These Photos of a Dog's Hilarious "Cone of Shame" Costumes Will Make Your Day

"I hope you love pup-corn!"

There are a lot of things that dogs love: peanut butter, pizza, grass, sunshine, you (obviously), that corner of the sidewalk where they once found a half-eaten sandwich… the list goes on and on. But one thing they generally don't love is the cone of shame—you know, the contraption vets put around their heads after a surgery or procedure to prevent them from licking their wounds.

Pixar "Up" movie Cone of Shame gif

In the last few years, dog owners have started jazzing up these plastic cones by turning them into martini glasses, sunflowers, and even mobile toy trays.

Some dogs have responded with enthusiasm

cone of shame customer turned into mobile dog tray

…But others, not so much.

cone of shame costume, martini glass using cone of dog

And after her golden retriever Gus was neutered recently, Kaitlyn Cotts decided to turn his cone of shame into a "cone of fame," if you will. Her girlfriend, Megan Shaina, posted photos of the imaginative costumes Cotts created on the Facebook page Dogspotting, and they immediately went viral because they are absolutely perfect.

Here, we have Gus as the classic cone-turned-cocktail.

And then there's the oh-so-cute "slush puppy."

This one is making us crave McDonald's really badly.

Now, someone call Elon Musk because this little pupper is about to launch into space!

And here he is about to embark on a deep sea dive!

This costume is ideal for his performance of Air Bud.

His imitation of the Pixar logo is spot-on (pun intended).

And this has to be the cutest Jaws remake of all time.

Since Shaina posted the photos onto the public Facebook page, they've received more than 11,000 likes and plenty of comments from those who found them both inspiring and hilarious. One woman said, "This is the greatest thing I've ever seen," while another added, "This is my favorite post ever!!!"

Though there are a few people out there who think dressing up your pet is a form of animal abuse, if you look at the photos, you'll see that Gus seems pretty excited about playing dress-up. After all, dogs might not necessarily care whether or not their cone has been given an artistic touch, but they love making you laugh and getting your undivided attention, which is exactly what Gus has garnered.

And for more great photos of pups in adorable outfits, check out these 30 Aw-Worthy Pictures of Pets in Costume.

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