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7 Tips for Wearing Jumpsuits After 60, Stylists Say

You'll need to take a few things into consideration when shopping for a flattering option.

As we age, style choices are a bit trickier, and it's hard to know what will be the most flattering on our changing bodies. But even though you may have to try on a few different options before finding the right fit or feel, that doesn't mean you should be afraid of wearing something fashionable after 60—including the ever-convenient jumpsuit.

"If jumpsuits had a tagline it would be 'one and done,'" Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, tells Best Life. "They are easy, comfy, and chic, making them beloved to women of all ages. Some jumpsuits are more flattering than others, plus getting that perfect fit can change from decade to decade. The sweet spot between too tight and too baggy is key, and choosing strategic design details that help accentuate, balance, and camouflage your shape can work miracles visually."

If you've been wanting to try a jumpsuit for an upcoming event or just to up your everyday fashion game, our stylists have you covered. Read on for seven tips for wearing jumpsuits after 60.

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Choose the right silhouette.

woman wearing jumpsuit
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As with many style choices, you need to consider your shape when picking out a jumpsuit. Depending on your body type, different fits will be more flattering, says Hailey Rizzo, style expert and owner of the fashion and beauty blog Feeling Good as Hail.

"The amazing thing about jumpsuits is the countless styles available for various body shapes! For an hourglass figure, opt for a jumpsuit with a cinched waist or pair with a belt wrapped around your waist," she says. "For an apple shape, choose a jumpsuit with an A-line bottom or a unique neckline that caters to balancing your figure."

No matter your body type, highlighting your waist is always a good idea, according to Kosich. Contoured silhouettes or thicker fabrics are solid choices—and a wrap style is uniquely flattering.

"Whether you have curves or not, a shaped jumpsuit can make anyone's figure look like a million bucks," she explains. "Wrap styles are the ultimate in shapely designs with their self-belt that cinches the waist with several rotations."

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Don't overlook the neckline.

older woman neckline
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You need to pay specific attention to the neckline, too, choosing an option that makes you feel both confident and comfortable.

"Necklines can be used to direct the eye, so use them to your advantage," Kosich says. "If your shoulders are wide, try a halter neck jumpsuit to push the eye inward. Wear a V-neck to emphasize the waist, a boatneck or off-shoulder style to balance wide hips, a crewneck for long necks, or a scoop neck for short necks."

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Pick a pant leg that's flattering for your figure.

pant legs
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The bottom of your jumpsuit is just as important as the top, so make sure you're picking an option with the right kind of pant leg.

According to Rizzo, if you're more petite, you should opt for a jumpsuit that has slightly cropped pant legs or those that taper at the bottom. Kosich also suggests pencil pant legs as "a great trick for petites," effectively "elongating [and] making your silhouette slimmer and taller."

If you're already a bit taller, wide-leg or straight-leg styles are likely preferable, according to Rizzo.

Consider the fabric.

denim jumpsuit
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Fabric cannot be underestimated when it comes to choosing your ideal jumpsuit after 60.

"Make fabric your top priority when assessing a jumpsuit fit. Thin polyesters often don't conceal, hold, and lift enough, and jersey knits tend to grow with wear, risking the silhouette becoming droopy, misshapen, and—ultimately—unflattering," Kosich says. "Instead assess fabric weight over content at first, making sure fabrication has substantial thickness that smoothes, contours, holds and molds in all the right places."

She recommends reaching for crepes, rayons, denim, cotton canvas, or gaberdines with heft. You can also go for a jersey knit "as long as it's a blend of at least 6 percent of high-performance stretch fiber—Lycra, elastane, or spandex."

Denim, in particular, is a heavier fabric that can also help to "reinforce waistline hold," Kosich says.

"Classic denim jumpsuits often have tapered, accentuated waistbands with button bodices that can be styled plunging—a sexy touch of femininity that balances rugged denim," she shares.

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Choose the right color.

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You should also pick the right color when selecting a jumpsuit, stylists say. Rizzo recommends solid colors or larger prints for petite individuals (as smaller prints and bright colors can overwhelm your frame), but notes that if you're taller, you can go for the bold prints and textures.

No matter what you choose, Kosich stresses the need for the top and bottom of your jumpsuit to be uniform.

"Head-to-toe monochromatic looks create a color column that elongates," she says. "Prints are camouflaging so use them to distract away from problem areas. Tone-on-tone patterns like lace add interest and texture that can harmonize with facial features and reinforce its lines."

She adds, "Be sure to match hues to your personal color palette and keep prints and patterns balanced with your own scale."

Layer, layer, layer.

tailored blazers on hangers
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With fall right around the corner, you're probably pulling some of your sweaters and light jackets out of storage. This is perfectly timed, as you'll want these light layers to pair with your new jumpsuit.

"Layering is one of my favorite options as it lends to the versatility of a jumpsuit," Rizzo says. "Pair with a tailored blazer or a lightweight cardigan for cooler months. Or, pair a T-shirt or white button shirt underneath the jumpsuit for the warmer months if you're looking for a bit more coverage."

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Add accessories.

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Of course, no outfit is complete without accessories—and a jumpsuit is no exception. Don't be afraid to add some glam to your outfit, or a flattering belt to accentuate your waist and "balance proportions," per Rizzo's recommendation.

"Both dainty and bold belts work great with jumpsuits," she says. "If you want the jumpsuit to be the star of the show, balance it with dainty gold jewelry and a small handbag to accessorize without 'overdoing it.'"

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