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120 Best Instagram Names for Boys, Girls, Businesses, and More

With over a billion sign-ups, only the best Instagram usernames are able to stand out online.

If you happen to be on Instagram, then you also have little something in common with about a billion other people. And while we're sure your Instagram profile is about as unique as they come, we're also aware that that's a mighty big pool of people to compete with. Of course, there are a few different ways to distinguish yourself online, the first being what you go by. That's why we've put together a list of the best Instagram names for new and existing users to explore below. We've even broken things down by category so that you can find exactly what you're looking for, and fast.

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Why Your Instagram Username Is Important

Your Instagram name is how you present to everyone else on the platform. Whether you're there for personal reasons or for business, that impact can be big.

As mentioned, the platform already has over a billion people hooked, meaning opportunities to make new connections are always there. A good Instagram username will make it easy for people to recall, allowing them to search for you, tag you in posts, and engage with your account.

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Username

woman trying to login to Instagram on her iPhone
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Coming up with a catchy name may seem easy, but there are certain things you should consider—things that may require a more human approach than the standard Instagram username generator can provide. Check out the list below to learn more.

Keep It Easy

You don't want your Instagram account to suffer because people are too lazy to search for something too niche and too complicated to remember. A lot of folks end up using their own names or variations of their names for this reason, though this option may not appeal to individuals who prefer to maintain more privacy online.

Don't Use Tons of Numbers

Your username should be easily readable. Remember, most people are accessing the platform through the Instagram app, meaning that scanning for names and typing things out is going to be a little more annoying than it would be on your desktop. Don't overcomplicate things with tons of numbers or special characters, as these will be hard to execute in a search.

Don't Use Offensive Language

This one is a little obvious but it's also worth repeating: Offensive language won't get you very far on Instagram. The company's community guidelines are pretty strict. Don't run the risk of getting yourself banned for something that could be perceived as vulgar or degrading.

Match With Your Usernames on Other Social Media Platforms

If you already have a certain brand, then you don't even need to bother with Instagram username generators. Do right by your brand and stick to the same name across social media platforms. This will provide some much-needed consistency in what's already a convoluted space.

Bonus tip: If you're creating a new business, try to incorporate relevant keywords into your account name. This will make your name more likely to pop up in specific searches.

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Cute Instagram Names for Girls

young hipster woman smiling while browsing the best Instagram usernames on her cellphone
Shutterstock / Aliaksandr Barouski
  1. @motherofkittens
  2. @crosswordqueen
  3. @longhairedvixen
  4. @truecrimeaddict
  5. @babushkababy
  6. @tigerkitty
  7. @cutiecalls
  8. @magicpeach
  9. @popcornpixie
  10. @[yourname]_is_magic
  11. @[yourname]shining
  12. @fabphotos4[yourname]
  13. @flirtynomore
  14. @singlespinster
  15. @adventures_in_dating
  16. @lovecapri
  17. @makegirls
  18. @bossyB
  19. @rosecatcher
  20. @prettyeyesonly

Cool Instagram Usernames for Boys

teen boy wearing sunglasses and making a peace sign for an Instagram selfie
Shutterstock / Kit Viatkins
  1. @onemanarmy
  2. @unfriendme
  3. @spacelord
  4. @balloonface
  5. @kingelf
  6. @[yourname]_is_king
  7. @ace_of_[yourname]
  8. @superface
  9. @[yourname]4president
  10. @ghostrider
  11. @programmerboy
  12. @bestboyhere
  13. @gameslayer
  14. @mischiefmaker
  15. @professor[yourname]
  16. @updateyourman
  17. @machointhemaking
  18. @knightmare
  19. @bluemoonrising
  20. @makewayfor[yourname]

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Best Instagram Usernames for Book Accounts

E-book library concept with laptop computer and books on monitor
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  1. @[yourname]_the_book_nerd
  2. @books4[yourname]
  3. @flyingpages
  4. @readingrainboo
  6. @[yourname]_hearts_books
  7. @girls_that_read
  8. @guys_that_read
  9. @tellmeatale
  10. @theReadist
  12. @bookelitist
  13. @[yourname]_bookaccount
  14. @bigbookclub
  15. @books.and.nooks
  16. @turn_the_page
  17. @the.reading.race
  18. @bookendings
  20. @book.ISH

Unique Instagram Names for Travel Influencers

woman taking a photo of a beautiful landscape on her smartphone
Shutterstock / sergey causelove
  1. @sunsoakedspeedo
  2. @pictureperfect
  3. @sandyfeet
  4. @planes_trains_and_autobahns
  5. @thehungrytourist
  6. @wethairdontcare
  7. @[yourname]_explores
  8. @comeflywithme
  9. @terminal_travels
  10. @mileshighwith[yourname]
  11. @step.collector
  12. @adventurejunkie
  13. @[yourname].is.on.the.road
  14. @wanderlusting
  15. @vacationboyfriend
  16. @next.stop.not.home
  17. @moving_through_mountains
  18. @theawkwardtourist
  19. @tourist_untrapped
  20. @livinglanguages

Instagram Username Ideas for Food Accounts

woman taking a photo of her meal for social media
Shutterstock / Lena Noir
  1. @amusemybouche
  2. @savorysensations
  3. @food4friends
  4. @eatme
  5. @glucosegluton
  6. @feed_me_im_starving
  7. @adventures_in_plating
  8. @buy_her_dinner
  10. @lunchingaround
  11. @alwayseating
  12. @burritobaby
  13. @the_eating_artist
  14. @nom.nom.nom.nom.nom
  15. @sit.down.4.cena
  16. @[yourname].says.cheese
  17. @badeats
  18. @kitchenqueens
  19. @cookies.and.kale
  20. @cooking_with_[yourname]

Funny Instagram Name Ideas

woman holding up a piñata signifying one follower on Instagram
Shutterstock / Look Studio
  1. @keeping.up.with.the.kartrashians
  2. @scarymommies
  3. @trigger_thumping
  4. @freaksofInstagram
  5. @thechillestpixel
  6. @wildadmin
  7. @bill_nye_the_russian_spy
  8. @thx4following
  9. @i_see_you_stalking
  10. @notwhatyouexpected
  11. @saw_it_on_the_sidewalk
  12. @in.jail.home.soon
  13. @hanging_with_my_gnomies
  14. @grandma_has_my_password
  15. @lost.offline
  16. @phoneranger
  17. @catfish.queen
  18. @nameunknown
  19. @shadowbanner
  20. @look_ma_no_filter


Instagram handle vs. Instagram username vs. Instagram link: What's the difference?

Your Instagram handle is the same thing as your Instagram username. These designations are unique to your account and cannot be claimed by any other user on the platform. An Instagram link is different. The term refers to the URL that is specific to your account, meaning if someone clicks on the link, they will be taken to your Instagram page.

What should I do if my business name is taken?

With over a billion people on the platform, Instagram handles can get gobbled up fast. If your business name is already taken, you can try shortening the name with acronyms or elongating the title with numbers or special characters (be sure not to do too much here, you don't want to overcomplicate things for your followers).

How can I change my Instagram username?

Changing your username isn't always necessary, but if you've noticed your Instagram analytics are down, you might want to consider the pivot. To assign yourself a new username, check out the steps below:

  1. Click your profile picture on the left to go to your profile
  2. Click Edit Profile
  3. Click Username
  4. Type in your new information and click Done

Wrapping Up

That's it for our list of the best Instagram names out there, but be sure to check back in with us again for more ideas. You can also sign up for our newsletter to enjoy hit pieces on travel, lifestyle, and health.

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