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114 Hawaiian Names Your Baby Will Thank You For

Check out some of the most beautiful names for both boys and girls that the Aloha state has to offer.

There is a lot to celebrate about Hawaiian culture beyond luaus, leis, and ukulele songs. Even the language offers something special. Using only 13 letters, words born from this alphabet are packed with nuance. "Aloha," for instance, may read like a simple greeting, but its meaning also extends to include mercy, grace, kindness, and more. And Hawaiian names are no different.

In addition to their translations, many bear strong connections to the spiritual world. Others circle back to special events, and some are even inspired by specific personality quirks. Below, we've listed many Hawaiian names to mull over for your child. We've also provided some information on specific naming traditions and their Hawaiian roots.

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Origins of Hawaiian Names & Naming Traditions

Today, many Hawaiian names remain tethered to an English equivalent. The name "Akamu" roughly translates to "Adam," just as "Malia" does "Mary," for instance. But that's something that only kicked off after 1860, when King Kamehameha, the fourth monarch of Hawaii, signed the Act to Regulate Names.

The statute held that any child born from that point on would be given a Christian English first name. The parents could use a more traditional Hawaiian name for the child's middle name, while the father's given name would serve as the child's surname.

As time went on, commitment to the act started to loosen up, and residents began gravitating more towards hybrids, like the ones listed above. Before that, Hawaiian names were entirely unisex. There was also a very distinct naming system in ancient Hawaii; one that revolved around six specific motivations:

There's the concept of inoa po, where new parents arrive at the child's name in a dream. There's also inoa ho'ailona, or a name inspired by a vision or mystical sign. That's not to be confused with inoa 'ulaleo, a name heard from a mystical voice.

There's also inoa ho'omana'o, a name given to commemorate a certain celebration or event. Inoa kupuna is something that occurs across most cultures and refers to a name inspired by a relative or an ancestry. Lastly, there's inoa ewe, a name inspired by the baby's own individual personality.

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100+ Traditional Hawaiian Baby Names

Before we dive into our list, there's something else you should know about names of Hawaiian origin: These titles are often accompanied by an apostrophe or an "okina," (an official consonant in the Hawaiian language). It's how they appear in traditional Hawaiian form, though it may cause some confusion over here on the mainland.

If it turns into too much of a headache, know that these punctuations can be removed without changing the significance of the name. So, the name "Hali'a" can also be spelled as Halia, just as "Hawai'i" carries the same meaning as "Hawaii," and so on.

So, now that we've gotten that out of the way, it's time to kick things off. See which Hawaiian baby name below you like most!

Popular Hawaiian Baby Boy Names

little kids wearing Hawaiian shirts on a boat
Shutterstock / Tomsickova Tatyana
  1. Akoni: Priceless
  2. Akamu: Red earth
  3. Alaka'i: Guide or leader
  4. Alapai: Coastal area
  5. Aukai: Sailor
  6. Ekewaka: Wealthy protector
  7. Kahalo: Light-footed
  8. Kamaile: Vein of a lei
  9. Keanu: Cool breeze (You may also recognize this one because of award-winning actor Keanu Reeves.)
  10. Koa: Warrior
  11. Koukakala: Dark river
  12. Laʻakea: Sacred light
  13. Luano: Enjoyment
  14. Makani: Wind
  15. Mamo: Yellow bird
  16. Meka: Eyes or beloved one
  17. Nahele: Forest
  18. Oliwa: Olive tree
  19. Onaona: Sweet fragrance
  20. Pahokee: Grassy waters
  21. Waipuna: Cherished one or spring water

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Hawaiian Boy Names With Mystical Meanings

baby with a hawaiian name looking up at the sky
Shutterstock / Alexandre Laprise
  1. Aolani: Heavenly cloud
  2. Elta: "The Lord is my God"
  3. Haoa: Hot as the sun
  4. Hikialani: Look to heaven
  5. Kāne: Named after the highest of Hawaii's four major gods and creator of all living things.
  6. Kawika: The Hawaiian version of "David," an Old Hebrew name meaning "beloved of Yahweh."
  7. Kealakekua: Pathway of the gods
  8. Ke'alohilani: Heavenly brightness
  9. Keon: God is gracious
  10. Kimokea: Honoring God
  11. Lono: God of the harvest
  12. Malulani: Protected by heaven
  13. Maui: One of Hawaii's eight major islands. Also known as the God of Fire.
  14. Mililani: To praise
  15. Pukalani: Heavenly gate
  16. Rangi: God of the sky
  17. Uhane: Soul
  18. Wehilani: Adornment from heaven

Traditional Hawaiian Names for Your Baby Girl

child wearing a Hawaiian shirt and leis holding a smart phone
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  1. Alamea: Precious volcanic stone
  2. Alana: Offspring; the feminine form of "Alan."
  3. Alaula: Light of dawn
  4. Alawna: Precious
  5. Apikaila: My father's joy
  6. Gali: Wave
  7. Haleakalā: House of the sun
  8. Haukea: White snow
  9. Haunani: Beautiful snow
  10. Iolana: To soar
  11. Ka'ahumanu: Bird cloak
  12. Kaia: Derived from the Hawaiian word meaning "sea."
  13. Kaipo: Sweetheart
  14. Maleia: Gentle waters
  15. Moana: Wide expanse of water or deep sea
  16. Naia: Dolphin
  17. Oleen: Joyous
  18. Polunu: Chubby
  19. Uluwehi: Growing in beauty
  20. Wikolia: Victorious

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Hawaiian Girl Names Inspired by Heaven

baby sitting on the beach
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  1. Ahulani: Heavenly shrine
  2. Fetia: She who rules over heaven and earth
  3. Kamalani: Heavenly child
  4. Kaili: Departing spirit
  5. Kalani: Of the heavens
  6. Kaniela: Only God is my judge
  7. Keikilani: Heavenly child
  8. Kiana: Moon baby
  9. Kulani: Rising towards heaven
  10. Lanikai: Heavenly beach
  11. Lekika: God beholds
  12. Makana: Gift from God
  13. Nālani: The heavens of the chiefs
  14. Noelani: Heavenly mist or a beautiful girl from heaven
  15. Pi'ilani: Ascent to heaven
  16. Ualohekeakua: God has listened
  17. Ululani: Inspired by heaven

Hawaiian Flower Names For Girls

woman wearing a haku lei in her hair
Shutterstock / Allen.G
  1. Aelan: Beautiful flower
  2. Kaleighia: Happiness and flowers
  3. Kaleia: Curled flower
  4. Kapua: The flowers
  5. Kaulana: Famous are the flowers
  6. Kiele: Gardenia
  7. Kiely: Garden of flowers
  8. Lehua: The name for the Hawaiian state flower
  9. Leiko: Petite flower
  10. Leilani: Heavenly flower
  11. Leimomi: Pearl flowers
  12. Oliana: Oleander
  13. Pikake: Jasmine
  14. Maile: Vine
  15. Puanani: Beautiful flower
  16. Pua: Flower or offspring
  17. Roselani: Red rose
  18. Waiola: Violet flower

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Unisex Hawaiian Baby Names

little boys sitting on the beach with a guitar
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  1. A'ala: Fragrant
  2. 'Ailana: Island
  3. Ailani: High Chief
  4. Ahe: Softly blowing breeze
  5. Akela: Lucky or noble
  6. Aulii: Something which is very delicious
  7. Eusebio: One who worships well
  8. Hanalei: Crescent bay
  9. Healani: Haze from the heavens
  10. Hilo: First night after the new moon
  11. Kahiwa: Sacred vine
  12. Kanoa: The free one
  13. Kapano: Righteous
  14. Konane: Bright moonlight
  15. Ku'u Hoaloha 'Oi: Best friend
  16. Iolani: Royal hawk
  17. Mahina: Moon or moonlight
  18. Nalani: Calmness of the skies
  19. Olina: Joyful
  20. Pali: Cliff

Wrapping Up

That's it for our list of traditional Hawaiian names, but be sure to check back with us soon for more ideas. You can also sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on what's coming next!

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