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The 6 Best Haircuts for Thick Hair, Stylists Say

These are the looks you'll love, according to beauty experts.

Most people would agree that having thick hair is an enviable asset—but that doesn't mean that all haircuts are equally flattering for people with major volume. According to Krysta Biancone, co-owner of Amari Salon & Spa and a hairstylist at Hair by Krysta, the best hairstyles for women with thick hair are those that leverage its natural volume and texture, while also giving consideration to balance and proportions. Wondering which haircuts to request at your next salon appointment? These are the six best haircuts for thick hair, according to hairstylists and beauty experts.

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Long, layered cut

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If you've got thick hair, you can maximize volume even further with a luxurious and feminine, long, layered cut.

"For those wanting to keep their length, long layers are the way to go. They help control the volume and add shape to the hair, preventing it from looking too bulky or pyramid-shaped," says Biancone. "Strategic layers can also highlight natural textures, whether straight or wavy."

Jessica Moore, a Texas-based stylist and the resident haircare expert for Momooze, agrees that long layers are an ideal look for anyone with thick hair who's looking to retain their length. "The layers spread out the hair so it's not so heavy," she says, adding that they also "add fullness and bounce to thick hair to give it a natural, flowing look."

Textured pixie cut

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Just because you've got thick hair doesn't mean that you have to stick with a longer length to show it off.

"A textured pixie cut is perfect for thick hair, as it plays up the hair's natural volume without letting it overwhelm the face," says Biancone. "The texturing can help reduce bulk, making the hair feel lighter and more dynamic."

Moore adds that this particular haircut can minimize your styling time, while still highlighting your natural texture and volume. She recommends playing around with wearing your pixie cut in different ways for a bit of added variety.

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Shag or wolf cut

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If there's one haircut you'll see everywhere this year, it's the shag or wolf cut. The experts say this is an ideal look for people with thick hair in particular.

"Revived from the '70s, the shag haircut, with its multiple layers and feathered ends, works wonders on thick hair. It offers a rebellious yet chic look, reducing bulkiness while maintaining a voluminous top," says Biancone.

Moore agrees that shaggy layers offer a relaxed and carefree look. "The layers fluff up your hair and let it move around freely," she says. "They also make styling and caring for thick hair no problem."

Blunt cut

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Many people assume that a blunt cut—one that seems to form a straight line across the bottom—will simply create too much volume. However, Biancone tells Best Life that "contrary to popular belief, a blunt cut can work well on thick hair, especially if it's straight. It gives a clean, sharp look and can help make thick hair appear even more luscious and healthy."

The trick to mastering this look is to add barely-there layering to avoid excessive volume. Lisa Abbey, founder and CEO of Flygirl Beauty Brands and Strength x Beauty, says that one way to do this is by adding "stacked layers" to the very ends of your hair. By adding these "super-long layers only at the very tips," she says your stylist can remove bulk at the ends while still retaining the hair's appearance of being a single length.

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Razor cut or calligraphy cut

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Next, Abbey says that razor cuts can be especially flattering on people with thick hair.

"A razor cut is great on thick hair because the razor cuts on the diagonal (rather than blunt-cutting the tips) which actually thins and reduces weight from the hair while removing length, resulting in an airier style with more movement and body," the beauty expert says.

A similar method—the calligraphy cut—utilizes a special razor that "removes even more bulk, reduces split ends, and delivers a softer, more textured layered finish," she adds.

Layered lob

Young woman with long bob hairstyle outside

Last but not least, a long, layered bob or "lob" can also help remove some of the weight from thick hair, making it more manageable, Biancone says. "The layers add movement and can be tailored to flatter any face shape, making it a versatile choice," she notes.

Abbey recommends requesting that the length falls no higher than your collarbone, "so that you don't end up with too much width or fullness on the sides." She warns that a chin-length bob on very thick hair can look "too round or 'bubble-headed.'"

A few finishing touches can make or break this look on people with thicker hair, Abbey adds. "It's also really important to make sure your stylist layers and texturizes the hair toward the ends by point-cutting or using a texture shear, to remove additional volume and result in a soft, sleek look that hugs the face from chin to neckline," she says.

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