40 Funny WiFi Names You and Your Neighbors Will Appreciate

These funny WiFi names will entertain everyone who comes over.

The person who was sent to set up your router asks you what you want your WiFi name to be, and in a panic, you tell them to just leave the name as is: H18YA91L. Now every time a friend asks for your WiFi name, you have to pull out a notebook where you keep the login information like a neanderthal. The struggle is real—and it's time for the struggle to be over. We have compiled 40 funny WiFi names including puns, references to your favorite shows, and just straight-up clever names that you can use to rename your network.

Clever WiFi Names

WiFi Names

  1. Nacho WiFi
  2. Not a Virus
  3. Girls Gone Wireless
  4. Pretty Fly For a WiFi
  5. I Believe Wi Can Fi
  6. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's WiFi
  7. No More Mister WiFi
  8. New England Clam Router
  9. Keep It On The Download
  10. Tell Your WiFi Love Her
  11. Close Your Bathroom Curtains
  12. Drop It Like It's Hotspot
  13. Abraham Linksys
  14. Get Off My LAN
  15. I'm Under Your Bed
  16. Mom Click Here For Internet
  17. Pick Up Your Dog's Poop
  18. Battle of the Bandwidth
  19. IP When I Sneeze
  20. That's What She SSID

Pop Culture-Inspired Funny WiFi Names

WiFi names

  1. No WiFi For You!
  2. Vandelay Industries
  3. We Were on a Break!
  4. Joey Doesn't Share WiFi
  5. The One Where They Get W.i.F.i
  6. Brave Little Router
  7. LANnisters Send Their Regards
  8. Luke, I Am Your WiFi
  9. *Borat Voice* My WiFi!
  10. Bill Wi, the Science Fi
  11. rIP Hedwig
  12. Hogwarts Hall of Wifi
  13. Dunder MiffLAN
  14. Jan Everywhere. LAN Everywhere.
  15. The Calzone Zone
  16. The NightLAN Cometh
  17. Dora the Internet Explorer
  18. One Does Not Simply Log Into Mordor
  19. These Chicks Don't Even Know the Name of My Bandwidth
  20. That's Hotspot
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