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57 Flower Names for Girls (With Meanings!)

These floral monikers are beautiful, unique, and oh-so-cute.

Few things in life require more deliberation than the baby naming process. Expectant parents have spent so much time combing through the archives that they've brought about a resurgence of vintage names, such as Henry and Evelyn. And floral names like Lily, Violet, and Willow also fall under that vintage umbrella, as well. According to the Social Security Administration, these names ranked among 2022's most popular picks for girls—not great news if you're looking for something more unique.

If you're not one to follow the crowd, keep reading below. We've put together a list of the most gorgeous flower names for your baby girl, each guaranteed to help her stand out.

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Beautiful Flower Names for Baby Girls

little girl is wearing a flower wreath on her head
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1. Alyssa

Origin: Greek origin.
Meaning: Derived from the sweet alyssum flower. Also associated with rationale.
Famous Namesakes: Alyssa Milano

2. Ambrosia

Origin: Greek origin.
Meaning: Ragweed; immortality. Derived from the Greek word "ambrotos."
Famous Namesakes: Ambrosia Kelley, Ambrosia Parsley.

3. Blossom

Origin: British origin.
Meaning: Flower-like. Also associated with flourishing or thriving.
Famous Namesakes: Blossom Russo, Blossom Dearie.

4. Dahlia

Origin: Swedish origin.
Meaning: Valley.
Famous Namesakes: Dahlia Salem, Dahlia Lithwick.

5. Daisy

Origin: British origin.
Meaning: Day's eye.
Famous Namesakes: Daisy Jones, Daisy Ridley.

6. Ginger

Origin: British origin.
Meaning: Ginger plant. Also associated with purity and liveliness.
Famous Namesakes: Ginger Rogers, Ginger Baker.

7. Holly

Origin: British origin.
Meaning: The holly tree. Also associated with foresight and the crown of Jesus Christ.
Famous Namesakes: Holly Hunter, Holly Madison.

8. Ivy

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: Vine. Also associated with fidelity. (In Ancient Greece, newlyweds would be gifted an ivy wreath to symbolize their faithfulness to one another).
Famous Namesakes: Ivy Wolk, Ivy Sherman.

9. Jasmine

Origin: Persian origin.
Meaning: A fragrant flower or "gift from god."
Famous Namesakes: Jasmine Guy, Princess Jasmine.

10. Laurel

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: Laurel tree. Also associated with honor and victory.
Famous Namesakes: Laurel Ulrich Thatcher, Laurel Braitman.

11. Lavender

Origin: French origin.
Meaning: Purple flower.
Famous Namesakes: Lavender May, Lavender Rosamund Marguerite.

12. Leilani

Origin: Hawaiian origin.
Meaning: A floral name meaning heavenly flower.
Famous Namesakes: Leilani Münter, Leilani Sarelle.

13. Lily

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: Lilium. Also associated with purity and innocence.
Famous Namesakes: Lily Tomlin, Lily Collins.

14. Magnolia

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: Sweet-smelling flower with white blossoms. Also associated with luck and stability.
Famous Namesakes: Magnolia Breeland, Magnolia Barnard.

15. Maple

Origin: British origin.
Meaning: Maple tree.
Famous Namesakes: Maple Navarro, Maple Bateman.

16. Marigold

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: Golden flower. The Latin name is also often associated with the Virgin Mary.
Famous Namesakes: Marigold "Goldie" Semple, Marigold Churchill.

17. Olive

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: Olive tree.
Famous Namesakes: Olive Marie Osmond, Olive Thomas.

18. Shoshana

Origin: Hebrew origin.
Meaning: A Hebrew word which means "lily."
Famous Namesakes: Shoshana Bean, Shoshana Bush.

19. Veronica

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: Plant with small bright blue flowers. Also associated with the patron saint of photographers.
Famous Namesakes: Veronica Cartwright, Veronica Hamel.

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Unusual Flower Name Ideas

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20. Ambretta

Origin: Arabic Origin.
Meaning: Evergreen that blooms yellow flowers; jewel.

21. Bluebell

Origin: British Origin.
Meaning: Hyacinthoides flower. Also associated with gratitude and humility.

22. Celandine

Origin: Greek Origin.
Meaning: Hairless perennial flowering plant. Taken from the Greek word for "swallow."

23. Chamomile

Origin: Greek Origin.
Meaning: Aromatic European plant belonging to the daisy family.

24. Embelia

Origin: British Origin.
Meaning: Cluster of tropical shrubs bearing white and pink flowers.

25. Forsythia

Origin: Scottish Origin.
Meaning: Forsyth's flower.

26. Garance

Origin: French Origin.
Meaning: A French word that means madder flower or root that makes red dye.

27. Ixora

Origin: Indian origin.
Meaning: Tropical flowering plant. Also serves as a reference to the god Siva within the Hindu tradition.

28. Myrtle

Origin: Greek origin.
Meaning: Plant with pink or white aromatic berries. Also associated with love, peace, fertility, youth, and the Greek Goddess Venus.

29. Sequoia

Origin: Cherokee origin.
Meaning: Giant redwood tree.

30. Spruce

Origin: British origin.
Meaning: Evergreen tree.

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Pink Flower Names

Baby girl holding a flower on her bed

31. Azalea

Origin: Greek origin.
Meaning: Baby name meaning dry flower. A type of rhododendron.
Famous Namesakes: Iggy Azalea, Azalea Banks.

32. Calla

Origin: Greek Origin.
Meaning: Inspired by the calla lily. Also associated with beauty.
Famous Namesakes: Calla Urbanski, Calla Curman.

33. Flora

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: A baby girl name that represents the Roman goddess of flowers and gardens.
Famous Namesakes: Flora Carabella, Flora Eldershaw.

34. Fuchsia

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: Purplish-red.
Famous Namesakes: Fuchsia Dunlop, Fuchsia Katherine Sumner.

35. Heather

Origin: British Origin.
Meaning: Purple-flowered Eurasian heath.
Famous Namesakes: Heather Locklear, Heather Graham.

36. Rose

Origin: Latin Origin.
Meaning: Red, pink, yellow, or white flowers that grow out of a prickly shrub. The name is also associated with love or passion.
Famous Namesakes: Rose McGowan, Rose Byrne.

37. Poppy

Origin: British origin.
Meaning: Small red or yellow flower. Also associated with sleep, peace, and death.
Famous Namesakes: Poppy Herbert, Poppy Deyes.

38. Violet

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: Purple.
Famous Namesakes: Violet Brunton, Violet Chachki.

39. Zinnia

Origin: German origin.
Meaning: A brightly colored flower that belongs to the daisy family.
Famous Namesakes: Zinnia Jones, Zinnia Denison.

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Winter Flower Baby Names

Baby girl in pom pom hat

40. Camellia

Origin: Latin Origin.
Meaning: Helper to the priest.
Famous Namesakes: Camelia Kath, Camelia Frieberg.

41. Daphne

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: Laurel tree, bay tree.
Famous Namesakes: Daphne Zuniga, Daphne Joy.

42. Erica

Origin: Norse Origin.
Meaning: Eternal ruler; ever powerful.
Famous Namesakes: Erica Ha, Erica Mena.

43. Iris

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: Laurel tree, bay tree.
Famous Namesakes: Iris van Herpen, Iris Berben.

44. Kale

Origin: Gaelic Origin.
Meaning: Affectionate; calm.
Famous Namesakes: Kale Ane, Kale Brown.

45. Pansy

Origin: French Origin.
Meaning: Thought; remembrance.
Famous Namesakes: Pansy Porter, Pansy Ho.

46. Primrose

Origin: English Origin.
Meaning: An English flower meaning "first rose."
Famous Namesakes: Primrose Everdeen, Primrose Cumming.

47. Viola

Origin: Latin Origin.
Meaning: Purple, violet.
Famous Namesakes: Viola Davis, Viola Spolin.

48. Willow

Origin: British Origin.
Meaning: Pussy willow; weeping willow; willow tree.
Famous Namesakes: Willow Smith, Willow Bay.

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Gender-Neutral Flower Baby Names

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49. Aster

Origin: British Origin.
Meaning: Perennial flowering plants. Also means "star."
Famous Namesakes: Aster Janssens, Aster Aweke.

50. Briar

Origin: British origin.
Meaning: Prickly, scrambling shrubs.
Famous Namesakes: Briar Nolet, Briar Magee.

51. Florence

Origin: British origin.
Meaning: Flowering; in bloom.
Famous Namesakes: Florence Henderson, Florence Nightingale.

52. Hyacinthe

Origin: Greek Origin.
Meaning: Blue larkspur flower or purple. In Greek mythology, Apollo created the hyacinth flower in honor of his deceased lover, Hyacinthus.
Famous Namesakes: Hyacinthe Rigaud, Hyacinthe Deleplace.

53. Indigo

Origin: Greek origin.
Meaning: A deep blue dye. Derived from the Greek word meaning "from India."
Famous Namesakes: Indigo Phillips, Indigo Packer.

54. Juniper

Origin: British origin.
Meaning: Juniper tree; evergreen. Also associated with youth.
Famous Namesakes: Juniper Shuey, Juniper Sage.

55. Robin

Origin: German origin.
Meaning: Ragged robin; a songbird. Also associated with fame and brightness.
Famous Namesakes: Robin Thicke, Robin Roberts.

56. Rue

Origin: English/Greek origin.
Meaning: Herb; regret.
Famous Namesakes: Rue Bennett, Rue McClanahan.

57. Sage

Origin: Latin origin.
Meaning: A culinary herb that is also associated with knowledge and health.
Famous Namesakes: Sage Stallone, Sage Steele.

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BONUS: Flower Baby Names for Boys

cute baby boy siting on bed next to a pile of tulips
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  1. Ash: Ash tree
  2. Arlo: Fortified hill
  3. Aspen: Aspen tree
  4. Basil: Fragrant herb
  5. Calix: Handsome
  6. Cypress: Tall, slender trees found around the Mediterranean
  7. Elm: Strong; robust
  8. Kunal: Beautiful lotus flower
  9. Kale: Leafy green cruciferous vegetable
  10. Linden: Lime tree
  11. Florian: Flower
  12. Forrest: Of the woods
  13. Moss: Savior
  14. Oakley: Oak field
  15. Oleander: Evergreen tree
  16. Sorrel: Reddish-brown hair
  17. Reed: Justice
  18. Ren: Water lily
  19. Rhodes: Where roses grow
  20. Rowan: Rowan tree
  21. Yarrow: Yarrow plant

Wrapping Up

That's it for our list of flower names for girls, but be sure to check back in with us soon for more ways to prepare for a new baby. You can also sign up for our newsletter to enjoy similar content, as well as the latest in wellness, entertainment, and travel.

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