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181 Nicknames for Your Boyfriend: Endearments He'll Love

Use the pet names below for that special someone in your life.

Running out of pet names to call your best guy? Or are neither of you very fond of the ones you've tested out so far? Don't worry, we've collected 181 cute names you can call your boyfriend aside from his given one. Besides, peppering some adorable nicknames for your boyfriend helps make certain requests a lot more palatable. No one wants to be told to take out the garbage, but a refusal is a lot less likely when the command comes tethered to phrases like "sweet pea" and "snuggle bug." And there's even more to it than that.

Coming up with cute names for one another signifies intimacy within the relationship, which is why you should put a little thought into it. Besides, the options are endless. You want a romantic nickname? No problem. Looking for something a little cuter? Sure. You can also decide on a fun nickname for the more spirited men out there. Then again, there's also no shame in phoning it in. Check out the list below for help finding the perfect fit.

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The Science of Nicknames

Before we dive into the list, let's quickly discuss the science of nicknames. For those who aren't yet in the know, a cute nickname carries a lot more weight than the general term of endearment. Though more research is needed to identify just how these phrases apply to different demographics, a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships confirms that the use of nicknames is linked to higher levels of marital satisfaction.

Out of the 154 couples studied, researchers found those in their first five years of marriage and without children were most likely to incorporate cute nicknames into the relationship. Sadly, it seems the further you push into a relationship, the less likely you are to keep up with the sweet talk.

That said, there could be a more positive interpretation of this decline. According to Carol J. Bruess, PhD, who led the study, it's possible that individuals involved in long-term relationships simply stop recognizing their nicknames as something special. In other words, the more time goes by, the more likely those pet names are to become part of the general lexicon.

Bruess also suspects that these titles play an important role in abating conflict, allowing a certain level of playfulness and humor to enter the room.

Supporting evidence appears in The Normal Bar, co-authored by Pepper Schwartz, PhD, professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle. The text, which collected data from almost 100,000 participants through an online survey, found that among those who said they were in "very happy" relationships, 76 percent reported using pet names.

181 Pet Names Your Boyfriend Will Low-Key Love

Now that we know why nicknames matter, let's look at some available options. Read on for our list of cute names to call your boyfriend. And don't hesitate to put your personal spin on things, either.

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Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Take a look at the cute nicknames below for some inspiration. These terms are sure to let him know just how much you care.

woman kissing her boyfriend on the balcony
Shutterstock / Marjan Apostolovic
  1. Honey Bunny
  2. Teddy Bear
  3. Love Bug
  4. Snuggle Bug
  5. Darling
  6. Ace
  7. Rocky
  8. Cutie
  9. Honey Bear
  10. Buddy
  11. Sport
  12. Mr. Man
  13. Champ
  14. Cutie Pie
  15. Kitten
  16. Baby Face
  17. Pup
  18. Sweet Cheeks
  19. Ducky
  20. Wuvy
  21. Wild Thing
  22. BFG

Goofy Names to Give to Your Boyfriend

Find the perfect pet name for your man and don't be afraid to let things get a little silly.

playful couple sharing an ice cream cone
Shutterstock / Maridav
  1. Pooh Bear Blue Eyes
  2. Cookie Monster
  3. Old Man
  4. Goober
  5. Manly Man
  6. He-Man
  7. Goofball
  8. Captain
  9. Hot Shot
  10. Snookums
  11. Squishy
  12. Macho Man
  13. Handy Man
  14. Bubba
  15. Batman
  16. Big Guy
  17. Boo Bear
  18. Schmoopy
  19. Baby Doll
  20. Rockstar
  21. Puppy
  22. Chipmunk
  23. Dream Lover
  24. Chief
  25. Hulk
  26. Petal
  27. Curly

Romantic Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Choose one of the romantic nicknames below to solidify that special bond with your partner.

couple sipping wine on the beach
Shutterstock / mavo
  1. PIC—Partner in Crime
  2. Light of My Life
  3. My Other Half
  4. Baby
  5. Babe
  6. King
  7. Sweet Thing
  8. Mr. Right
  9. Angel
  10. Prince
  11. My Favorite Man
  12. My Soul Mate
  13. Good Lookin'
  14. Sunshine
  15. Papi
  16. Bae
  17. The first letter of their name (so if his name is Ben, call him "B")
  18. Good-Looking
  19. Boo
  20. My Guy
  21. Beau
  22. Hero
  23. Prince Charming
  24. Lover Boy
  25. Dream Boat
  26. Maverick

Food-Related Nicknames

They don't just taste good, they also sound good. Check out the food-inspired nicknames below.

muffins - nicknames for boyfriend
Shutterstock / beats1
  1. Tater Tot
  2. Potato Cakes
  3. Meatball
  4. Pickles
  5. Honey Pot
  6. Sweet Pea
  7. Sweetie Pie
  8. Jellybean
  9. Chicken Butt
  10. Everything Bagel
  11. Pumpkin Pie
  12. Stud Muffin
  13. Cupcake
  14. Peanut
  15. Sodapop
  16. Honey
  17. Dumpling
  18. Pudding
  19. Buttercup
  20. Marshmallow
  21. Kit Kat
  22. Sugar
  23. Eye Candy

Sweet Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Pick out a cute name below for that special guy in your life. Some options may seem a little old school, but that's only because good things never go out of style.

happy. couple laying on the group - nicknames for boyfriend
Shutterstock / Ann Haritonenko
  1. My Favorite Person
  2. The Perfect Guy
  3. My Sun
  4. My Moon
  5. My Stars
  6. McDreamy
  7. Hubby
  8. Lock & Key
  9. Superman
  10. Bub
  11. Dimples
  12. Babes
  13. Scout
  14. Monkey
  15. Prince
  16. Everest
  17. Sweetness
  18. Precious
  19. Kid
  20. Hun
  21. Love Dove
  22. Casper
  23. Champ
  24. Stripe

Sexy Nickname Options

Spice things up with a sexy, unique nickname for your partner.

close up of man and woman kissing
Shutterstock / 4 PM production
  1. Lover
  2. Hot Pants
  3. Boss
  4. Sailor
  5. Boy Toy
  6. Hot Stuff
  7. Fine Wine
  8. Sir
  9. Heartbreaker
  10. Handsome
  11. Sexy
  12. Big Daddy
  13. Hot Stuff
  14. Foxy
  15. Hottie
  16. Stallion
  17. Firecracker
  18. Hot Lips
  19. Hot Shot
  20. Muscles
  21. Stud
  22. Big Papa
  23. Mister
  24. Daddy
  25. Trouble
  26. Romeo
  27. Tiger
  28. Cowboy
  29. Tarzan
  30. Casanova
  31. Zorro
  32. Hunk
  33. Playboy

Nicknames in Different Languages

Time to expand our horizons. Below are some of the best nicknames from around the globe.

world globe
Shutterstock / Aris-Tect Group
  1. Dulce de Leche ("milk candy" in Spanish)
  2. Mi Rey ("my king" in Spanish)
  3. Mon Ange ("my angel" in French)
  4. Mi Vida ("my life" in Spanish)
  5. Ke Aloha ("darling" in Hawaiian)
  6. Mon Chou ("sweetie" in French)
  7. Cariño ("darling" in Spanish)
  8. Vishenka ("cherry" in Russian)
  9. Amorzinho ("sweetheart" in Portuguese)
  10. Cara Mia ("my beloved" in Italian)
  11. Mo Chuisle ("my pulse" in Gaelic)
  12. Liebling ("darling" in German)
  13. Dropje ("candy" in Dutch)
  14. Mausebär ("mouse bear" in German)
  15. Microbino Mio ("my little microbe" in Italian)
  16. Rodnoy ("my own" in Russian)
  17. Nyingdu-la ("most honored poison of my heart" in Tibetan)
  18. Media Naranja ("half an orange" in Spanish)
  19. Meu Chuchu ("squash" in Portuguese)
  20. Kicsim ("my little one" in Hungarian)
  21. Chang Noi ("little elephant" Thai)
  22. Schnuckiputzi ("sweetie pie" in German)
  23. Ghazal ("gazelle" in Arabic)
  24. Babu Shona ("my dear" in Bengali)
  25. Bebetom ("my baby" in Turkish)
  26. Mi Amor ("my love" in Spanish)
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