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The Most Prudish Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They won't even hold your hand in public.

We all have different approaches to public displays of affection and sex. On one end of the spectrum, you have people who will happily tell you every detail of what goes on in their bedroom (and boy, is it adventurous!). On the other end, you have those who will hardly hold hands in public. While our upbringing and experiences certainly impact where we fall on this spectrum, our horoscope signs have something to do with it, too. Here, expert astrologers tell us the most prudish zodiac signs. Read on to see how they rank from the slightly squeamish to the passionately puritanical.

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This highly intelligent sign isn't prudish in the most traditional sense, but they can be slow to open up to a new partner and show that person off to the world. "They keep their relationships and desires secret at first," says professional astrologer Anna Kovach. They also avoid openly showing affection, and their partner may have to beg for a compliment or tender hug. However, in the bedroom, Aquarians are just as innovative as they are in real life. "This sign can be quite kinky," Kovach adds. You'll just have to get to know them first.


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You might not expect the showmen of the zodiac to be somewhat prudish, but it turns out, they can be—especially in group settings. "King of the Jungle, Leos are proud to a fault, always wanting to show themselves at their best," says astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. "For Leo, public displays of affection are a big no-no." These incidents could make them appear vulnerable and potentially harm their image, she says. And a Leo will always protect its image.

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This quiet, serious, and hardworking sign takes a private approach to sex and romance. "They don't like people in their business at the best of times and keep guarded even about their finances and address," says celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. "Matters of the heart, which are unpredictable and confusing, belong behind closed doors for Taureans and don't need sharing with the world." In addition to avoiding PDA itself, this sign also despises seeing it from others. "That said, they are masterful in the art of subtle contact that no one but their partner will notice," says Bennet.


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Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, romance, and beauty, this sign prefers sweeping romantic gestures to sex. "Librans are about love, not about raw passion, and prefer to let their heart do the talking," says Honigman. "Elegant and well-presented, they will feel no gratitude towards an excitable partner who rips their buttons off or lays them on the forest ground in a show of romantic fervor." To impress them, you'll need to plan a candlelit dinner with a sweet monologue about your love.



Emotional, sensitive, and romantic, those born under the sign of Cancer adore hugs, kisses, and cuddles. But when it comes to anything more, they can be quite prudish. "While Cancer people are often affectionate—even clingy—in public, they aren't kinky or adventurous in the bedroom," says Kovach. "They prefer to keep their fantasies to themselves and can be inhibited in bed." This is another sign you'll need to wine and dine—and talk about your feelings—in order to win them over.

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Modesty and discipline are the names of the game for Virgo; in fact, the sign's symbol is the Maiden or Virgin. "This doesn't mean Virgos are destined to a life of abstinence," says Kovach. "It does, however, mean that those born under this sign are not motivated by lust. They can abstain from pleasures, including affection and sex, for long periods of time and be just fine."

Virgos avoid public displays of affection, keep their fantasies a secret, and can suppress a crush with ease. They're also very intentional with dating and sex. "They are health conscious and want to avoid intimate contact until they are certain their partner is a perfect match," says Kovach. "They don't casually date nor do they rush to have sexual encounters."

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