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50 Funny Kid Photos That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

The good, the bad, and the covered in powdered milk.

Children are life's little bundles of joy. And even when they personally aren't particularly joyful, they're at least making you laugh. Whether you have kids of your own and are looking to relate, or you just need a reminder that the children are our future—a future that's currently lying on the kitchen floor eating food with dogs—these pictures of kids being wacky will make your day. So sit back, have a look, and be thankful it isn't your kitchen that looks like that. And when you want to raise healthier, happier kids, start with these 20 Easy Ways to Be a (Much) Better Mother.

A Trip to the Store

Kid in chair funny kid photos

This kid is really maximizing the amenities at Costco. Hopefully he's not watching one of 20 Kids' Films That Will Definitely Traumatize Your Children.

Time With Sis

Werewolf mask funny kid photos

There's nothing cuter than a little bonding time between siblings. And if you want to raise more well-rounded little ones, start with these 40 Parenting Hacks for Raising an Amazing Kid.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Freezer stool funny kid photos

It's also the most effective way to get a good snack. And if you want your kids to sneak a nutritious snack, check out The Secret to Raising Healthy Kids.

Joys of Potty Training

Toilet paper funny kid photos

Hey, practice makes perfect, and in the meantime, there's always the plunger. And if you hear the words "it wasn't me" just by looking at this pic, check out these 40 Lies Kids Say That Parents Always Fall For.

Toilet Trouble

Trapped in toilet funny kid photos

He may be wasteful, but at least the toddler above is doing better than this kid. And for laughs that don't involve potential trauma, check out The 20 Funniest Jokes From Kids' Movies.

Desperate for Teddy Grahams

Kid on cart funny kid photos

That's one way to get your parent to hear your pleas at the store. They can't be sunshine and roses all the time, but here's The Single Best Way to Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids.

Price Check on Aisle Six

Kid in freezer funny kid photos

This is definitely one of those times when something is in the last place you look for it. And if you'd like to take your kid someplace more exciting than the freezer section, check out The 5 Best Trips to Take With Kids.

Engineer in Training

Kid on skateboard funny kid photos

This kid is going places, both literally and figuratively, thanks to his leaf blower/longboard combo. And if you, want kid laughs of a different variety, check out these 50 Jokes From Children That Are Crazy Funny.

Sibling Rivalry

Duct taped kid funny kid photos

If your older siblings want to display their Pokemon, it's best to stay out of their way. If this is nothing new to you, check out these 30 Hilarious Tweets Every Parent Can Relate To.

Happy Easter!

Easter bunny funny kid photos

Maybe she was hoping for Santa. This kind of emotional honesty isn't without merit: teaching authenticity is just one of the 30 Ways to Make Your Daughter a Better Leader.

Family Photo

Kid hitting head funny kid photos

It might not be perfect, but it's definitely accurate.

School Days

Girl smiling funny kid photos

There are two types of kids on the first day of class, and this family has both.

Flower Girls

Girls in white dresses funny kid photos

They're learning the pros and cons of being in the wedding party at a young age.

Portrait of the Tattoo Artist as a Young Child

Marker baby funny kid photos

Little sis is always a willing subject. The fact that she can't speak helps a lot, though.

Makeshift Furniture

Kid on dad's head funny kid photos

You take on a lot of new roles as a parent. Nobody mentioned one of them would be furniture.

Happy Holidays?

Kids with Santa funny kid photos

Maybe she's sad Santa's lap isn't big enough for both of them.

A+ for Creativity

Jesus coloring book funny kid photos

One of those lesser-known miracles: the gift of the three-point shot.

Sharing Snacks

Baby and puppy funny kid photos

"The dog did it" might actually work this time.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine funny kid photos

Donovan has a pretty grim outlook on life.

The Little Prince

Prince funny kid photos

This child is grimly determined to do the best Prince impression they can.

Having a Good Cry

Crying kid funny kid photos

Maybe there was something particularly tasty onscreen.

Totally Smooth

Baby bottle funny kid photos

Don't worry. It's juice for this guy until he's 21.

Maxin' and Relaxin'

Watching TV funny kid photos

This kid is a dad in training, and he's not even in kindergarten yet.

Ready for My Closeup

Makeup funny kid photos

Her makeup skills might need some practice, but you can't deny her determination.

Radical Self-Expression

Marker face paint funny kid photos

This is why you should never buy permanent markers.

An Emotional Moment

Sad baby announcement funny kid photos

She just realized she's getting half as many presents for Christmas.

There Was an Attempt

Bad haircut funny kid photos

Fortunately, the pixie cut is very in right now.

Picture Day

Picture day funny kid photos

Nailed it.

Smile for Santa

Sad Santa funny kid photos

At least one of them is happy—not bad!

Snack Time

Messy kid funny kid photos

Apparently powdered milk is good enough to eat, but better to wear.

Picture Perfect

Surprised baby funny kid photos

Getting her picture taken is still a surprise.

Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Kid on floor funny kid photos

Clearly, there's something in the air at Costco that makes children do this.

Who Needs Cutlery?

Weird eating funny kid photos

Heck, who needs hands?

Future Chef

Flour funny kid photos

Start small. The next step is to keep the flour in the kitchen.

The Perfect Gift

Cardboard box funny kid photos

Who needs a fancy playhouse when you've got a large empty box?

Tiny Gourmand

Eating leaves funny kid photos

Hmmm, earthy, with notes of mold.

Shopping Genius

Tablets funny kid photos

This kid is going to make a lot of people's days.

The Importance of Fabric Softener

Static funny kid photos

If they'd used just a few dryer sheets, her parents would never have been able to immortalize this hair-raising experience.

Little Helper

Sunny D funny kid photos

She'll clean up her mess, but she's not going to be wasteful about it.

Tea Party

Spider party funny kid photos

If your parents aren't big on stuffed animals, your army of tarantulas will just have to do.

Time for Dinner

Messy kid funny kid photos

To be fair, his leg was really hungry.

Grabbing a Drink

Kid in sink funny kid photos

This kind of creative problem solving and resourcefulness will take her far in life.

Fashion Show

Trash can head funny kid photos

Now this is how you wear a trash can on your head.

Kitchen Helper

Baby drawer funny kid photos

A strong argument in favor of a minimalist lifestyle.

Keeping Warm

Sad dog funny kid photos

First she gets the vent. Then it's the dog's turn.

Bath Time

Kid in bath funny kid photos

This is the perfect amount of bubbles … for giving a parent a heart attack.

Technically Correct

Homework funny kid photos

In a way, this kid went above and beyond.

Fashion Expert

Diaper funny kid photos

Haven't you heard? Saggy diapers are very hot right now.

Travel Woes

Crying kid funny kid photos

She's just acting the way we all feel at the airport.

Road Trip!

Foot in face funny kid photos

Somebody thought their foot looked more appetizing than boring old fruit snacks. Luckily, when you want to avoid this kind of situation, the 25 Best Ways to Travel With Children are sure to help.

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