

In a separate TikTok post, Nazari shares a fourth remote role that he says can earn you a competitive salary from home. "Customer champions"—customer service managers who help users adopt new technologies—can make up to six figures, he says. However, the career expert notes that most of these positions require some previous job experience in tech customer support.

"You help customers use their software, [and provide] basic customer support," Nazari explains. "It helps if you know these apps. The salary ranges from $60,000 to $100,000 and they have some amazing benefits."

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