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85 Funny Usernames for Everything Online

These funny usernames will help you meet new people, market your brand, and get laughs.

Trying to sign up for a new platform but can't decide on what you want to go by? If you're looking for a more humorous angle, then don't worry—we've already done the legwork. Find the ultimate list of funny usernames below. Whether you're into online gaming, dating sites, or are simply looking to create a new social media profile, we've got you covered.

Not only will these funny username ideas help you communicate a bit more about your personality, but they're also sure to help you stand out from the crowd. After all, common names get boring. And in an increasingly crowded online environment, it never hurts to be memorable. So, check out the list of suggestions below, and don't be afraid to take a great idea from this website over to the next.

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Why Choose a Funny Username?

Creating an online profile is a funny thing. It's you, kind of, but in a highly curated sense. Online identities allow us to present in ways we wish to be perceived and say the things we'd love to say in the real world, but can't, for one reason or another.

It can actually get a little dark, at times. Research confirms the anonymity we enjoy on the web often encourages bad behavior. It's called online toxic disinhibition, and it emboldens people to be meaner than they probably would be in person.

It's not all bad, though. These behaviors can also take a different swing. The benign disinhibition effect is also a thing, and it encourages folks to open up more freely to other users in the virtual community. This kind of environment often fosters genuine connections, and even friendships.

But even with that in mind, breaking the ice is never easy. Fortunately, these types of online exchanges offer an easy way around that: your username. Going by a funny name online allows you to communicate some of your personality right off the bat.

It also helps inform others in the community about what references you value and how your sense of humor syncs up with their own. And that stuff is pretty important to communicate, especially when marketing yourself to unfamiliar audiences.

How to Choose a Hilarious Username for Your Online Accounts

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While we love coming up with clever usernames for our friends, we also support all attempts to get there on your own. Below, we've provided a few tips for how to come up with a funny username—one that's not only practical but also represents who you are and the people you want to attract.

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Get Creative

Finding creative ways to channel your humor is key when it comes to finding the right username. The more unique, the more likely it is to get others laughing, and the easier it will be interacting with others online. And that type of originality doesn't just lend itself to first impressions. Similar to how we gravitate toward hard-to-guess passwords, your username can help ward off attempts to access your information in ways you wouldn't want happening.

Avoid Special Characters

I know, we just told you to get creative, and when working with limited keyword options, special characters might seem like an easy shortcut. But the problem is these characters can be hard for some folks to recreate or even remember. So while you might think they'll help you stand out, the more likely outcome is that they will make you harder to find.

Replace Vowels

There are a lot of people online. Like, billions of people. And that means there are a lot of ideas out there to compete with. Even if you put in the work and came up with something truly unique, it's possible that it's already been taken. In that case, try replacing the vowels with an "X" or a number. These variations aren't quite as likely to be used up. Some other popular substitutes include "VV" in place of "W, "S" instead of "Z," and"I" instead of "Y."

Keep It Clean (Enough)

The internet has a pretty high tolerance for R-rated content, but almost all sites have terms of use. Avoid using language that could be considered vulgar and offensive. Not only can this prevent you from accessing the site you want, but it can also turn people off. Instead of making new friends, you could end up walking away with a few new adversaries.

Funny Usernames for TikTok

  1. DeathVader
  2. Kiss My Axe
  3. _Commando
  4. Dr_Cocktail
  5. Deadshot
  6. Geekstar
  7. in_jail_out_soon
  8. Speedy Gonzales
  9. Valid8Me
  10. The Entire Population of Texas
  11. FedoraTheExplorer
  12. YellowSnowman
  13. BadKarma
  14. Scream
  15. Handsome Banana
  16. TheAfterLife
  17. Itchy_And_Scratchy
  18. BreadPitt
  19. Something
  20. ben_affleck_is_an_ok_actor
  21. DM Me For Compliments
  22. hanging_with_my_gnomies
  23. bill_nye_the_russian_spy
  24. AskMeAboutYourGirl
  25. I was a Mistake
  26. Tinfoil Hat Man
  27. BadKarma

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Funny Usernames for Instagram

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  1. AllGoodNamesRGone
  2. Crazy Cat Lady
  3. Reloading
  4. HairyPoppins
  5. Joe Not Exotic
  6. OP_rah
  7. BearGrills
  8. my_name_is_in_use
  9. Technophyle
  10. me_for_president
  11. username_copied
  12. Addison Rae of Sunshine
  13. Been There Done That
  14. over_the_lorrainebow
  15. do_not_leave_me
  16. shaquille_oatmeal
  17. FurReal
  18. Basic Beach
  19. Born Confused
  20. Beating_Hearts
  21. RuthlessSlayer
  22. thegodfatherpart
  23. Justin Case
  24. Cool_pineapple
  25. JohnDont

Funny Usernames for Your Dating Profile

  1. SpeedingAndWinning
  2. i_killed_cupid
  3. YouShoot_IScore
  4. Too Old for This
  5. BeachWalksLongTalks
  6. No Feet Pics
  7. Reese_Withoutaspoon
  8. SinkingSwimmer
  9. BluesEyesOnly
  10. MusicMakesMeHappy
  11. SeekingSunsetsandSoulmates
  12. Thot Patrol
  13. NightInImIn
  14. google_me_now
  15. ShyEyes
  16. Coffee Lover
  17. BabeWithBrains
  18. LookingForMyInamorata
  19. I Can See Your Pixels
  20. Send Coins
  21. rejected_bachelor_contestant
  22. StarryEyedDreamer
  23. NYCNomad
  24. RevisitingRomance
  25. RoadTripAdventurer
  26. GlobeTrottieHottie
  27. HalfaSoul
  28. TheJackPot
  29. ForeverMore
  30. LifeIsACruise
  31. DreamChaser
  32. NaturalistByNature
  33. IAmMrPerfect

Wrapping Up

That's it for our list of funny usernames, but be sure to check back in with us soon for more fun hacks! You can also sign up for our newsletter to enjoy similar kinds of content, as well as hit pieces on health, entertainment, and travel.

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