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118 Muslim Girl Names (With Meanings!)

Celebrate your culture with a beautiful name for your baby girl.

Many Muslim parents look forward to selecting an Arabic name for a new daughter—one that speaks to their cultural identity and leaves a lasting impression. If you've recently welcomed a cute little baby girl into the world, then be sure to keep reading. We've put together a list of popular Muslim girl names to help celebrate Islamic culture. Whether you're interested in something a little outside of the box, or something a bit more traditional, we hope the list below helps you settle on the perfect name for your beloved daughter.

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Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names

See which names you gravitate toward most!

Islamic Baby Girl Names Inspired by Arabic Mythology

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  1. Aisha: Color of Water.
  2. Al-Lat: Goddess of Fertility and War.
  3. Ash-Shir: Meccan Goddess.
  4. Dhtu-Badan: Goddess of Oasis.
  5. Duwar: Goddess of Maidens.
  6. Harimtu: Goddess of Fertility.
  7. Hawbas: Oracular Goddess.
  8. Hwlat: Goddess of Magic and Power.
  9. Kaibah: Maiden Goddess.
  10. Lat: Female idol of stone.
  11. Monkir: An Arabic angel.
  12. Nawasam: Water Goddess.
  13. Nimat: Goddess of Fortune.
  14. Nuha: Goddess of the Sun.
  15. Qandisa: Female demon of Morocco.
  16. Sahar: Goddess of Dawn.
  17. Sakiyya: Goddess of Rain.
  18. Shams: Goddess of the Himyarite Kingdom.
  19. Zaida: Prophet's wife.
  20. Zahida-sultana: Pious queen.

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Beautiful Muslim Girl Names

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  1. Aamina: Dependable. There is also an Islamic belief that this is what the mother of the Prophet Muhammad was named.
  2. Anam: Precious gift from Allah.
  3. Ayat: Verses from the Holy Quran.
  4. Ayesha: Alive, well-living, or happily living.
  5. Faaria: Tall and beautiful woman.
  6. Hadiya: The feminine form of the Quranic "Hadi," which refers to a woman who guides people toward the Straight Path.
  7. Illiyeen: Blessed with high status.
  8. Inaya: A Quranic name meaning care, concern, or protection.
  9. Iqra: First word of the Quran, to read, to recite.
  10. Jamila: Graceful.
  11. Khadija: Trustworthy. The name is also renowned for being the name of the first wife of Prophet Muhammad.
  12. Lakia: Treasure.
  13. Maha: Rare jewel or spring with clear water.
  14. Maryam: Mother of the Prophet Isa.
  15. Meheroon: Charming or beautiful.
  16. Saba: Soft breeze.
  17. Sabreen: The name is derived from a Quranic root meaning patient or forbearing.
  18. Rizwana: Beautiful or Garden of Heaven.
  19. Yasmin: Jasmine flower.
  20. Zainab: Generosity, munificence, or fragrant flower.

Modern Muslim Girl Names

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  1. Aiza: Respected or noble.
  2. Aaliyah: Heavens, highborn, or exalted.
  3. Amara: Grace, immortal, or tribe.
  4. Benazir: Princess.
  5. Hiba: Gift.
  6. Kaia: Stability.
  7. Lailah: Born at night.
  8. Liyana: Soft or delicate.
  9. Nadia: Hope or tender.
  10. Noora: Filled with light.
  11. Nyla: Winner.
  12. Mira: Admirable.
  13. Rabia: Breeze.
  14. Reeha: Air.
  15. Rihana: Sweet basil.
  16. Shaheen: Royal.
  17. Taleeha: Knowledge seeker.
  18. Zahra: Expansive or vast.
  19. Zayn: Beauty or grace.
  20. Zoya: Alive.

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Baby Girl Names Inspired by Persian Culture

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  1. Ahoo: Gazelle.
  2. Atoosa: Iranian princess.
  3. Bakhita: Fortunate one.
  4. Darsameen: Valuable, expensive, or costly.
  5. Elaheh: Moon goddess.
  6. Farsiris: A royal girl or a princess.
  7. Farzeen: A ruling queen.
  8. Haleh: Halo.
  9. Huma: A bird of paradise, a lucky bird, or a phoenix.
  10. Khawla: One of great beauty.
  11. Mahlegha: One whose face is lit by the moon.
  12. Mehri: One who is lovable, kind, and friendly.
  13. Naheeda: A delightful person.
  14. Parveen: Cluster of stars.
  15. Ruslana: Lioness.
  16. Shadleen: A happy and light-hearted woman.
  17. Soraya: Precious as a jewel.
  18. Tigran: Shooting or fighting with arrows.
  19. Yegane: A woman of incomparable beauty.
  20. Zhavia: Perspective.

Muslim Girl Names or Urdu Origin

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  1. Aadila: Of high moral standing.
  2. Aakifah: Dedicated to Allah.
  3. Ajib: Unique, rare.
  4. Alzena: Woman.
  5. Daisha: Living.
  6. Duaa: Prayer to Allah.
  7. Falak: Space.
  8. Haaniya: Happy, pleased.
  9. Hamna: Blessed person.
  10. Ibrat: Wisdom.
  11. Insha: Will.
  12. Mahek: Scent.
  13. Naaz: Honor.
  14. Rafia: An exalted woman.
  15. Sadira: Star.
  16. Saniya: Knowledge.
  17. Yezda: Blessed by Allah.
  18. Zaafira: Winner, successful.

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Unique Islamic Girl Names

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  1. Abeer: Fragrance of the rose.
  2. Badia: Unique or unprecedented
  3. Cancandanc: Light of Allah.
  4. Daneen: Princess.
  5. Eira: Snow.
  6. Elham: Inspiration.
  7. Fadilah: Virtuous or generous.
  8. Jadwa: Gift.
  9. Lamia: Shining or radiant.
  10. Mehwish: Beautiful or moon.
  11. Nadima: Companion.
  12. Rimsha: A bunch of flowers or a bouquet of roses.
  13. Shakufa: A beautifully emerging flower.
  14. Tabana: Bright moonlight.
  15. Taheera: Chaste woman.
  16. Ujala: Light of the universe.
  17. Valiqa: Trustworthy.
  18. Veeya: Wealth.
  19. Wabisa: Something bright.
  20. Zaina: Graceful woman.

Muslim Naming Traditions

In the Islamic tradition, it is the father who is responsible for selecting a Muslim name for his child. This also involves incorporating his own name into that of his son or daughter, though Muslim scholars would be quick to note that fathers are highly encouraged to settle on a name in close consultation with the child's mother.

As such, Arabic names typically consist of four or more titles: one to identify the child, one for their father, another for their grandfather, and the family name as well. This process is often accompanied by a celebration known as Aqiqah, which usually occurs on the seventh day after birth.

During this time, the family is encouraged to host a celebratory meal where goat, sheep, cow, or camel may be served. The child's hair is also cut or shaved (the term Aqiqah actually comes from the Arabic word "Aq," which means to cut). The idea is to purify the child before presenting them to the community. The hair is then weighed and its equivalent is donated to charity in either silver or gold.

How Popular Are Muslim Names for Girls?

While Muslim baby names are most popular in areas with larger Islamic populations, there are a few picks that have begun gaining popularity across the United States and European countries. Names like Laila and Aaliyah have made it onto the list of top 100 baby girl names in the United States, while those in the United Kingdom are increasingly gravitating toward picks Jasmine and Maryam for their little girls.

Wrapping Up

That's it for our list of Muslim girls' names, but be sure to check back with us soon. You can also sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on what's coming next!

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