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30 Most Hilarious Celebrity Instagram Photos

These hilarious celebs aren't above cracking a joke at their own expense.

We're used to seeing celebrities represent their lives as picture-perfect and glamorous, whether they're on the red carpet or on the big screen. However, occasionally, our favorite stars will let down the curtain, showing us the weirder, more hilarious parts of their everyday lives.

From laugh-out-loud birthday wishes from Blake Lively to outrageous animal encounters, these hilarious celebrity photos are sure to have you in stitches. And when you want more hilarious celebrity coverage, check out the 20 Celebrities Who Look Like Their Pets!

Chrissy Teigen's Teeth

Chrissy Teigen funniest celebrity photos

Chrissy Teigen wasn't about to let something like a Vogue photoshoot keep her from popping in a set of mangled teeth and snapping a selfie. Think that's funny? The 20 Worst Celebrity Statues Ever Created will crack you up.

Jessica Simpson's Whole Foods Sympathy

Jessica Simpson tuna Instagram funniest celebrity photos

Jessica Simpson hilariously lampooned her famed ignorance about whether tuna is chicken or fish by sharing this story about a mix-up at Whole Foods. And when you want to crack up some more, enjoy the 30 Funniest Celebrity Commercials!

Katy Perry's Basketball Prowess

Katy Perry funniest celebrity photos

Katy Perry may be a teenage dream, but this hilarious photo proves that a basketball player, she ain't. And for more funny celebrities, enjoy the 30 Worst Madame Tussauds Celebrity Wax Figures Ever!

Bill Nye's Science Selfie

Bill N

How could anyone ever think science isn't cool when Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson have the sunglasses-inside-bad-boy thing down pat, as per this selfie?

Busy Philipps and Kanye West's Fashion Face-Off

Busy Philipps funniest celebrity photos

Busy Philipps may not have Kanye West's lyrical skills, but she has the next best thing: his hat.

Mandy Moore's Christmas Headshot

Mandy Moore funniest celebrity photos

As a former child star, it's no surprise that Mandy Moore has youthful headshots, but these Santa-themed ones are equal parts hilarious and perplexing.

Aubrey Plaza's Nic Cage Shirt

Aubrey Plaza funniest celebrity photos

Aubrey Plaza's amazing selfie asks the question we all need the answer to: if you thank people for their birthday wishes without picking Nicolas Cage's nose, does it really count? And for more hilarity, enjoy the 75 Jokes That Are So Bad They're Funny!

Chrissy Teigen's Divorce

Chrissy Teigen funniest celebrity photos

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have one of the strongest celebrity marriages, but we don't blame her for calling it quits after seeing that mustache. If you laughed at that, you'll love the 50 Puns So Bad They're Actually Funny!

Blake Lively's Birthday Wish

Blake Lively funniest celebrity photos

Blake Lively wasn't above cutting her husband, Ryan Reynolds, out of the picture in favor of Ryan Gosling in this brutal birthday wish.

Amy Schumer's Floury Face

Amy Schumer funniest celebrity photos

Amy Schumer knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, although preferably if you can take a flour-covered selfie first.

Ryan Reynolds' Less Than Glamorous Photo of Blake Lively

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds funniest celebrity photos

Ryan Reynolds knows his wife, Blake Lively, is a stunner, but was eager to point out her less-than-glam appearance in this photo from a recent film shoot, hilariously captioned just "#nofilter."

Ryan Reynolds' Birthday Wish

Ryan Reynolds funniest celebrity photos

Ryan Reynolds cleverly razzed his wife with this photo for Blake Lively's birthday.

Anna Kendrick's Baby Appetizer

Anna Kendrick funniest celebrity photos

Anna Kendrick wasn't clear if this stamp was meant to indicate that babies are the beginning of a family, or should be eaten before dinner, like bruschetta.

Chrissy Teigen's Shopping

Chrissy Teigen funniest celebrity photos

Those perfectly-coiffed celebrities buying entirely organic kale and quinoa? Yeah, Chrissy Teigen isn't one of them.

Jimmy Fallon's Lipstick Teeth

Jimmy Fallon funniest celebrity photos

Jimmy Fallon and Selena Gomez could clearly use a new makeup artist, as evidenced by this adorably icky shot.

Scott Disick's Paternity Hopes

Scott Disick funniest celebrity photos

Scott Disick wasn't above sending up the rumors about a romance between him and Khloe Kardashian with this hilarious picture of a not-so-accurate tabloid headline.

Blake Lively Father's Day Announcement

Blake Lively funniest celebrity photos

Blake Lively's message to Ryan Reynolds on Father's Day couldn't have been sweeter—unless she got a DNA test, that is.

Anna Kendrick's Owl Impression

Anna Kendrick funniest celebrity photos

Big eyes, bad attitude? Yeah, Anna Kendrick has her owl impression down pat.

James Corden's Lift From Shaq

James Corden funniest celebrity photos

It takes a big man to admit when he's too tired to keep walking. It takes an even bigger, Shaq-sized man to carry James Corden around like a baby.

Blake Lively's Ursula Inspiration

Blake Lively funniest celebrity photos

Think Blake Lively takes inspiration from Disney princesses for her gorgeous red carpet looks? Oh, you poor, unfortunate souls.

Jim Gaffigan's Reasons For Going Bald

Jim Gaffigan funniest celebrity photos

Jim Gaffigan proves once again he's the funniest dad on Instagram with this cutting caption.

Victoria Beckham's Bag Lady Look

Victoria Beckham funniest celebrity photos

Sometimes, you feel glamorous. Sometimes, you feel like shoving your head into a bag, a la Victoria Beckham.

Aubrey Plaza's Grumpy Cat Christmas

Aubrey Plaza funniest celebrity photos

Aubrey Plaza celebrates Christmas the traditional way: in a manger, dressed as the Virgin Mary, with Grumpy Cat wrapped up like the baby Jesus.

Lorde's Taylor Swift Crop

Lorde funniest celebrity photos

Just because you're Taylor Swift doesn't mean you're immune to getting your head cropped out of photos, at least according to Lorde.

Kathy Griffin's Seatmate

Kathy Griffin funniest celebrity photos

Some people don't love seeing pets on planes. As for Kathy Griffin, she had no bones about sitting next to this very good boy.

Amy Schumer's Designer Look

Amy Schumer Ellen funniest celebrity photos

Amy Schumer never stops looking glamorous for a single second, as evidenced by this bizarre baby bottle look she sported for an interview on Ellen.

Alison Brie's New 'Do

Alison Brie funniest celebrity photos

Alison Brie's date night look is hair-raising, to say the least.

Chrissy Teigen's Shade

Chrissy Teigen funniest celebrity photos

Chrissy Teigen may love her husband, but she's not exactly blown away by his honorary doctorate.

Scott Disick's Not-So-Intimate Dinner

Scott Disick funniest celebrity photos

iIf there's one thing Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's problems are, it's relatable, as evidenced by this hilarious photo of the pair at dinner.

Trevor Noah's Photobomb

Trevor Noah funniest celebrity photos

Just because you're a celebrity like Trevor Noah doesn't mean that members of the animal kingdom have any respect for the sanctity of your selfies. And for more celebrity shockers, check out the 30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Interview Moments!

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