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Side Hustle Pro Shares "Super Simple" Way to Make $750 a Week

Experts weigh in on whether or not the seemingly easy way to make cash online will actually pay off.

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Even though many people still work a 9-to-5, picking up a side hustle has become much more common in recent years. New technology and changes in the economy have made it easier than ever to make the extra cash to help pad out your bank account or build towards an earlier retirement. Some don't even require leaving the home to get paid, with one side hustle pro saying there's a "super simple" way to make $750 a week. But is it really that easy? Read on to see what financial experts have to say about this potentially lucrative venture.

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A side hustle pro says you can make $750 a week testing products online.

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Whether it's selling handmade crafts online or renting out a spare bedroom, side hustles have become a more important part of doing business—and of many people's incomes. Some require more time or money invested upfront to see a decent return. But according to one pro, there's a "super simple" way people can make hundreds of dollars using just their laptop or smartphone.

In a video from July, TikTok user @theaffiliateslp explains how people can use a method "no one is really talking about" to rake in cash. She says all it involves is Googling "Apex Focus Group" and then clicking on the "remote work from home" link in the results.

She goes on to explain that the program requires people to test products online from a wide range of categories, including child care, cell phones, entertainment, food, sports, electronics, pets, and automobiles. A shot of the website shows gigs can pay $75 to $150 for one-hour sessions, while some multi-session studies can pull in $300 to $750. She adds that you can even elect to go deeper into focus groups to earn even more cash, rhetorically asking, "sounds like the easiest job ever, right?"

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However, experts caution that this tactic might not be all it's cracked up to be.

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Of course, the idea of making relatively easy money from the comfort of your home is an enticing prospect. But according to financial experts, this side hustle may not pan out as well as people hope.

The problem has to do with the company in question. According to Scott Lieberman, personal finance expert and founder of Touchdown Money, Apex Focus Group is "simply a hub that connects you to surveys that may or may not be trustworthy."

Others agree with this assessment. "I think users should be careful with this platform and try better alternatives," Tom Blake, founder of This Online World, tells Best Life.

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It's highly unlikely you'll make very much money using this side hustle.


If a side hustle seems too good to be true, it likely is. In this case, Blake says Apex Focus Group looks pretty lucrative on the surface. But in reality, the platform is just a middleman that tries to connect participants to paid research studies and focus groups.

"So while the company is legitimate and might help you find paid research opportunities, it's similar to a job search website and doesn't have any of its own paid and guaranteed opportunities," he explains.

Even if you find work using the platform, it likely won't pan out to the big payday you expect.

"No, you're not going to make $750 per week with this company or any focus group company," says Lieberman. "Personally, I've been in focus groups and made money. But the problem is exactly what you think it is: Everyone wants this easy money, so there aren't enough opportunities to go around."

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Other side ventures that mesh with your schedule are likely a better bet.

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Ultimately, any income at all can be helpful for those looking to bring in some extra cash. However, experts say this specific online tactic may not be the hustle to bank on for a windfall.

"Surveys can be easy money, but don't expect it to be steady money," says Lieberman. "The best side hustles are those that either fit nicely into your schedule or can become a real business that replaces your job."

However, there are other similar options that could be a better fit. Instead of using Apex Focus Group, Blake suggests using other focus group websites like User Interviews and

"Both of these companies also connect participants with research studies and focus groups," he tells Best Life. "The main difference is studies pay participants, and payments are processed through each website, so you're actually making money with each platform. Plus, both websites have opportunities that can pay $50 to $100 per hour or even more, so they're quite lucrative."

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