The "This Is Us" Producers Just Admitted a Major Mistake This Season

Fans were theorizing and debating a scene that actually turned out to be just an error.

The fifth season of This Is Us returns on NBC on Jan. 5 after a nearly two-month winter hiatus. But during the show's break, fans were busy theorizing, as they do, about the beloved Pearson family, and one scene in particular created quite a bit of discussion. However, it wasn't an intentional cliffhanger that had viewers scratching their heads—it was a subtle scene surrounding the character Kate (played by Chrissy Metz) that producers just admitted was actually a mistake. Read on to find out what the slip-up was and for more television news, discover why Kim Cattrall Says She Felt "Shame"After Quitting "Sex and the City."

The scene in question was a flashback in which fans found out (SPOILER ALERT) that teen Kate (played by by Hannah Zeile) got pregnant when she was 18, but kept it a secret. In the Nov. 17 episode, young Kate was seen holding a positive pregnancy test and an ovulation test box, leading viewers to think that meant the character had gotten pregnant on purpose by using an ovulation test to determine her best shot at conceiving. But in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly (EW), This Is Us producers admitted it was just an error.

"Our fans are so awesome and pick up on every little hint," the show's executive producer Isaac Aptaker told EW. "As soon as we saw that people were misinterpreting, of course it drove us crazy. So let the record officially show: That was [meant to be] a pregnancy test box."

While Aptaker says the crew usually catches mistakes like this, he blamed COVID for the slip. "This one, unfortunately, was just a casualty of how absolutely impossible it has been to make television this year. Despite the dozens of people who stared at that scene countless times before it went to air, we were all just so fried from all of the COVID [filming conditions] that we missed that one," he admitted.

"You can chalk this up to Zoom editing," This is Us executive producer Elizabeth Berger chimed in. "Usually we're all in a bay together looking at these giant monitors. And this is the one where we were like, 'Ah, if we had just been there, someone would have seen it!' But everyone is just working so hard around the clock under these crazy circumstances. And every once in a while, you're going to have an ovulation test when you wish you had a pregnancy test box."

The episode did leave some very real questions about Kate up in the air, however. The pre-Thanksgiving episode saw Kate in the middle of telling her husband, Toby (played by Chris Sullivan), about her teen pregnancy. So many fans are wondering if she is going to conclude the conversation by revealing that she had an abortion, and the producers said viewers will find out soon enough. "This isn't going to be a lingering mystery," Aptaker said. "We pick up immediately into that conversation with Kate and Toby right when we come back from the break, and then we're going to explain the story of what happened."

Of course, This Is Us isn't the first show to have mistakes that fans were quick to call out. For more small screen gaffes from beloved shows over the years, read on—and for a recent one you may have missed, check out "The Mandalorian" Fans Spotted a Hilarious Mistake in the Latest Episode.

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