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7 Surprising Clothing Pairings You Should Try After 60

You might not think to combine these items, stylists say.

Experimenting with fashion can be intimidating, especially as we get older and feel like we've already honed our image and sense of style. But the nice thing about personal style is that it can evolve—and staying on-trend doesn't always necessitate a full-blown shopping spree. In fact, you might be able to try out a new look using items you already own. So, if you're looking to switch things up, stylists have specific recommendations for different clothing pairings you can try out after 60.

"Clothing is our number one form of self-expression and putting time and effort into appearance should increase as we get older, not decrease," certified image stylist Elizabeth Kosich, founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, tells Best Life. "The name of the game is to never give up—not on style, not on grooming, and not on attitude. Ever. Period."

If you're ready to give your look a refresh, first go shopping in your on closet. Read on for seven tips to "infuse newness" into your style later in life.

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Navy blue and black

woman in black turtleneck
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If you consider yourself a bit of a fashionista, you may be under the impression that navy blue and black are two colors that should never be paired together. However, Kosich says that's actually not the case. Just take it from the French.

"French women are famous for elegant, chic style. They're also famous for pairing navy blue and black together, which has become the quintessential uniform of every stylish French woman," Kosich explains. "The unlikely pairing would seem too dark and stormy, but au contraire. It's elegant, polished and sophisticated, plus easy to duplicate."

This fall, take Kosich's recommendation and reach for your favorite black turtleneck under a navy blazer. Pair with blue jeans, and you'll love the polished look your see in the mirror.

For a more formal look, a classic little black dress (LBD) under a navy blue puffer coat will do the trick, and so will a navy blue sheath dress with a black trench coat.

"It's a magical pairing you will quickly have on repeat," Kosich says of this color palette.

A flowy white top and denim overalls

mature woman white top and overalls
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Overalls are a classic look—and they're not dowdy when they're styled well. Melissa Fiorentino, professional stylist and trends forecaster at Editors Faves, suggests putting a flowy white blouse under your overalls and pairing with white Keds.

"Overalls are typically associated with youth, but women of any age can wear them," Fiorentino tells Best Life. "This outfit combination is fun, practical, and also feminine with the addition of a flowy shirt."

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Scarf as a belt

silk scarf
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Not ready to experiment with an entirely new outfit combo? Start small and ditch your standard belt in favor of a scarf.

"It's never too late to rethink styling the classic scarf," Kosich says. "Fold in half to make a triangle, then roll, twist, and thread through the belt loops of your favorite trouser, or keep folded in half and tie the ends around the waist to make an asymmetrical triangle. This is a great way to break up a monochromatic look or add a fun, colorful print to a neutral outfit."

Pants and dresses

folded brown trousers / Shutterstock

Another unique combination you may not think of is pants and dresses, Kosich shares.

"A pairing you see in cosmopolitan circles, layering trousers under dresses is super sophisticated, super high-style, and super unexpected," she says. "This surprise pairing works best with wrap dresses, wide-leg trousers, and a small lift of heel—bootie, kitten, or wedge."

This doesn't apply to all pants, however. Kosich recommends that you "steer clear of heavy wool trousers."

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Denim on denim

mature woman wearing denim on denim
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Another trendy combination making a resurgence is denim on denim. No longer is the "Canadian tuxedo" cringeworthy—it's actually fashion-forward.

"Denim on denim is a fun way to wear your favorite jeans and jean jackets, and it's a lot more interesting than a generic outfit of trousers, a t-shirt, and a denim jacket," Fiorentino says. "This outfit also matches with any type of shoe, from chunky heels to ballet flats to sneakers."

Turtlenecks and dresses or tunics

yellow turtleneck on hanger
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Another fall and winter-ready pairing involves a cozy turtleneck with a more formal dress.

"Many layer clothing for comfort as they age, but not for style. Layering is a fashion statement opportunity, so why not curate a look?" Kosich suggests. "Pairing a turtleneck with your favorite silk slip dress or tunic top increases both comfort and style, delivering double the benefits."

She recommends a high-tech top (think performance fabric) that can regulate your body temperature to pair fashion and function. Or you can grab a turtleneck that "matches to, or contrasts with, your dress or tunic print," Kosich says.

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Socks and sandals

socks and sandals
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Don't knock it before you try it: Pairing socks and sandals means that you can keep your summer shoes out of storage.

"Pairing socks and sandals is a chic way to enjoy your favorite summer sandal year-round," Kosich says. "Try an open-toed, block-heel sandal with nylon socks and trousers, or bright tights and a skirt—maxi, midi, or just at the knee. Add more interest with tone-on-tone textured tights like floral, stripes or geometric patterns, or metallic sparkles for the holiday season."

She adds, "It's a fun look that, when executed well, is next-level stylish."

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